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Extinguishing the Flame of Life Full Album Lyrics

Frostagrath - Extinguishing the Flame of Life cover art

Extinguishing the Flame of Life

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-28)
1. A Gate Of Inner Hate (8:28)
Open your eyes ; Gaze into your own self.
An injured broken life ,You are what you hate !!
Nothing Is pure in you,you are a poisonous Lie!
Dwelling in illusion ,You are worthless !

You are a hypocritic creature..Living on lies !!
Changing the facts within you , Letting me die !!
You fucking abomination,Your sweet suffering pleases me !!
You fucking human ! I will tear your life apart,For ignoring your inner conscious !

Feel the hate running through your veins,
Feel the darkness enshrouding your soul ...
Feel the life leaving your body...

A vengeful spirit is hunting you down..
With the last drop of innocence falling to the ground
You shall dwell into
A gate of inner hate !!
2. Drowning In A Maze Of Mirrors (5:52)
Have been so blurred
Can't see the reflections
Deeply inside of them,
You see a maze
Once you are in, You can't get out
From the shadows, You shall not pass
Into the light, You will die
Dark as the abyss,
Cold as death
Unholy curse reign supreme !

These mirrors are the mind
That hope it can't be found.
This maze of shadows ;
Is the shrine of desolate

Feel the isolation
Embrace the hate
From this awful reality
You can't awake.
3. Questioning A Disharmonic Existence (6:52)
Life colored with death,the light turned into black
Truth becomes a lie,A depiction of life we can't get back

A life shrouded by pain
A day embraced by darkness
A night overwhelmed by memories
What's Left ?!

When right becomes wrong
When light becomes cold
When future no more bright
Then nothing remains !

When night reflects the scars
When inner peace no longer exist
When senseless emotions reign
is it the life your were meant to live ?!
And nothing will remain !
4. Existence (Feat. Sayed Ragai) (8:25)
No light , only darkness
Even the sun rises with a black light
No truth , only lies
All I can hear is my cries ,
Deeper and deeper from deep within
A black painted world silent and gloomy.

Dead memories and forbidden thoughts
Only misery and forgotten hopes

No future , No tomorrow
I've became the prisoner of sorrow

Burdens can get you down on the ground,
never to be back on your feet again.
alone , lost , swallowed by fears
and haunted by this unmerciful pain

I'm all alone , I'm gasping to inhale !
I'm suffocating , I'm fading away !

Why life is so cruel with me ?!!
Why fate manipulated me !!!
How can I be saved ?!!

But now I can clearly see it ,
The undesired truth
Everlasting nightmare
is it death or salvation ?!
5. Extinguishing The Flame Of Life (10:21)
Standing at the edge of oblivion
Staring at my very end
Flashing before my eyes,
Memories of broken past

Awful emotions running through
My opened wounded veins
Endless tears are cascading,
Like water from a drain.

Your mind surrendered to darkness,
Your hope was just a big lie
You failed in life
Thou shall end thy.

Blood watering this old tree,
It's leaves are falling one by one
So shall the life be taken;
As the last leaf fall to the ground,
The final ray of life will no longer be found !
As nothing remains...
6. Escape Farewell Life ! (4:25)
You feel rejected
A hidden truth,A vital lie
Consuming your inner self
Burning your soul
Manipulating your reason
Filling your anger and hatred

You dwell in this prison called life !
You can't escape,You can't run !

This ancient battle between
What's right and what's wrong

A poisonous truth is corrupting your mind
A Twisted life is your cell
Your escape is :
Farewell life !
7. And Finally,The Death Caverns Will Carry Out My Soul (Re-Mastered) (16:16)
The bells are ringing ,The light is at the end
Of a darkened path , A vast emptiness

Abysmal Solitude emerges ,Memories like a knife
Cutting deeper and deeper in your flesh

The cold breath of death steeds ,I can feel.
The reflection of the reaper's blade ,I can see.
Reflecting deep in my soul, Seeking for life, Yet i can't sense.
Only depression and self-hatred ,I can feel.

What am i doing here ?!
Why does others willing to live in a world we are living to die in ?!
What's the difference between;
Dying by your own self ?!
And dying later by others ?!

Don't you feel the rest when you cut your veins ?!
Don't you feel the pleasure when you see your own blood ?!
Follow me,Let suicide fill your soul !
Follow me,Let darkness enlighten your path !

Eventually,the cold caverns of death will come
And carry out your shattered soul
As the bells ring ...
Signing for your bitter end .
8. The Prison Of Mirrors (Xasthur Cover) (8:08)
The prison of mirrors... we can't see,
Yet trapped we are... by its reflection,
It sees all fear and watches our downfall,
It will rip all lies and pride from the soul.

You are all... all that you hate,
Force fed memories, suffer humiliation,
Victim of darkness, of the inner hidden kind,
I am the eye within the gleam,
Shatter before a mirror that stares into (a shallow soul).

Poison yourself... revel in waste,
Poison yourself, in the name of evil... destroy yourself.

I will always be the reason to hate your self,
Mirrors... will oppress your mind,
And follow all... all that you hide,
Blind, step inside a subconscious warfare to guide the oblivious,
Mirrors of torture, unforgiving expose your sins,
Your suicide by the mirror's shattered blade.
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