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Ghost of Echoes Full Album Lyrics

Ghost of Echoes - Ghost of Echoes cover art

Ghost of Echoes

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-03-21)
1. Watching (2:04)
I can see you, I can hear your voices
But I cannot walk your world
I long to be there with all of you
Still I'm reaching out, always searching for the way
It's who we are that make you
So who are we to give up now?
2. Reaching Out (5:53)
Find me a way to tear apart these walls and I will try
Listen and learn, I'm listening
Peel back the layers of time to find the way
I can sense your light is failing

Feel it the emptiness
Feel it pull you in

It's who we are that make you
So who are we to give up now
It's come to this we'll save you
We're standing here we're reaching out

Echoes froze watching the void
A hesitation that cost him more than he could foresee
This open path won't last forever
Walk on through, are you ready for us?

This broken vision, haunts his memories
And leaves a taste of fear

There's a way, a way to move on
It's inside, inside your words
Take these arms/I offer this body to the cause
Take these legs/Let not a drop go to waste
Take my heart/When it is time we will test this trust
Take my wings/So let these voices carry you away

It's guiding me and pulling me in
I trust in you, please trust in me
It's guiding me on

So, when the darkness falls from the light
I'll be standing here a part of this world
Body fragile, lungs breathing
Heart bleeding, Life fleeting
Now able to shed a tear

Feel it the suffering
Feel it burn your skin

This open path won't last forever
So walk on through, are you ready for what's to come?
3. Encounter (5:11)
Search behind the eyes of those that you'll find
They harbour doubt but let slip not a whisper
I cannot save what I cannot find, your stalling time
The shadow and the light entwined
Every passing face uncertain
We're lost within your mind

In These first steps, The light began to fade
Encounter life, To see how we are made

Don't let impending chaos steal calm's reign
We have to watch out for the worst of man
Bring forth your strength and resolve
Stand firm against this tide
There's not much time before our worlds collide

She's slipping away from all that we know
Her weakening body losing control

We've come so far but, what are we?

Forever, together, surrender, to falter.
4. Calm (3:08)
We're witnessing the end, we cannot see it all
Trying to pretend won't stop our fall
Hoping fate will intervene, betting on these things unseen
Is throwing our humanity against the wind
If Peace deserves a sacrifice, let it be our faith to die
And cherish what we have in each other
And for our kind to stay alive using reason to survive
Let us be responsible for all that we can be

So where do we belong?
Amongst the stars alone
And when will we be gone?
It's time to say goodbye.
5. Tatsumaki (6:07)
We are the storm that bring the endless nightmare
Taking all man's hate and rage to bear
We'll swallow the sun, we'll shatter the land
Just to watch your kind's despair
Alone in the vastness we were
Unknown until echoes who opened the path for us
Now we walk this world to claim as our own
As if like snow the ashes will fall

There's no time to think about what is going wrong
There's no time to understand how to face the oncoming storm
It's the end when you say that we'll be alright
Take a stand, make your voice shake
Don't be scared to take my hand

Always questioning the answers
Forever striving for a brighter day
Never giving in, never believing
The lies of those who'll say they know the way

Look at the skies, the howling of the winds
Paint a picture of your end
Reading for signs in your desert scripture
No saviour will be sent, wake up!
Yet those who survive still repent, ha?!

They say the world is on your side
But when it's gone, where's left to hide?
Alone you're responsible
Atone you must try

I'm living and breathing yet giving in
6. Torn Apart (8:14)
Swimming in a sea of doubt, longing just to be out of here
Out of reach
I can't, hope to see this through
I can't, see an end that's real
I can't, save this body that you gave to me to feel alive
Holding onto breath, the beating in my chest
But why? Why can I not save us all?

Now i'm taking the only way, to destroy all that remains
So i'll be taking me last gasp, to leave this world ablaze

I can, take you with me
I can, sacrifice this vessel and
I can, give a chance to those who were born this way
Facing this chaos alone, outnumber and outclassed
Her body open to carnage, never witnessed before

It's been so long since we started this fight
And it's been so long there's still no end in sight
So we take these bonds and push our limits
Backs against the wall, torn apart
We'll still be fighting always standing tall

I've been holding you back, set yourself free
I'm no longer afraid, i'll believe in you
So don't run/I won't run
Please don't hide/I can't hide
We will face this end together now

Lift the veil
Rise, let us see what you really are
Rise, tear the flesh from the limbs of this mortal

Her body was flayed apart, just a puppet right from the start of it
He tried to rescue her mind, lost in pain lost in time
As he pulled her thoughts to his own
Light emerged and began to show
They were no longer human anymore
Echoes was reborn!
7. Pushing On (3:35)
There's no time to think about what went wrong
There's no time to understand, how to keep pushing on
At it's end we pretend that it's alright
In the end you depend on others out of sight

Sometimes we run before we can walk
Most of the time we'll scream before we can talk
Finding the easy way will often make things worse
Learn to persevere and make the better choice

We can learn to fight, we can learn to run away
I chose to hide, to change my ways
I'm taking a different path, to become one with the earth

It's guiding me, pulling me in
I trust in you, trust in me
It's guiding me, pulling me in
8. Resolve (7:59)
To think that I ever even had a chance
Was to hope and ignore all the evidence
But still I thought I could try
Only seeing what I wanted to
It's always been the same

And it's always been a lie

Feel afraid, feel ashamed it is all we've ever known
Now we see our mistakes, can we learn from this past?

Linked by common threads, shattered dreams reunited

Carry us into, hellish flames, we will follow
Lead us into our end, or our salvation
Feel afraid, feel ashamed
The shackles have been removed
Burn these pages, feel no regret
Purging the cause of this hate

It's who we are, that make you
So who are we to give up now?

As he journeyed into the earth with the minds that he saved
Echoes began his decent into endless nightmare
Now with nobody left to lose, and only one path to choose
He pushed on through to the core, what awaits, unknown

This is all I have to give away.

That is all we have?
Burn, down, it comes,
The Earthkeeper, awaken
The stench of failure, the chill of remorse
Guilt, shame and disgust
Locked in time to atone
To make amends
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