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The Chronicles Pt. I Full Album Lyrics

Lucid Dreaming - The Chronicles Pt. I cover art

The Chronicles Pt. I

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock Opera
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1. Introduction (1:01)
This land has seen many a year
And many men who walked her ground
Eternally I have been here
Yet none the like of him was found
The boys grow men, it's been this way
And will be till the final day
So hear the tale that I will tell
Of Taran Wand'rer - listen well
2. Motherless Child (7:38)
Can you tell me what life holds for me
Will I be a man one day
All my young life I've been true in dreams
Never ventured far away
Will I stand one day by Gwydion's side
When the Horned King roams the land
Drawing swords and earn myself a name
With a sword not scythe in hand

Beware the Horned King, danger draws near
You're not the one to march and fight
As all the creatures they flee in fear
The oracle pig must be questioned tonight

Taran & Dallben:
A motherless child, heart of the wild

Assistant pig-keeper is what I must be

Taran & Dallben:
Raised without a past
What future will last

Protector of those who will see

Taran & Dallben:
A motherless son, the chosen one

When worlds shake with battle
I'll not spare the sword

Taran & Dallben:
Raised without a home
The future's unknown

Stay home and guard wisdom's hoard

Hen Wen, wisest pig there ever was
Deep into the forest ran
Unknown is the evil prophecy
And I'm after her again
Never could I find her in these woods
Warriors of the dark appear
And as fright does grip my heart with ice
The Horned King is drawing near

Guard well the white pig, care for her well
And one day you may have a kingdom for care
The book of wisdom has cast its spell
Its power is what you must beware

Who is this boy running blind through the forest
Speak to me and tell me all you can know
Evil has risen, war's waged by Arawn
Without a sound we must go

Gwythaints in the air, spies of the dark lord
Before nightfall he will know where we are
The undead warriors, born of the cauldron
Purest evil in heart
Killing machines from the start
3. The Quest for the White Pig (6:44)
Riders of evil, the Horned King's men
Gurgi tell us what your poor eyes have seen
A white pig that's roaming the woods of these lands
We must find her wherever she has been

Gurgi knows nothing in his poor tender head
Crunching and munching he would crave instead

The quest for the white pig, it must go on
Find her before the horned king knows she's gone
It's not in vain
Save Prydain from darkness and evil reign

Gurgi has seen her, the little white one
Across the river she went far away
Swimming and splashing she would not be found
Though armies of darkness were shaking the ground

Now we stand side by side
Without fear of death we must fight
Though the Cauldron Born can't be slain
Life will never be the same

Brave we fought yet to no avail
Fight the undead - one must fail
Chained and captured now we're taken to
Spiral Castle where Achren rules
4. Side by Side (7:25)
In this cell there is no air to breathe
Walls of black my only friend
Gwydion, what has she done to you
Is this where the journey ends
Prydain's lost if we can't find a way
To stop the cauldron born's cruel hands
But tied up in the darkness I am lost
There is no hope for our lands

Can you give my bauble back to me
Down into the dark it fell
Are you tied - I'll come and free your hands
And Achren can never tell
Never have I met someone like you before
Assistant pig-keepers are rare
Though your wits must be small I believe
To come into the evil's lair

Taran & Eilonwy:
Side by side
We'll leave these halls of pain
Where the undead come to dwell
Away we must go where the winds may blow
And to save these lands from hell
Side by side we'll leave these walls of death
And Achren must never know
On our hands and knees heading for the trees
Through the pathways down below

Down in the chamber of warriors gone
Arms we must get, refugees on the run
Out of the dungeons and into the night
Earthquakes and thunder, the skies are alight

As lightning strikes Spiral Castle comes down
No one escaped, in the dark we're alone
Come see the sword which I saved from the dead
But never touch it - it's what you must dread
5. To Caer Dathyl (11:34)
The wanderer I am, a king and a bard
Came from the north, changed my crown for a harp

You're not the one from the dark we'd have saved

Pardon me for not being Gwydion the brave

The castle's destroyed, all rescue must fail
All further rest will be to no avail
I still fear the evil, we must make haste
The cauldron born crawling, there's no time to waste

Crunching and munching for poor Gurgi
The enemies gather, his eyes did see
So many grim warriors ready for attack

As danger is lurking we can't turn our backs

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Before day turns into night to Caer Dathyl we must ride
The sons of the House of Don to warn
If divided we will fall, all for one and one for all
And anew an army will be born

What will you do, put your heart to the test
What will become of your very own quest
March to Caer Dathyl or look for Hen Wen

Gwydion's task must be carried out then
Tell me the way and I'll go it alone
While you may conduct this little girl home

No one will conduct the Princess of Llyr
Warriors of Cauldron Born - I have no fear
Assistant pig-keeper, you won't go alone

With the fearless warriors Gurgi will go

A Fflam never draws back from battle and fray
Through walls of enemies I've carved my way

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Now night falls and we are in need of rest

We just can't go further on
We have never heard your bardish skills
Take your harp and play us a song
It plays by itself

Tunes of farms and castles left behind
Our homes we're no longer near
On my mind I can see and hear the sea
And the White Horses of Llyr
Home we long to be

The Spirit:
Come back to the harvest in the meadows
Come back to fly with the White Horses of Llyr
Come back to the clearing in the lush forest
Come back to your castle by the sea

On we must ride, no time to lose
Two deathless warriors on our heels without remorse

Hungry and many days on the run
Gurgi is shivering with fever, fight with all force

We can't avoid them, battle we'll give
A spell of magic will not work the way it should

All hope is lost, this fight cannot be won
Gurgi and the fearless warlords
Face death in the woods

Too far from Annuvin
The deathless retreat
And we must continue
Before we face defeat

Down from the mountains and along the lake
Here by its shores
We will find the way to Caer Dathyl

Never have I seen waters so black
No trace of light can be seen in these waters still

Bitter sweet lake has a mighty grip
Warlords and Gurgi can fight but are pulled down

Beneath the surface the company sinks
Only to find the kingdom where no one must drown

Down below the surface
The fair folk does reign
The dwarves are to live here
The men to be slain

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
In the kingdom of the dwarves
Where for gold they'll ever carve
At the mercy of their king we are
Must we stay forever here

Time for days of doom is near
And the enemy's no longer far
In the kingdom down below
Gurgi found what he'd not know

This is where Hen Wen would try to hide
Now the magic pig is found
We must get back above ground
Onward to Caer Dathyl we must ride
6. Swords for Prydain (8:04)
Welcome to the fair folk's land
It's been eternity
Since we've had visitors from the world of men
Don't bore me with requests, you shall be prisoners
And in a few years' time I'll listen to your words again

Arawn's ready for attack and if he takes the land
Even in your deepest caves you will not be safe

Never you must break your word
Lend us a helping hand
Give us arms, food and a guide to lead us from your cave

You want to ruin me, just come and bury me
How lucky could you be to find a king so fine
Just take whate'er you need, lost in your human greed
And better be gone soon before wasting more time

Now that Hen Wen is back with me
No greater joy could ever be

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Now battle's at hand, we have failed for we were too slow
Our swords for Prydain, through fire we must go
See the Horned King again, between us and the castle walls
Thousands of warriors, we'll fight until we fall

The magic pig ran off again
Eyes blazing full of fear
Sensing evil's presence, never would she stay

I long to be back home again
The old small garden for to tend
Much rather I would work the land that wield a sword

Dear master must not fight alone
With him brave Gurgi will now stand
And never leave the side of his mighty warlord

Pray, be seated on your horse
And ride as fast as you can

Striking left and right
Until we can't avoid the fight
See the Horned King on our heels
We can't escape again

Now the hour of truth has come
I see a flashing light

Brave you fought, my valiant friends
You stood well through the fray
Had it not been for you
Prydain wouldn’t see another day
In the forest Hen Wen whispered
And the Horned King's name confessed
Calling evil by its name will rend it powerless

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Now battle is won, hope is found once again today
Our swords for Prydain, Arawn has gone away
Once again we will fight, but today victory is here
Fly flags of Prydain
Gone are pain and fear
7. Land of Darkness (6:10)
Welcome dear comrades
We're well met again, grave is what I have to say
Arawn is rising, his greed knows no end
His acts allow no delay

After the Horned King, his champion, was killed
New evil ways he would devise
Abducting and slaying, so much blood spilled
For warriors with lifeless eyes

The cauldron born's numbers are growing
And soon their forces ours will match
We must sneak deep into Annuvin
Seize and steal the black cauldron from the wretched

Taran & Gwydion:
Into the land of darkness
The land of shadows, death and void
We'll steal the heart of evil
The cauldron must be seized and destroyed

Though poor, I'm a prince and of noble birth
And I will not swallow my pride
If I see a pig-boy without name or worth
To march as equal by my side

Alongside Prince Gwydion in battle I fought
So tell me where have you been tried

United we must stand, faithful to our lord
And not amongst ourselves must fight

Bear this sword well, may you not need it

A finer one's been owned by no man

You'll not set out without me going
Or I will never speak to you again

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Into the land of darkness
The land of shadows, death and void
We'll steal the heart of evil
The cauldron must be seized and destroyed

As the dark realm gets closer heavy is my heart
For in my dreams I have seen death and woe
On Ellidyr's shoulders a black beast is riding
The brooch of wisdom the future will show
Warnings of danger, knowledge forgotten
To my betrothed will I ever return
Rest in the nighttime, we're almost there now
Assistant pig-keeper, soon you will learn
8. Where Evil Rides (7:01)
Wake up and pack your belongings
For our plan has failed
We made our way into Annuvin, yet to no avail
The cauldron is gone from the dark halls
And Arawn's in hate
Who stole it to nobody is known
New plans must be made

Ride off to Caer Cadarn, hold council again
We must find the cauldron, searching all the lands
Beware Arawn's huntsmen, they'll be on our heels
Heed my words and warnings, darkness never kneels

I will not run but stand as a man
Your hearts lack courage but I'll not give in
For all the glory that is in this quest
I'll give my life, never rest

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi, Flewddur, Ellidyr, Adaon:
Where evil rides we must follow
Or there will be no tomorrow
Where has the black cauldron gone
The spies of Arawn will blacken the sun

Huntsmen come

And now there will be no retreating

We can't run

Gurgi fights with bruises and beatings

Do not slay

If one is killed his strength
Will be gained by his unholy friends

No mercy

We cannot win, we are outnumbered

We must flee

Evil has woken from its slumber

Far away

Though we managed to outrun them
We'll never know where this ends

Hear what the fair folk discovered
The cauldron is there, deep in the marshes of Morva
Where no man would dare
Orddu and Orwen and Orgoch, enchantresses old
It's in their hands pale and wicked
Won't trade it for gold

What are we to do now, go seek the cauldron
Or to Caer Cadarn to unite with Gwydion

This is a decision which I will not make
But follow you, Taran, either road you'll take

So to the marshes leads our way
We can't allow further delay

So be it, with you we will be
As long as my eyes can see
Huntsmen come
Again they found us, no more flying
We can't run
This time we must fight, no denying
Stand and slay
Though this is the last day I will see I will never give in

Dreams come true
They'll lead the huntsmen away from us
For me and you
Go on and do not mourn this loss
To this day
I knew that it would happen just like in all my dreams
I have seen
You'll lead them on, what I owned shall be thine
Bear this brooch well and you'll know in due time
Carry its secrets close to your heart

Thus we mourn the loss of the greatest of bards
On we must march, Morva awaits
Through all the wind and storm
We will enter the witches' gates

Poor prince vanished before the fighting

Where is he

He left to gain honour in finding

Lost in pride

Poor Gurgi and his poor and tender head
Shall not miss him at all

Dreams at night
The brooch it speaks to me so gently, on we ride
Through lands I've never seen so pretty, side by side
The marshes must be near
I can hear the cauldron's call
9. The Price (7:53)
Welcome my little friends, welcome to our lands
This is where all things end and all begins
Here never comes the sun, neither should you have done
Toads you'll be from now on, my duckling prince

All over Prydain we travelled on our quest
For the cauldron robbing dead men of eternal rest
Will you help us find it, will you speak the truth
Or must we seek even further with every move

You were sent by the one
We raised a foundling son
Therefore no harm be done to Arawn's foe
And should you wish to see Black Crochan come with me
You'll see eternity of pain and woe

Never have I felt my heart filled with so much fear
Never a thing of so much evil was made
Yet we need it and must take it away from here

We never give but you can trade
Take my sword or my noble horse so good
For swords and horses we have no need
Take Gurgi's bag, ever full of blood
Except we never eat
Take my ring or take my golden sphere
We have no need for toys and rings
Take my harp, playing by itself, hear
Not as nice as birds sing
This is all that remains in the end
What have you got oh let me see
This brooch was forged by the first bard's hands
This looks suitable to me
All from the start with us you did play
Does it make any difference
So this is the price I will pay

Black Crochan is in your hands
There's one more thing to say, although to your dismay
There is only one way destroyed it'll be
With hammers, bars and chains all tries will be in vain
With blood the Crochan's stained eternally
One living person must sacrifice his own
And climb inside it to shatter the cauldron
Buying Black Crochan cost you but a brooch
Yet its destruction will cost a life for you
10. No Turning Back (6:40)
We have no choice
The cauldron must be brought
To Caer Dallben before disaster is wrought

Arawn must not find us or all will be lost
Marching all in silence and quiet at all cost

Across the river, there's no other way
Across the river we must go today

Too few in number and too weak in blood
Crochan is draining us of all the strength we've got

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
Over fields and plains in sorrow
Lost in misery, our hearts lost to the black
Can there be any hope for another tomorrow
At the river there's no turning back

What a surprise, I believed you were dead
And I'd prefer it - to Morva I head

We're on our way back
And the cauldron we earned

Don't steal the glory that I so deserve

The cauldron's stuck, we must take it from the flood
Ellidyr help us with all the strength you've got

No time to waste, our task must be fulfilled
A day's delay and we all will be killed

You'll have my help but first you must agree
To my demands, else it will never be
The cauldron's mine and everyone will know
That I did find it and took it from below

Ellidyr you must be mad
Your pride confused your mind

Make your choice
And see what other option you may find
All my life in second rank, now a hero of the land

There's no choice but to accept
We are at your command

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
To the camp of great King Morgant
Greatest warlord of Don, second to Gwydion
In his hands the black cauldron
In the camp of great King Morgant
Dreaming of Prydain's crown
Our hands and feet bound
He's a traitor of Don, defying even Arawn
In his hands the black cauldron
11. Farewell (6:03)
Cast in this tent, our hands are tied
Morgant deceived us, to Gwydion he lied
Blinded by a thirst for power

Evil warlord planned to seize black cauldron
Creating invincible cauldron born
This is Prydian's final hour

So we are met again, what a fool I was
Paying for my thirst for glory with the cauldron's loss
But I did not steal it Gwydion to deceive
This at least you must believe

The fair folk are coming, untying our hands
Nothing's unknown to them throughout the lands
Invisible and swift

I hear the warriors of Gwydion
Approaching and facing the treacherous one
Far too long he has lived

As fate did unto me I did unto you
Yet there's a final thing that I can do
Run to black Crochan and jump inside
My death sets an end to my pride

Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi & Flewddur:
And so another battle's ended
And the cauldron undone
Morgant's men slain or taken prisoners
Slain the treacherous one

Brave was your quest, Prydain is free
For the price paid honoured you'll be
Morgant and Ellidyr for what they've done
We'll raise a barrow to the fallen ones

After my quest for glory this is what I've got
A field is better plowed than drenched in blood
Too long I've been away, my heart pulls home
The boy it knew a man has grown

So farewell my friends, until we meet again
Now you've come this far
Find Prydain in your hearts
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