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...In Disgrace Full Album Lyrics

Lord Divine - ...In Disgrace cover art

...In Disgrace

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 8 Carlos Acioli (2013-04-28)
1. Pleasure (My Own Pain) (5:45)
Hello it's eight in the morning
I wonder what's left for today
This weight is killing me
Where is the end?
It's present on my shoulders
I feel I'm getting older
I offer you my time

No one knows what does it means
It means only sacrifice... I'm so tired

I hear some voices from everywhere
They're rounding here
Talks without sense full of nothing, a shame

I play god for you sinner
The victim for your crime
The drug to make you feel good
The own pain being pleasure

This weight is killing me, what's left to me
Take my wrong words
Be the half that I'm looking for

I play god for you sinner
The victim for your crime
The drug to make you feel good
The own pain, my own pain
2. My Truth (4:59)
Silent words surround me on my round
Taking me into the abyss
Hold my fear to fale, my endless hope
Ray fears are falling
I keep my faith I'm fighting

Future's fading in my eyes, nothing is left to me

I've got things to do yet,
Please don't break me down
I'd give my soul, my heart, my passion

I know my truth, I'm here,
I'm feeling in my life

-I'm your guide
-I decide by my own
-you're so blind
-you must see I'm not
-be my slave
-to be your slave I must be dead
-you're so dead
-my time is not close enough

Hiding all the steps I walk
Before you find the way to my soul

Since I'm here tight to your rules
I only here things about to lose
3. The End (4:50)
Broke in two
In my deepest dreams
Searching for the end
I lose my mind
Lose the wanting to find the light
To show me the way

By now my eyes
Keep the strength inside I swear

In the night all alone on my bed
I wonder how is it gonna end
Just in tears I pray

Desire denied I only wish my truth
To carry on to find myself in flames

I try to understand
Searching through my toughs
That make me sad
Inside my head
I'm dying with my doubts I still remain

Desire denied, I only wish my truth to carry on
'cause nothing compares to it
And no one can understand it
4. By Myself (4:18)
I grow up with shyness it was only me
The streets where full of fear
I didn't care what's going on
But I heard that shot
And there was nothing left but run
So I did it

There's no way out, choosing to fight or suicide
Going down or digging deeper

Out on the streets I'm looking for some more
Standing by myself until the end of road

I never get and I never ever will understand
What today's society demands

Show me how to get sleep at night
Is it out there any cure?

Out on the streets I'm looking for some more
Standing with myself
And no one else can take control
Out on the streets I'm looking for some more
Standing by myself until the end of road
5. Angels in Disgrace (4:31)
I'm the law of this underworld
Can you see it?
And you are welcome
To this place
'Till the end of time
Here the sin is our fate
And the lies we follow
We are angels in disgrace

Are you ready
To show me your guts?
Can you hold
The shit with your hand?
Swallow my lies

So my footsteps are your feet
And my hunger is your will
No more light in this corridor

Feed my pain
Only darkest days invades us
Kiss my hand
Good and evil one whole world

I'm the law in my cry
Denying my sorrow with fear that's my life

I'm the lord of this underworld
I'm the air the fire that burns
6. Train of Tomorrow (4:08)
Take my temptation
Into a sick hole of pain
Where all the pressure
Is taking me to my own grave

Blind and lost without a help
Show me how it should be
This is my own creation

But in this present
We are all slaves

I've got this kind of blessing
That's carrying me
To come back for more
There's only heartbeats
In lonely nights

Train of tomorrow
Take me again
I'm lost in time
Show me the place
And I will be there
Forever 'till the end of time

Forever and ever
7. Out of My Way (4:51)
Don't tell me about my life rules
Don't tell me how to walk
Don't tell me which way should I take
When you don't know your own

I'm a nice guy if you treat me good
Call me "my pretty boy"
So just get down on your knees
When I tell you, just do it
Get this fucking piece of me

Save a pray for the right time
When lights turn off
Until sins have been done
One last time
Can you take what I'm asking you?
Find your way back home

I cannot take this situation
I can't take it no more
And my own businesses are my own
And I can't keep the control, so what the fuck
Keep your ass out of here for a while

By now I can't use the knife that cut you
I hear my very soul, oh now I can't explain
Remember, my lonely days are dust on the run
And someday I will stand as high as the moon

Out of my way...!
8. Going Blind (4:50)
There are days when I don't really know now to get a breath
And there's no way to find some peace of mind
Welcome to outside when you are really going down
Where there is no place left to stay at night
You are lost and all alone

(My shelter is my home out of there's nothing)
No one can see me when lights turn off anything goes

I ask for you to come and open up my mind
Now I can see no lights I'm going blind

You ask me to stay (you fool me again)
I search through my fever
I'm walking alone (but never enough)
On my next road to follow
I'm going blind

So deep inside I know when it's over all over
And there is no return, no way back
9. I Miss You (5:36)
Divine soul was born to be a saint
Your childhood suddenly ended
With unfear your life started
A full of stars night was your shelter
Your innocence is fading away
From the unknown, you made your destiny
With the almighty and clear power of your love
You made your dreams come true

The white man came and took your hand
It's time to close your eyes you are finally free
In my dreams I see you showing me blessed lands
An angel by my side protecting my fate

Mother, you said to me
If you love me don't cry
Mother, I can't 'cause I miss you
The scars will fade but never die

The only thing I wish is being with you
Surrounded by your touch
I wonder when I'll see you again
Now you are falling into eternity
And your soul to the skies

I can't believe it, is it true?
These nightmare never ends 'cause I miss you
Just, in my dreams I only see you
An angel by my side protecting my fate

...I miss you
10. No Words (4:34)
Now I don't know what to say
The night is falling near is the end
Trying to find another words
Answering my questions
Looking for my wings

Crawling in my dreams
Climbing walls without any help

So I will go to search my fate
Some roads take me to madness
To my end
Wonder where I am
Past as fast as future
Present my own death

Today and here for so long
I live alive is my soul

I want to but I cannot too
Wish it but I just can't reach
Tension into my mind
My last tear has fall
I am dry

It's time to rise
It's out of our minds

Here I'm coming for more
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