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Furor Incarnatus Full Album Lyrics

Feared - Furor Incarnatus cover art

Furor Incarnatus

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-03)
1. Live in You (4:22)
I love you to death
And I do really mean it
You're useless to me in your current form

I'm the greatest vampire,
Longing your innocent blood
I see fear in your eyes
No offense but Ill

I'll Slit you apart
Getting inside you
While you're alive
It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful scream

While you're still alive, crying

Still alive
Trying to face you
Trying to leave , you

Still alive, why
I enjoy watching you squirm
It brings me pleasure to know that you're mine

Are you excited? Cause I am.
This is what I wanted for long

You can't deny it, that we are one.
Leaving your shell and we turn into one
2. Breathing Failure (2:56)
Turning your back on me
Disappointed again
I'll never prove myself to you

I know I'll always fail you
Will you ever love me

Liar you watch me bleed
Crying my eyes out

Liar you watch me breathe
Breathing failure

I've been trying for long
But before blind eyes
You never see how I really feel
3. Psycho Logic (2:42)
I've waiting for far to long
I've been waiting for you
Am I supposed to feel this way
Do you feel it too

Waiting, longing, watching, fighting ,,, driving me insane
Teasing, luring, lying, bitch, I'm coming for you

I think it's time to change your mind
See what truths that lies behind
No, please no more lies
It's hurting me, deep inside

I've been waiting for far to long
No thanks to you
You're pushing me out of line
Wanting me to leave you

Is there something there,
Is there still a chance?
Hoping, needing, living breathing
I'm going to make you mine

No need to fight me back
I'm stronger than you
The more you strain against
The more I hurt you
If you try to scream
I'm gonna strangle you

Don't dare , fight, against,
It's gonna hurt you
4. Vintersol (3:18)
I'm the source of pain
The one who sets the game
Your master, savior, your
Liberator, sight of
Bleeding from your guts
The drugs you need won't

Pre chorus
Brutally beaten down,
The pain and sorrow
No one cares who you are
Sickened by pain
There is no option
It's like the curse never stops

It's burning the soul
Shattered fragments
No one gives a shit
You're on your own
Scarred for ever
It's like the curse never

Heals, your, pain
One game, one name
Sacrifice your name
Purifies the pain
Redefines the game

Your head is feeling numb,
It keeps on pounding
No one answers your call
Just laying there
People around you
Watching with blind eyes

It's burning the soul
Shattered fragments
No one gives a shit
You're on your own
Scarred for ever
It's like the curse never

Saving me
5. Possessed (2:58)
Doesn't matter where you go
Always being a failure
Break your trust and all you know
I'll always bring you down

Can you feel it?
You are a piece of me
No way to set me free
Your fear just strengthens

Uh, so here I am
Next step to call you miiiine
I'm bringing you in
Uh, so here Iam
Next step to call you miiine
Can you feel it

Doesn't matter if you learn
You'll never meet your saviour
Save your prayers and your words
Step down from your throne

Can you feel it?
You are a piece of me
No way to set me free
Your fear just strengthens

Uh, so here I am
Next step to call you miiiine
I'm bringing you in
Uh, so here Iam
Next step to call you miiine
Can you feel it


Without me you'll not survive
6. Satan (4:06)
Can't stop fighting,
There's so much rage,
Read between the lines

Wait, this is your war
I can't see you surviving
One more day

You said you're alive?
The feelings inside
You said you won't cry
Wake up and try

There is no call for help this time,
Now you're on your own
You have to deal with your own consequences
You should've listened to me

It drags you in
Into the depths of hell and back
But this time you're staying for good

Many have lost their lives this way
It's a common sin
When you're gone I'll leave you alone

Hello satan, here's a new minion of yours.
Go ahead
7. Warbound (3:52)
Stand up to your rival
The war is about to commence
Sign a deal with the devil
Life is turning around

I will suffice
It's so ironic
I follow me and not the rules
So haunted
It's so hypnotic
Time to pay for what they took

A world in mourning
It's so chaotic
The herd is waiting for their doom
Lining up in trenches,
To fight for their cause

Fight for your cause

This war is a cycle
It plagues the world to its end
Raising your gun
Pulling the trigger

You feed the liars
Let them get to you
You need to cry out
Fate is a trial

You're trying to fight for your life
Bleeding Bullets fly right by your hide
Presses into your body
Penetrates your skin , penetrates your soul
Penetrates your soul
Die motherfucker
8. Devil in White (3:45)
Karma gets me now
She will know it
Devil watching me
Waiting for my move

She'll kill me again
She'll feed me again
By her ice cold womb

It's all a game

She looks at me
With empty eyes
But it's for sure
She's come for me

She'll bring me home
She'll guide me there
Living dead

No way back
After she takes me
No way out
Unless she wants to

Holding hands
Devil in white
Cold and dry
I'm hers
Don't wait for me
9. Neverlasting (3:48)
Fate, it's all insane
Leaving a trail of pain
For all, and for you
Nearing death

Near death
Seeing light at the end

Who are you
Are you here to save me
Or to bring me to the other side

What, have I done
Can't remember a thing
Was it an accident
I don't know

Who are you
Are you here to take me
To the other side


Now it's time for me
Silent calling from
Our mutual god
The almighty lord
Till the end
10. Impending Doom (3:52)
Yeah, you're calling out my name
For something divine
So idiotic, it's so pathetic
You think I care?

No, you're in to deep
To late for you now
No one can save you
No one will help your sorry ass

You won't get my mind
Lingering through lines
Sane your mental kind
Wake up friend you're mine

You've crossed the line
Impending doom

Hey, stop fooling yourself
This is the end of the line
Someone will judge your crimes
But it will not be me

End of the line,
So you're crying now?
Cold, low, rising up again…

Lies, Satan forgiving you
11. Forever Old (5:02)
Sane, nothing keeps me sane
I still feel nothing, every things the same
Stains, of my life
In pieces
Assembled on the wall

It, can, not, be this way
For the rest of my life
I, wish, it, could, end
In a more dignifying way

Wait for life
Slowly, creeping down my spine
Slowly, making me old

Wait for life
Shattered bones
Forever alone
How to break,

Nothing will help me
Nothing at all

Forever Old

Never waited for nothing more
Seems tempting
Inviting me in
None would remember me
As anything good,
I'll just be an empty face

Forever Old
12. End (1:38)
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