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World of Tombs Full Album Lyrics

Horned Almighty - World of Tombs cover art

World of Tombs

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-04)
1. Intro (1:01)
2. World of Tombs (4:20)
Bringing down nations with disease
Suffering the horrid death
Mass parade of corpses
Blasphemy upon the glory of creation
Illuminated by a thousand gravelights
Walking singing into the flames
Of their funeral pyres
Human torches in the night
Sing to Him the psalms of praise
For he hath covered every
Stone and field in ashes
Leaving a world of tombs
Choking the light of life
With the stank of sulphur
The worlds last rites
Starvation of all living
3. Diabolical Engines of Torment (3:36)
The occurrence of evil in the cosmos
Trials by unholy ordeals
Violent persecutions
No merciful dispensation
Violent and sadistic practices
Of the Devils Invention
Perish from His fire
Diabolical engines of torment
Inhumane bodily punishments
Torture of the goats tongue
Extracted by force
Doctrines worthy of demons
A day of triumph beckons
For all enlightened souls
Through sadistic inflictions
As an act of faith
4. Unpure Salvation (4:04)
The presence of suffering
Purged of all sin
Torn by the divine
The pain of burning
Flames Fire the cleansing burning Higher
Flames Fire the cleansing burning Higher
Send forth your light through Unpure Salvation
The terrors of Death assail me
I confess my Iniquity
Through unpure salvation
Death shines forth
Enduring scorn and decay
My wounds festering
For I am about to fall
Swallowed by the depths
5. Plague Propaganda (4:00)
Deteriorated values of the flock
Once preached by the crowned liar
Idolized icon of misery
Rotten martyr nailed to boards
Divine preachings laid to waste
Once spoken by the demented one
Absorbed by rabid dogs
Spreading the plague propaganda
Putrid prayers of pathetic hope
Uttered by forsaken degenerates
Impaired faithful mongrels
Messengers of religious nonsense
Revelations of pure hoax
Plague propaganda
Offerings of bitter wine
Plague propaganda
6. ...of Flesh and Darkness (4:05)
Raped by darkness
A sacrilegious conception
Delivered in smouldering ashes
Baptism in the image of death
Breathing plague and famine
Drink of me and taste the poison
Accept punishment and repent
Through misery you serve
Of flesh and darkness
Anointed by the unholy spirit
Receive the bitter word
Disobedient to the light
Speak the tongues of reptiles
Thousand malignant prayers
Disciples of the unpure
Become the hand of faith
7. In Torture We Trust pt. II (4:25)
Campaigns of persecution
Proclamations of execution massive pronouncements of severe sentences
Trade of the torturer
Pleasure of inflicting pain
The captors contempt
In torture we trust!
Burned in the mouth
Lips shrunk to gums
Pierced with iron spikes
Pouring forth dreadful screams
Flogged to a mass of blood lacerated flesh and gore
Reducing limbs to pulp
Cut to pieces by way of penance
Slow death burning at the stake
Fire bursting into the very bones
8. This Unholy Dwelling (3:45)
Gazing cold and lifeless
Absorbed by negativity
Through obscure gateways
Of horrific might and splendour
Channeling through body and soul
Blessing this worthless flesh
Exposed to a glance
Of parallels beyond this decay
Separating the human self
Dissolved into sinister matters
The anticreation of life
Inclusion in the absolute
In this unholy dwelling
Absent of rays of light
Temple of scorn and derision
Massive monstrous impiety
9. Blessed by Foulness (6:46)
Visions of the blind
Behold! Behold!
Unheal the sinful wounds
Laughter of the mad and deranged
In divine judgment and guilt
Diseased son of man
Condemn the world!
Blind their eyes, deaden their hearts
Commanded to rest in darkness
Blessed by foulness
Rejection most holy
A foul blessing
Repent or perish
Cursed gift of faith
Damnation of the world
Condemnation for all men
Receive the punishment
10. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay (Autopsy cover) (2:29)
From the brown infested clouds
Painful death is unleashed
Toxic rain upon your skin
Now you are diseased

Pus filled wounds begin to form
Inflamed bloated mess
Internal organs sizzle and corrode
Contaminated blood flows with death
The features are slowly rotting
Off your deformed face
Now you are just
A twisted mass of burnt decay

Retching violently
Heaving chunks of burnt toxic decay
Hair falls out
Bowels expel their rotten stinking waste

Body and mind are dubbed a fate
So horrendous and sick
The safety of the womb is gone
Bloody pus oozes from your dick

Unformed offspring
Meet the poisoned air
Ejected fetuses litter the street
Men and women cry
For themselves and their young
A twisted monument
Of mans defeat
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