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Into the Brazen Bull Full Album Lyrics

House of Atreus - Into the Brazen Bull cover art

Into the Brazen Bull

GenresDeath Metal
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1. Bastards in the Hillside (3:26)
Slaves of Sicily revolt against the republic
Roman ranks marching to swat unruly flies
skirmishing resisters fighting in shackles
slaughtered like dogs and choking on their chains
trying to defeat the captors with impunity
waves of unfit men are falling upon their spears
the institute of slavery begun bartering
the bloodline child to facilitate the rule

Irradiating resistance the military flourishes
blood at the end of one hundred crashing blades
circumcised of life and defeated to the core
conquered blood from concurred lands will fall upon purer soil

Naysayers sentenced to death by wild beast
what scrawny little slaves these were
their beaten skin embroidered with purple welts
half shaved heads bearing the master brand
chains around their ankles wrapped in foreign rags
fornicating with purpose of deliverance
into the greedy hands of the populous hoard

These gods we know naught
they have no power to hold up the blade
forced to breed in captivity
for their children know not of a better life

These of war dogs stolen from distant lands
falling with diversity ripped from society
emaciated skins hang high
the flailing beating tapestries
bleed against a crooked sky
a kiss by the lips of Apollo
wage a war in tyranny

Bound away, their souls in grey
Beaten into rows and bonded into chains

Death is awaiting, forward march single line
Dead husbands ignore desperate cries

Draping over swollen eyes the hands clenched into fists
sunlight dries the water from their thirsty mouths and blood
at the hands of the superior cast
those who survive will be acclimated forcefully

This is the way of power
2. Pitiless Chains (4:40)
Impious and naïve to gods of rightful worth
the wild blooded bullion is shackled into rings
feathers and strings fall from tarnished hides

Along shores in distant lands they squabbled over seashells
fortune fell upon the most adorned in trivials
hands and faces painted to imply their feigned importance
but cowardly yelps emanate from their weary mouths

Bundles of assmen earned by imperium
iron helmed commanders whip them into baskets
A merciless institution of fortune enchains
granting quick deaths to the expired and the maimed
promises of blisters for their rightful hands
blood on the knuckles of mighted Roman bands

Herded into fences locked into sexes
sorted like marbles their bloodline ignored
be them dark or be them fair
a bounty for the Roman race they hold

From the ancient Afric sands to the moderns of Sicily
droves of man fishers ride with hastened purpose
to dominate tribal unions with their vacancy
and slave cages stocked with worthy vetted tools
guilded for sport or bathed in oils
the prices are set for the sexed and the fought pitiless ends

Children built from malcontent
skirmishless vaginas reveal a tired womb
clitless atrocities built for breeding cease

Voiceless tears are heard throughout the camps
with pattering semen and the clattering of chains
slave kins create sacrificial heredity
and labored promiscuity promises pedagogy

Canceled humanities hobble single footed
living at the end of the linked chain
death comes not as a thief to these
but a welcome guest in midwinter's eve
3. Seed of Discord (3:43)
Ripping the turbid waves below the oar
Arcadian giants carve into Neptune's void
under the moonlight of Selene, shaking the seas
the spear of Menelaus is erected by the golden womb

Agapenor leads a legion of sixty
to slaughter the abductor of cupids suitor
at the hands of the Argos king
to bleed the life from a thieves breast

To slay the enemies of Agamemnon
the blood of Iphigenia must flow
into the mouth of Artemis
the open sails upon spartan vessels
continue on for the valleys of war

Burning shores erupt in lavatic hatred
arrows are sent from exotic bows
bestowing death in violent rain
piercing the vein blood runs oceanic

Armies are deployed to slay a ruinous thief
wooden missiles blacken the clouds and eat the sky
the perfect god mounted loins of a tempted betrayess
leak upon the soil and beckon to the victor

The golden apple of contention
beheld in the hands of Eris
turns black with ripeness
entrails and limbs scatter the shores,
screaming to their wives and distant gods,
these men dispelled
by a quivering mouth in climax

Burning forms are sent sprawling
the wrath of every god holds presence
marbled stone and granite pillars
radiate in fire, the colors of internal man

A starlit horse towers in the epicenter
4. Into the Brazen Bull (5:41)
Grotesque proposition
delivered to Phalaris
the tyrant king of Akragas
his brows folded in disgust
at the words of a sickening fool
at his exposed algolagnia

Perillos absorbed in his darkness
befounded a horrendous device
ultimate pain for ultimate crimes
a god in the realm of torture
the bull of brass stands proud

Incense arises from the maw of the furnace,
to cover the stench of decease
brass tubes formed into instruments
to mock the echoing torment
reverberations of the punished

Melodious bellowing within
a martyr takes place in the halls
cast into the weapon of his own design
thrown forth into the glowing bowl
the lava blood falls from his hands

Omitted from his skin and flesh
the contorted man shakes in his pain
searing flame atrocity
delivered into fire embrace
blasting smoke from his throat
release me from this hell

Removed from the brazen bull
Phalaris takes him up to the hills
his writhing body still undeceased
flaking skin blows in the wind
ostracized from a quiet demise
a vision of the end reflected in his eye
at the peak, body lifted up high
agony hides the begging for life

Cast down from the peaks
sulfuric stones rip and tear
punished for decadent plight
smashed into pieces
phlebotomized by the ridged earth

Incense arises from the maw of the furnace,
to cover the stench of decease

Cast down from the peaks
sulfuric stones rip and tear
writhing below Lycabettus
the smell of myrrh perfumes the air
as a set of fearful eyes turn empty

Searing flame atrocity
delivered into fire embrace
blasting smoke from his throat
release me from this hell
5. In the Shadow of Foreign Horses (6:32)
Hark the blazing steeds
kicking up earth
full speed assault
to decimate foreign tribes
fire soaked homes
built of earthen clay
crudely tended fields
burning in mid day

Obscure weapons
cutting flesh like crop
discomfited farmers
scatter to and fro
brandishing sticks
and odd hunting tools
sat upon beasts
without saddles or courage

Riding to destroy
slaughter for the king
bastard swine flurry
spearless warriors
huddled in cattle barns
hiding children witness
the price of the unRome
in the shadow of foreign horses

Their destiny chained to failure
scurrying rat bastards
try to protect their kin
cannot stop the western minds
clad in bronze and arrogance

Filed into columns cretin men
observantly weak broken beings
scuffle in ring and chain
embarrassed by their cowardice

Spineless inherited
sold as slaven yolk folk
tripping on their bondage and
weeping at their fertile ground

Bonded boarded woman
shame their use as a herd
savage men, kennel whipped
Colosseum fod' for the games

Unruly hoodlums
beaten to death naked and hung
the dead sweat from their brow
kissed away by widowed lips

Servant brands bestowed
blistered on arms of the owned
hungry children grip
iron locked bars of the cage
these miserable bastards
class segregated
and trimmed for coin and master

Bonded, locked away as bullion
broken... cast away like wild beast
their servant brands bestow
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