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An Endless Path to Morbid Fear Full Album Lyrics

Eternal Valley - An Endless Path to Morbid Fear cover art

An Endless Path to Morbid Fear

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > E > Eternal Valley Lyrics (33) > An Endless Path to Morbid Fear Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. This Worthless World (7:14)
We did not choose, to enter this world, but still we are told, what we can and can't do. Forced to obey, told to reproduce, but i would never bring another human being into this world, fueled by dejection, tearing away the spirit, causing mass misery.

Nothing Fills the Sky, but the dull glow of death.

A bleak display of life, a nightmare turned reality, its no longer worth living, the hurts just begun. Dreams only crack, wounds open deep, a world of melancholy brought to its knees, it's no longer worth living, never to dare, to bring another being into this hell with no care.

This disgusting, heartless mess has become my home, forever living in a shadow, that is my own, no one will ever find me, I've fallen of the earth.

Entering Dimensions, where only darkness lurks, desolate, barren, a place only few survive.

Leave this place now.

I can't take it.

The barrel, rests on your tongue, your part is done, now enter the darkness, a dimension of black, where seeds of sorrow are born, inventing the agony, the darkness and i have become one.

The darkness and i have become one.
2. Crippled Dreams Reflecting Reality (4:36)
Once your dreams were magical, a place to escape agony, but now they're just reflections, of your desolate reality. Dreams that made you happy, dreams that made you laugh, dreams that gave you that feeling, that pain will always pass, now forever gone, replaced by only fear, filled with endless falling into a bleak world, of distress.

A world so cold.

Living, grim and hopeless, living, in despair, the sound of weeping souls, is all that fills the air, you once dreamed of love, a reunion with a friend, but now you're only reunited with a grief stricken life in torment.

Picking up the blade, its shine makes you squint, your hand begins to tremble, you can already see the blood, you thrust at your neck but your mind holds you back, tears tickle your cheeks, your vision begins to black, blurred vision from the tears, you belt out one last cry.

The first few cuts are weak, then the blade carves through with ease.

Veins are lacerated, blood begins to spray, the blood mixes with tears, your vision goes red, you lay back, to go out in peace, still in solitude, you bleed out in ease, you start to grow weak, you start to grow tired, you fall to the ground squirming, you've done what you desired, your breath grows weak, like breathing in fire, your eyes begin to close, your death you have acquired, awaiting the heavens, waiting for glee, you find yourself only stuck, in a never ending crippled dream.

Crippled dream.
3. Secular Solution (4:41)
Behold existence, a great civilization, created without intervention, of an immortal deity. No sacred being, created this world, born from the dirt, our minds slowly evolve.

Millions of years pass, a mind now capable of thought, made to discover the truth, halted by false gods. Anti-theist, a divine power of violence, you ask for the help of god, waiting for your issues to resolve, lazy and dependent, your prayers are never heard, you give thanks to the lord, for what you have achieved, no credit to humans, curing your disease, the power of humanity, a direct threat to your god.

A direct threat, to your god.

The thoughts of the mortals, surpass your beliefs, in a mystical fake being, the world will be secular, all see that it is done, destroying all your hope, of a miraculous spirit, a world divided by beliefs, brought together by the truth.

Minds can only comprehend, a fraction of what, the universe beholds, believing all they hear, following all they see, a false sense of relief,a fable of heaven, trying to get you to repent, accepting a well planned myth, and if you do not accept, a punishment of everlasting torture.

All your beliefs become secular, and all life will be free.

A direct threat, to your god.
4. Further into Obscurity (7:06)
Already so lonely, a world that you made, trapping yourself, in a dusk, twilight.

Slipping even further, day by day, a world no one else can see, cut off from reality.

As you slip, even further, your mind loses control, thoughts made so clear, sights free from the shroud, you walk, the desolate world, in which you have created, in a trance, of singularity, your soul transcends your body.

Fully consumed by blackness, darkness forever remains, now in ultimate obscurity, only thoughts control your world.

Stay stuck in your reality, while i fall, into obscurity
5. Pathetic Clones of Life (5:28)
Conforming to society, everyone fits in. A brainless attempt at success, everyone's a trend.

Searching for a path to walk, a sheep in the heard, as a bird in the flock, a cult of the brainwashed manipulated, pathetic clones of life are better off dead.

Growing up, they'll all be the same, being a pawn in a political rigged game, what do they have, to call their own, just the same empty life of a pathetic, human clone.

Eyes glued to media, controlled by the corrupt, polluted with lies, filled with hate.

Slavery's alive, killing the mind.

Looking like you're humans, coming off the assembly line, i will cut my own path, and walk to the unknown. A lone ghost in society, but a free man in nature.

Standing on my own, embracing the cold, awaiting this earths death, from pathetic, clones of life. I will line all of them up, to show them, their falseness. Killing, one after the other, just a waste of a grave.

They die like they lived, in a blind pile of filth, i look across the lands, i am now all that's left, the wind blows cold, i find myself at the edge of the cliff, the cold air dries my eyes, feeling almost numb, i jump off of the ledge.

Soaring so content. Eagerly awaiting, a new life. Awaiting the old worlds decent.
6. Existence, Is for Nothing (2:52)
You exist, for nothing
7. What Lingers Inside (6:45)
A feeling deep in your heart, obsessing your mind, it was always there hiding, but it has grown, over time, being stepped on, limping through your own hell.

Feeling it throughout your body, you just want to scream. The way that you feel is how it will, forever be. You just want it to end, but your pain will never leave.

You feel as if, your only control, is deciding your own death. Trust your feeling is right, and take, your last breath.

Your sleep becomes shorter, the nights grow longer, a constant weight on your eyes, a constant struggle in your mind, hormones run wild, filled with adrenaline, no pain will leave it can never be forgotten.

Anxiety spirals to depression, living everyday in oppression. Nothing can change, your unique pain.

A thousand thoughts of suicide, circle your brain, staring into the mirror, your reflection brings you to your knees. Seeing only a shadow, of what used to be, a life in black and white, a blueprint of the same empty scheme.

A forever haunting pain, that will never leave.

The choice is still yours, you will not be missed, the rope hangs high in the dark, the noose fits tight around your neck, you will leave this world in dread.

You breathe your last breath, looking around the room. No one is by your side, watching, as you die to soon, flashing back memories, of a life that saw nothing but gloom.
8. All That's Gone Is Forgotten (7:38)
Buried by the shadows, i walk to, the unknown, bound by all the lies, i stare down, till the end, waiting for the time, all i see is gone.

I take what's left and run to hide, i'm hoping for another try can you take it all away. Holding on this old life, crawling till, my demise can you kill whats left of me.

Finally, put to rest, my mind is still alive, holding all the memories, haunting me inside, it will not go away, away.

Nothing else can bring me peace if i take my life, will i be at ease, can you take it all away. I've been alone to dead to talk, only time will stand as the stars will walk, can you kill whats left of me.

Can you kill what's left of me.
9. To Wander the Eternal Valley (8:36)
A distant call, from far away, nature calls you, as you walk astray. Cold water rises, beyond the land, a fusion of dark and light, fills the once lit sky.

The truth it only knows, secrets carried out with the wind, where all time has stopped, and the land has no age.

Thought as only a myth, but still exists to this day, a safe haven of spirits, still wandering through a daze, where no pain is found, and no misery is made, and all has gone quiet, to wander, the eternal valley.

And the air has gone still, a slight gentle breeze, to send you a chill, as you wander, the eternal valley.

A gleaming moon, fills the night, where you life never ends, and your struggle has just begun.

The other side of the valley, all it knows is death, some will choose its horror, to die, in the eternal valley.

Killing, all joy you had, raping, all that's left. The valley, has your soul, it will choose your fate, a life of love, or an eternity of hate, all to find, ones true intent.

Anyone can go there, but first you must take your life, to witness the true meaning, of the human mind. Will you follow the light, or enter the dark truth, to see the true beauty, to wander, the eternal valley
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