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Lordamor | Full Album Lyrics

Lordamor - Lordamor cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFuneral Doom Metal
LabelsDescending Towards Damnation
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2012-01-06)
1. Intro (3:39)
2. Grounds of Pain (7:14)
Walls of thorns encircle
The grounds of pain
Skeletal figures stare in to the horizon
Obscured by the bleak smoke from their kind
Morning sun won't bring a brighter day
Gathered to the altar under the black sun
Offering of flesh waiting for the sacrificial fires
For those who escape the great flames
A march of death through the fields of ice
Your prayers remain unheard
Your god lies dead
Torn by a cyclone
And so will you
3. He eivät eläneet kauaa (10:40)
Tapasin eilen nuoren naisen
Kakin puolin kaunis mutta raskaana
Revin hänen kohtunsa ulos
Sa työnsin sikiön kurkkuunsa
Hän ei eläny kauaa

Tapasin eilen pienen tylon
Hän valitti kadonnutta koiraansa
Löylin eläimen ja vüsin sen vatsan auki
Hirtin tylon koiran suolilla
Hän ei elän kauaa
Tapasin eilen homohuoran
Hänen olemuksensa iljetti minua
Revin juurineen maasta suuren temmen
Sa työnsin sen hänen peräoukkoonsa
Hän ei elänyt kauaa
Heidän houtajaisiaan varten kasvatin süvet
Nousin surevien omaisten ylle
Näky täytti minut suunnättomalla riemulla
Solen hukutin heidät spermaani
He eivät eläneet kauaa
4. Region of Death (10:10)
Fellow men, listen!
Can you hear those lovely screams of the dying race?
Headless corpses, mutilated beings
Before known as children of god
Presence of dead souls may haunt your mind
Feel no fear, step into glorious region of Death
I've seen it all before,
Thousands of cycles I've been
Watching this withering of man
Crime it is not for Him to punish this mankind
Here the shadow of the cross ends
Here everything is silent and still
Here all warmth is gone
This is the glorious region of death
Here sun ventures to die
Here nothing can be seen
Here only frozen winds blow
This is the glorious region of death
5. Congregation of Self-mutilators (13:05)
Monotonous changing sounding from afar
Apocalyptic hymns and slashing of whips
Congregation of self-mutilators approaching
With torn rags tainted with blood
Gathering to where all can see and hear
To demonstrate their devotion
Apocalyptic hymns and slashing whips
Blood stains the soil
For thirty three days they wander
In memory of the life
Of the one who failed
And on the cross scorned hung
Your efforts are in vain
You can only fail
You can never produce enough blood
To wash the world clean
For thirty three days they wander
In memory of the life
Of the one who failed
And on the cross scorned hung
6. Nothing Remains (10:25)
May all the forest and the fields
And all the beasts in them
Wither away so that starvation
Comes to be a part of even those of good birth
Let there be great wars
And may the earth be flooded with blood
Let the cities be crumbled to dust
And may ashes cover them for none to find
Let there be great epidemies
May sickness run across the lands
Leaving behind only rotten bodies
Gone through excessive pain
Let there come the great white horse
Followed by the great storm of fire
Let the sun sink to the west
And never be seen again
7. Drawn to Death (9:24)
Once again, grace of god
Has shown its terrifying face
By spilling the blood of His followers
By condemning and enslaving them as slaves of the illusive matter
Drowning them with their own filth
No matter how unjust it may seem
The Will continues its work, and yet
It doesn't ask for permission
Nor care about your pretty morals
Blame no one but yourself
For all the crimes against you
It is you not anyone else
Who forces you to be raped and disgraced
Tied with chthonic forces
More and more to be bound
To the ground of dying seed
Unborn, yet still already dead to the core
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