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Enantiodromia Full Album Lyrics

Last Sacrament - Enantiodromia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-09-21)
1. Enantiodromia (6:05)
Reaching within dreams, interpreting extremes
Inner archetypal repressions shifting into acceptance

Away from the dawn Death invites a dance
Hourglass and Scythe, away to the dark
In a solemn dance under stormy grey skies
As rain rinses away the tears of salt

Words, symbols, awareness, existing between changes
Pain, sorrow, confusion, can it be avoided?

(solo R.S.)

Consequences of change, the opposite comes to face
Rejecting the signs, turning a blind eye
2. A Perverse Proselytism (4:11)
Disseminating a fateful seed
losing face and empathy
Time warps the sense of place
The soul is taken by a perverted faith....

They want to eat your mind

Attached above the eye, like a parasite
feeding on your soul...

Feeding the fear energy

(solos R.S. M.M., R.S.)

You will fail to compensate
Justifying your compromise
You’ve been perversely proselytized
3. Emptiness Denial (5:49)
In order to exist using those around- perspective-less in your own judgement
Crying to yourself alone when theres no one to praise your vicious cycle to an early grave

Meaningless memories

Feel as though your existence has no meaning
Unable to face your reflective being
Each day losing a fight to time
You have no control over your life

Denial, Emptiness-Denial

(solo R.S.)

In a prison living in the shadow of another human being

(solo R.S.)
4. Devolving into Depravity (4:00)
Losing your identity in a fit of insecurity
As the colors of experience fade personal values decay

Traumatized, Lobotomized, Depersonalized, Dehumanized

An absurd conception of reality
brought from prolonged inner anxiety....

Root of misery
Self fulfilling prophecy
Disconnected body and mind
Despairing of finding meaning in life
5. Seller of Souls (5:36)
The removal of a promise from the inner to the conscious
As dreams drift away, getting through another day

Provoking obscenity
Feeding on inner dissonance
Moving human flesh
Buying human innocence

Seller of souls
Harvester of flesh

(solo R.S.)

An overpowering perversity dominates collective will
Leaving inside an empty space- one that cannot be replaced
6. Internal Actualization (4:05)
Awareness of shared memories searching for individuation
Recognizing ego from the self to form internal actualization
With personal ultimation abstractions to reality
Translating meaning from an alien language of humanity

Revolting against apathy, Suffering for deeper meaning

The voices of others echoing within the mind
Drawing from the dialogue the words you will find
Taking the first step towards reducing confusion
Disregarding blind truths through acts of creation

(solos R.S., M.M)
7. Primal Enslavement (4:20)
Enslaved by the undeveloped parts of the human mind

Return to your cell
Recoil to unleash your hell
The pain you feel you'll save inside
For a sense of peace of mind

Trapped inside your mental cage
(solo M.M.)

Apathy, Indifference,
Unable to break away as you suffer
and years are gone
Primal enslavement
(solo R.S.)

Looking back on the life you've lived
Existing to judge and take their shit
(solo M.M.)
8. Material Identity (3:32)
(solo R.S.)

Looking for a familiar face
Looking for a reason in the wrong place

I refuse as long as I'm alive to compromise my art or live a lie
for an identity determined by worldly possessions
fabricated through projected impressions

Material Identity

A worthy exchange for a temporary face
(solo R.S.)
9. Devoid of Will (4:02)
Beyond the point when confused decisions were made
Empty eyes baring years of apathy

Choices made during confusion, are perverse excuses for compensation
Pushing away those who care, A hardened heart

Devoid of will

(solo M.M., R.S.)

feeling withdrawn, words suppressed
suffocating with crushing regret

Paralyzed and unable to express yourself
So you chose an existence devoid of will

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