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Incinerated Divinity - EP cover art


GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-22)
1. Ascension of Flesh (4:00)
I am a seething torrent of rage. Feast on the floods of my decadent horror.
Seedy walls of pain wash over me, now I have become the Unraveler
Of the woven tapestry of time.
Broken back of the festering will, apathy’s entropy, gluttony’s love lust,
Another fix to pacify the disillusioned mind, dormant digressions.
Morbid melancholy lusting for my fall, saliva of sweet tears slither over my lips.
Life’s blood wastefully fed upon, shitting out the marrow of cause and purpose.
Never mind the blood that flows, it’s a warm stream that bathes you.
Never mind the screams you hear, they are warm wishes bidding farewell.
Riddled with anxiety driven to death’s doorstep,
Madness is screaming of a quiet soothing
Growing love for pain, hurt me more!
It warms my heart as the bottle breaks across my face,
I want to chew on the glass ‘til my teeth break and scream,
“Paint the streets with my blood!”
Slovenly drool rolls over my teeth, an oozing
Blackened sludge, thickening, blood shining in the moonlight
As it covers me, it steals the moons reflective calming waves
From the sun, a lonely bastion in the night
No longer touch my skin; exist out of the Weaver’s grasp.
I gaze at his weavings, each life a thread through time.
Sharpened will of the razor’s smile,
There is much work to be done.
2. Virulent Soul's Delight (3:07)
Frigid barren night, reflecting your spirit’s blight,
Virulent soul’s delight, rendered null from baleful might.
Quickening doom’s excite, speechless words of untold fright.
Squealing words of spite break ground at your grave site.
Sleep now child, beseech me no more.
Your sheepish blood will soon flow, and my knife shall soon bore.
Leering over, you shudder, insidiously caught in my grips.
Your vacant venomous heart, malice greets and soon rips.
Slovenly voluptuous whore, how my vivacious blade
Serenades your skin with such glee, as flesh parts
In its crimson cry. Fat bursting through your gaping wound
As the blood caresses, sliding down draining
Into your mouth, curdling your choked cries.
Rancid walls of rotting death surround bile and blood dripping.
Spewing forth it’s corrosively corrupt blackened waste, burning charred skin to bone.
Waves of fear penetrate your naked virgin soul.
Raping every last safe bastion of mind, heart and spirit,
Drowning in an ocean of regurgitated
Rotting body parts. The air heavy,
Breathing liquefied fat, burning your lungs.
Ears bleed from the deafening roar of the faintest whisper.
There’s no better way to die then by my hand!
I lay claim, my morass victory, hear my beckon lust for my command!
There’s no better way to die then by my hand!
Filleted,your body’s tingling; your blood cleanses the sands!
Let the blood flow, as it kisses my feet!
Worship me for I am the true God, all others are false to me!
Thou shall not suffer a whore to live; she maketh a pit of her womb
3. Tormented Ecstasy (5:17)
Frigid whisper molests the skin, stinging velvet touch laced with sin.
Seeping through the thin traces of your very fabric in pristine places.
Desecrating slither, your body a banquet, gentle caress of dripping mist circumvents.
Violating your sanctity, my carnal feast, as it gingerly penetrates your soul.
Senses peaked hair springing to escape lips become moist.
Unholy touch so corrosive to your will.
Gentle whimpers escape, true corruption, stricken meager morsel are you finding something more?
Shuddering terror grips wholly, shaken, coalescing to the gentle swirls of marbled form.
Chaotic patterns, sit, now you glisten. Gentle drips of drool as you swell with panic.
Racing blood leaps to fly from skin, stopped at the gates of flesh.
Throbbing with a reddened laced anger.
Dripping with intensity, frozen waiting for your savior.
Snake with apple to skin, so tight it coils deep within.
Your lips part as if to scream but none can be heard,
Sinking to the greatest depths of your core, a thousand barbs.
As I defile the sanctity of your bleeding temple,
Wailing maiden spewing red rivers from her lips.
Screaming anointed whore my eye peers deep within sending forth
It’s ever entrenched message that I will spread forth
Laying my sermon and you my prophet whore will deliver my
Bastard message to one and all who can receive my word.
Desecrated whore, in utter terror you will seek to
Fulfill my desire; lust for my command.
Let my horror lay siege to your heart, break your walls, corrupt your fertile soils.
Bringing forth my golden age for you to bath in my glory and drink deeply of my wisdom.
Desecrated whore, bow to the word of your Lord and Savior, your true Master, your Sovereign King!
Tremble before my wrath!
Serenity,broken with the piercing screams of torment and ecstasy.
Stinging strikes, cries of pain my delights, lustful need for you to devour my seed.
Gasping colorful sounds as you feed; I trace the bruises while you bleed.
Blooming bouquet of scarlet sinks deep,
Wilting gold and brown, to faded black.
The blade leaves its indelible mark.
Your skin cries for our shared enjoyment.
A tamed moon driven deep into the night,
By a serenade of lascivious lashes.
4. Subliminal Infestation (3:54)
In perfect ecstasy I rise!
Breeding hate an engorged desire of my flesh, your host a disguise.
Infinite fate - the hunt for humanity, prayers denied - global compromise.
No trust, no hope for the future and soon we’ll all shrink to dust.
Displayed upon the golden throne, upon their crotches they thrust!
Viewing the ending,
The leaches breached all that we’ve known.
Delete your soul, the law you obey brings you to your knees.
No escaping these man made effigies and gods.
Displaced and torn with fear your conscience controlled.
Subliminal infestation; divide and conquer.
Your kind,
You think you’ve walked the world, seen everything.
Your mine,
I’ve come to break you down in agony.
No time,
To see the greed you breed’s caught up with you.
Your corpse will feed the weeds the earth pulls through.
When the reaper comes to claim your life,
Your deeds will be all that he sees.
Raise the blade of the sharpened scythe.
Your dreams denied your time to die!
5. Mechanically Separated (4:13)
Crushing persistence, anguished lament, devoid of existence a useless attempt.
Prophetic eyes burned to the stem, ashen ideas rendered dead from where they began.
Assimilate,conform you seek, enriched reform to cattle the meek.
Slave labor, until you’ve dried up, but your body is still useful to feed our everlasting lust.
You have served, now we feed.
Feeble wretch, sate our need.
Go now forth to refine.
With your flesh we arise divine!
Emaciated walking dead, frail husks our machines shred.
Leathery hide cured with piss, becomes upholstery for all our lavish needs.
Copious meat carved day and night, grand delicacy a delectable delight.
Sinew and bone rendered in vats with gastric acids to form creams of eternal youth.
You have served, now we feed.
Feeble wretch, sate our need.
Go now forth to refine.
With your flesh we arise divine!
The foul in their cage bled twice daily, tears mixed for the soiree
Of salacious succulent tonic cured with a fecal ferment.
Freshly cut from the living, their genitalia
Ground in its stimulated juices for Gourmet
Gusher’s Premier Lubrication, to keep you looking
Lustfully youthful in the most intimate of places.
You have served, now we feed.
Feeble wretch, sate our need.
Go now forth to refine.
With your flesh we arise divine!
6. Sanctity Defiled (3:25)
enveloping darkness, coursing terror hinders sight.
Frail waning glimmer mirrors flailed might.
Quiver from sheer horror, scourge lays siege within.
I know I am to be lost forever compromised.
Surrounded I feel alone, drawn to the quiet of the night.
A world of my own, removed from life.
With drawn to the enveloping darkness, throughout and within.
Sinking into oblivion slowly, my movements cease as I fade away
Into sweet sorrowful nothingness, corruptor draws near.
Meager morsel trapped and caged, tricked in night as I assuaged.
Gleefully I start my carving, blood choked cries I have been starving.
Butchered little stuck pig, body I will now rig,
Scraping out your essence to fill with my presence.
I peer at my destructor, winter sinks inside.
Creature,my unknown comfort to whom I’ve confide.
Blinding white teeth glimmer, black flesh drips in the night.
As I shudder immensely, cruelest grin shows delight.
Razors in this creature’s mouth dripping corrosive poisons on my flesh.
There is no hope, nor memory to comfort.
For I realize that this day was destined to come.
Somewhere inside I knew why every happy moment was marred.
I carve away at all the beauty inside virgin territory.
Splayed open and sickeningly invite malice most completely.
To cut, rip and bleed in every manner as to not mortally
Wound.Oh no, now not just yet, that delicacy is saved for the very end!
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