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Perjury Full Album Lyrics

Inner Missing - Perjury cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Death Metal, Gothic Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. The Sea of Grey (5:52)
Stay with me for a while
In the sea of grey
Feel the wind scattering the leaves
It’s time to say farewell...

The wind casts the spell upon me
And I can’t resist its call
But how can I ransom my soul
From this drab captivity of walls

This tangled labyrinth of hazy streets
Draws the victims into its ghastly arms
Charmed by its perverted beauty
They slowly rot in their self-built cages

Let me your secrets to unfold

Ailing faces and northern constellations
Are reflected in the murky streams
Lofty spires nail the sick souls
To the width of grizzled skies

Adopt me
You, damp monster
For I have lost my soul
In you
Inspire me
Saturate me with your cold
And let me dissolve
In your pallid fog
2. At High Altitudes (5:06)
Adorned with threads
Of silver mist
Intoxicated with
The alpine air
On our endless way
We are so still
We are so close to the skies…

Hold your breath
Take my hand
I will be
Your silent guide
The air is so clear
That every step
Can be the last
At high altitudes

We search for the freedom
Not your counterfeit reason
But the wings of delight
Are the wings of demise

Escaping from the odious congestion
Of sick human beings and lewd human stares
We follow the path among the dazzling-white peaks
Towards the top of the glaring nothingness

Our skin is burnt by the sun
And our feet are abraded
But the hearts are fulfilled with the wind
Of the high, high altitudes
3. Blindfolded (5:51)
From the heavens
Of frail placidity
We are expelled
To walk the scorched earth
Reckless bearers
Of deific spark
Artists without
The eyes to see

Who can say
How can we
Take away
The veil from our eyes
My Lord, have mercy on me
Show me the way…

Distant memories
Distort the sleepless mind
Weird anticipations
Are burning in the sight

Ride the wind
And celebrate your boldness
Your freedom
Is grinning ahead
You will break your limbs
And liberate yourself
I will liberate myself
With a rope

Fascinated by demise
Like butterflies by fire
We are the bastard sons
Of the insane god

Who can engage the starlight in a night
Who can restrain the tempest
Who can divert the avalanche
And who can stop us on our way?
4. The Stranglehold Romance (4:48)
romance In a shade…
In the morning shade…
With the stranglehold on your neck
You are saved

Don’t be so shy
Wheeze and resist
Till convulsions cease…
Till convulsions cease

I will save you from the sticky hands of ignorance and lies
I will save the sublime chastity of your eyes
Sleep, my angel
Sleep, my angel still
The affliction grimace
Will no more distort your face

We were parted by
The senseless laws of life
But in agony
You are only mine

In this concise moment,
Almost living, in my hands
You are twitching and I am
Almost dead, almost dead
Sleep, my angel
Sleep, my angel still
In your gentle bed of
Never ending childish dreams
5. Death on Our Soles (5:06)
Casting no shadows
We float across the skies
Carrying death
On our soles

Crippled hands
Can’t hold the weapons
Unarmed we go
Into the final fight

The earth is red with our blood
There is no need to spare our lives
Our wings are blazing in the flames of war
That cannot be ended

The snowflakes slowly fall
Upon the scarps of our flesh
Beheaded we lie
Unarmed, but undefeated

Falling stars
Valiant fools
Knights of the make-believe empires
Staunch until the end
Finally betrayed
Diamonds in the crown of the Lord of Lies

One blinding flash and all is gone
Without regret we’ve burned ourselves
Regardless of the envious stares
And vanishing without a trace
6. Frigid Stars (6:30)
Conflagrating me
From inside
The remembrance
Is smouldering

Isolate me
Isolate me

From the darkest corners
Cloaked in blood-stained rags
Loathsome beings come
To take control

Disguised in haze
They crawl
To overwhelm

The dagger in my hand
Burns my skin
I cannot disobey
Its command

The predacious instinct
Is leading me now
The feverish pulse
And the scent of the victim

The white gown
Of crystal winter
Will be soon
Dyed in red

How long have you been
Waiting for the steps
Which are piercing now
The calm of the park
How many nights
You’ve spent in sordid dreams
Shivering with lust
Shivering with fear

I desired
To cut your flesh
You deserved
To be flayed

One by one
The blood drops fall
My work is done
And your eyes are closed forever

From the distant skies
Frigid stars behold
The appalling sight
That you present now
The prickly wind
Will cover you with a quilt of snow
And you’ll become as cold
As one of them

No one will find your trail
No one can leave the path of blood and snow
7. Perjury (5:11)
Staying motionless
At the lorn crossroads
We were dissolving in
The fey music of the rain

Under the scudding clouds
I held you tight
Under the scudding clouds
The rain was beating in our faces

I promised you
To fall down with the rain
I threatened
I will fall
Fall with the rain if you leave me

Now the illusions are squashed
By the millstones of time
I have no power to live
And no power to die
And no strength to continue the fight

Under the scudding clouds
The gale is tearing my mind
Under the scudding clouds
Once again I vow I’ll redeem my promise

I promise you
To fall down with the rain
I promise, I will fall with the rain
Fall with the rain
Fall with the rain
8. Lifers (6:06)
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