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Ultraviolet Full Album Lyrics

Kylesa - Ultraviolet cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Sludge Metal, Psychedelic Sludge Metal
Album rating :  65 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-09-24)
1. Exhale (3:02)
Watching your back, detractors everywhere
Speaking as loud as humanly possible
Earful of whispers, hearsay and rumors
Opinions too many beating down your door

It's your own fault
Choose your own truth

There is no validity
or any actuality
Just a morbidity
Loss of all capacity
2. Unspoken (4:48)
Only time will tell
Wait for it to heal
My own heart has failed me
You looked the other way
A heated reaction
With thoughts of yesterday
You have some reservations
I've seen that look before
Now half of me is empty
But we were born as one
3. Grounded (3:14)
Earth has me grounded
Standing without words
Echo of your voice
Infinite reflections of empty space
Need words to describe this place
4. We're Taking This (2:42)
What knowledge do you hold
that hasn't been bought or sold?
Trick tip to the times ahead
Influence is limited
Pushed down and beaten
The underdog bites back
Herds of sheeps are crowding around
False prophet's repeating sound
We play this how we want
To your bullshit juggernaut
Can't draw a straight line
With a shaking hand
Filling up space
With a sharpened edge
Watch from the sidelines
Then walk away
Say fuck it all
Then walk away
What goes around comes back around
5. Long Gone (3:27)
What you see clearly right here before me
Sounding reflection or a mirage
You've lost yourself
Trusted relation with trepidation
What were you thinking when you stole the sun
We have been broken in darkness unspoken
Your tears are flying a purchased disguise
What you see clearly right here before me
Sounding reflection or a mirage
You've lost yourself
6. What Does It Take (2:04)
Simplify the complicated
Regres necessary function
The walls all seem narrow
Is this really happening
Is this really happening
Lost all control
It has all been let go
What does it take
Hospitals and heartbreak
To the live the lives we want
Hospitals and heartbreak
7. Steady Breakdown (4:48)
Ever wonder why we fail
Steady breakdown of your free will
Determination is undermind
Crack the shell, it's made of glass
Did your really think that it could last
I don't think so
Crack the shell, it's made of glass
We all hoped that it would last
What a let down
You were determined to prevail
Primal instinct not to fail
Steady breakdown and loss of free will
8. Low Tide (3:38)
It's on again
It's off again
Where did it Begin
When does it end
I thought it was over, but
It is still not the end
All we have is right now
We'll watch the clouds turn inside out
If the sun doesn't rise
That's fine I don't Mind
It's ok I prefer siting in the dark anyway
It's winter, it's low tide
Let's hang for awhile
And watch the world die
On the last day we were alive
9. Vulture's Landing (3:15)
Tell me how do you fell at home here
You're just a wolf in sheep's attire
Beware the vultures have landed
Tell me what it's like lying through life
Vulture's landing
10. Quicksand (2:35)
Bloody teeth bouncing in the quicksand
This dream repeats
I'm coughing up my own blood
Then I knew I was shedding more than bone
Trying to tell you
But I'm choking on my own blood
This dream repeats
I'm coughing up my own blood
11. Drifting (5:25)
Can you hear
Can you see
Can you sense that I am near
I let go when you left
I caught water with both hands
I saw a flower in the sun
Tore up its root and it drifted away

When you left, I let go
Watched you shed your life
Watched you drift away
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