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Evil Invaders Full Album Lyrics

Evil Invaders - Evil Invaders cover art

Evil Invaders

GenresSpeed Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-28)
1. Victim of Sacrifice (5:33)
You are the chosen one, and you are born to die
Bounded, there's no place you can run nowhere you can hide
The inside of this temple is the last thing you'll ever see

Captured by the Aztecs, they brought you to this place
As a prisoner of war, you'll be sacrificed
A quick stab of the dagger will release you from your fears

They are gonna steal your heart,
Tear your flesh and meat apart
Victim of ...sacrifice
Victim of sacrifice
The priest of sun will take your life
Your body starts to feel the knife
Victim of ...sacrifice
Victim of sacrifice

Fear and anger driving your nuts, you try to escape but you can't
All for that one god that does or does not exist
Your wrists and ankfes bleed from the cuffs that you're wearing

When the day has come, your blood starts to steam
You're laying on the altar, now your time is come
Feel the knife cutting your body, cross into your apart


Solo Sam

2. Driving Fast (4:19)
Screams of burning pressure, roaring in my ears
Raging on towards you without a sign of fear
Bring it on harder! FASTER COME ON!

Lemmy's voice rings in my head
Telling me he's killed by death
Turn it up louder! LOUDER COME ON!

Driving like a maniac like never before
Flipping the road, give me some more
I'm lightning on wheels and I'll strike you down


Wheels are rotating, annihilating
Roadkill lies dead in my destructive track
Destroy it all! Destroy yourself!


Solo Joe/Solo Sam
Solo Joe/Solo Sam
Solo Joe/Solo Sam
Solo Joe/Solo Sam
Solo Joe/Solo Sam
3. Tortured by the Beast (4:16)
These feelings tear me up inside
My brain's corroding by its might
The beast is in me and takes control
It is feasting on my soul
There's no way back, it's all my fault
Evil has started it's assault
When my vision gets blurry I know it's too late
I am delivered to my fate
Demons are crawling through my throat
Destroying my body from the head to toe
I take a look in the mirror of doom
That's when I know the torture comes soon

Like a terminal disease
I'm tortured by the beast
When will I be released

Trapped in a room with no memories in me
My stomach is burning and I can't stand the heat
I remember nothing my brain has been drained
Is my mind playing tricks or am I really in pain
A panic attack, there's no way to turn back
No future perspective or a memory to track
Another look in the mirror of doom
Yes I know the torture goes through!!!

Solo Joe

Adrenaline rushes I tremble and shake
Is this a nightmare or am I awake
My mind's going crazy how long will this take
It feels forever please give me a break!

4. Speed Invasion (3:38)
5. Alcoholic Maniac (3:51)
I woke up in the trash,
An awful smell and body rash
Was I hanging out in a bar
or drinking from a whiskey jar?
My head is still sour,
but I'm going back to the liquor store

I'm an ALCOHOLIC MANIAC, never stop drinking till I hit the sack
Everyday I am wasted
Ain't got no job, ain't got no friends and the boozing never ends
Everyday I am wasted

Let's go drink, don't you think?
Cause we don't care if we stink
You smell us coming from miles away
Come on, we'll get wasted today
Puke all over me, shit on the floor
But I'm going back to the liquor store


Solo Sam/Solo Joe

I woke up in the trash,
An awful smell and body rash
Was I hanging out in a bar
or drinking from a whiskey jar?
My head is still sour,
but I'm going back to the liquor store


ZATOS poepeloeres!
ZATOS poepeloeres!
6. Evil Invaders (5:25)
You are marching without fear
Crossing over the frontier
Bursting flames stick it in their face
"hear me soldier, do as I say"
Don't doubt the mission
That they're the ones, they're in command

Trenches filled with mud and rain
You witness the screams of pain
Bunkers shaking, emotions breaking
They'll make out what's right or wrong
Run on through towards the target,
it is time to drop the bomb

They brought you here to fight
Evil invaders
March on while eating their lies
Flashing light, a bullet storm
People wishing they'd never been born
Assassin attack, move in from the back
Just as easy as it gets!
Slit his throat before he cries and he will never be recognised.
City burning. Fire! Smoke!
Mothers crying while their children choke!
No compromise they have to die, can't you see the reason why?
They are just rats in our path and you will accept!

Evil invaders
They brought you here to die
Evil invaders
You never questioned why

Solo Sam/ Solo Sam
Solo Joe/ Solo Alain

Now you stopped marching, it's time you start watching,
that this just can not be your goal
You must stop the hating, it's deteriorating,
You only invaded your soul
Don't follow the order, it's just out of order,
this battle can not be won
Wake up your head, you're already dead,
this ends with a mouthful of gun.

You die!
Solo Sam
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