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Under the Grey Banner Full Album Lyrics

Dragonland - Under the Grey Banner cover art

Under the Grey Banner

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Symphonic Metal
Album rating :  80.4 / 100
Votes :  10
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Submitted by level 5 llliiilliiill (2012-02-02)
1. Ilmarion (3:18)
[Music: Holmlid; Lyrics: Mörck]

["It is said that the most beautiful sunset in the Realms is that viewed from Havenshore, as the fiery sun disc turns the Great Sea into an ocean of molten gold. The fresh breeze of the sea, the gulls calling over windswept dunes of sand and the tranquil comings and goings of an idyllic village; such a place is not an easy one to leave behind, but great is the yearning for adventure in a young heart. Precisely what made the Islander hoist the sails with but a few comrades eludes even me, but after he crossed the borders to our lands, our beloved Val'inthor of many glades, he often spoke of fervent dreams that haunted him every single night.
A dark robed figure, drawing ever nearer for each sweat soaked night and the promilse of grim deeds and opressive tyranny. Though there was also hope in these dreams; a vague and distant voice calling out to him, drawing his gaze towards the east, to the Old World which he had heard so many a story of as a young boy.
The visage called him by a name unknown to him, in a tongue never uttered on the shores of the Great Isle since before the time of the First King; the name was one which would not leave the hearts of men for a thousand years. That name was Ilmarion."]
2. Shadow Of The Mithril Mountains (5:44)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

[The Eldest Council of Anno CXLIII A.W.F II, the voice of Duviel Le'erevan, speaking for her father, Elsydeon Le'erevan]

"I speak to you now, sons and daughters of Dragonland, after what may seem to some like a lifetime of silence. These words are not my own, for I utter the mind of Elsydeon, now that his voice can no longer carry the fate of this withering race. I bring hope for all creatures of our once glorious lands. For I speak about the one man who still has the power to save our world - and of what we must do to find him"

Dark rumours speak of an evil
A shadow that devours your soul
Rising from a being that was one with all
Raised in the halls of the mountains
To grant them a hope he was born
Ephemereal one, he was destiny's son
Now the prophecy is undone

Devious - they say his return is glorious
Hear his name, fear the changes he will make

He will rule supreme
That I know, I've seen it in my dreams
Our world at war will be
But true hope lies beyond the sea
To light our path and keep us from harm

Awaken from a century's slumber
To spread fear across the ivory plains
A malicious return, now the fates we must turn
Or Dragonland will burn

Treacherous - they say his return is glorious
Fear his name, Dragonland won't be the same

He will rule supreme
That I know, I've seen it in my dreams
Our world at war will be
But true hope lies beyond the sea
To light our path and keep us from harm

[Solo: Mörck]

Devious - they say his return is glorious
Hear his name, fear the changes he will make

He will rule supreme
That I know, I've seen it in my dreams
Our world at war will be
But true hope lies beyond the sea
To light our path and keep us from harm
3. The Tempest (4:13)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The journey across the Great Sea had lasted for nearly two weeks, when the islander and his companions felt an ever increasing strength of wind. It was not long before the fresh breeze had turned into salty lashes upon the ship's hull, rocking the vessel as easily as a clam shell in a maelstrom. The darkest clouds filled the entire horizon, and with a crack of lightning the mast was broken into a million splinters and the tormented sailors cast overboard. It was two long days and moonless nights before the glaring sun once more cast its golden rays upon the sole person remaining afloat, desperately clinging to floating wooden debris"]

With this dawning clarity
A calm and vast serenity I see
Into this pale infinity
I'm drifting

Spirits of the sea
Streams reached down to me
Visions in a dream
Spared me

With the fury of a storm
A raging, darkened majesty sent me
Into a sunken destiny
Azure divinity

Spirits of the sea
Streams reached down to me
Visions in a dream
Spared me

[solo: Mörck]

[solo: Lindskog]

Spirits of the sea
Harken unto me
The tempest made me see
What must be
4. A Thousand Towers White (4:07)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The coast of the Southlands stretches countless miles, with jagged rocks like a Dragon's teeth, hopeless marshlands and many pirate coves of sea-borne bandits. But such was not the sight that the Islander saw when he finally laid his weary eyes upon dry land. The fabled beaches just a day's ride south of Westmar with their soft dunes seemed so much like those he had left at home, or even of the Ivory Shores which his uncle had once seen in his youth. Utterly exhausted when he touched upon firm ground and still mourning his lost friends, he could still barely contain himself. For he was well aware what mighty a sight and many-spired radiancy that lay to the north; the jewel of the west, the pride of men - the Royal City of Westmar"]

I raise up my head and gaze upon silvery seashores
with the sand on my feet and with the sun on my back
For days the coast leads my journey shining in the misty dew I see

There, a thousand spires
Glowing like fire in the sun
I see them rising o'er these open plains
And I know I shall remember forever
how I saw a thousand towers white

When young I was told
Of a city of might and of honour
An empire's crown, as powerful as it was feared
And now as I stand before her
I set my eyes upon a waking dream

There, a thousand spires
Gleaming like ice in the sun
I see them rising o'er these open plains
And I know I shall remember forever
how I saw a thousand towers white

Mirrorlike gates stretch before me
blazing serene in the dawn
Split open for vast lines of many men
I gaze beyond in bewilderment

Shattered hearts and dreams
crushed by grievous tyranny
Crumbling homes and screams
among corrupted industry

[Solo: Mörck]

A sinister reign
brother is turned against brother
irrational fear enslaved the dwarves and the elves

What lies beyond such opression?
shining towers cast a shade on me

There, a thousand spires
Glowing like fire in the sun
but I see no honour in these broken men
yet I know I will remember forever
how I saw a thousand towers white
5. Fire And Brimstone (4:31)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The draconian laws of the King of Westmar left no man unaffected. In his will to restore order to Westmar and the lands beyond the Royal Guard was tenfold increased. Unruly elements among the populace was quickly sent to the gallows, the highland salt mines or worst of all; to the newly constructed and crowded factories filled with dark and twisted magical machinery, fuled by stinking ichors and run by gigantic cobs.
Elf and dwarf, once brothers to men, were all singled out and charged with various crimes and accounts of treason. The once lively elven district of Westmar made way for smoke-spewing chimneys, and the children of Val'inthor were rounded up and deported or worse. Public show trials and executions became a daily affair, and it was at such a spectacle that the Islander once more heard the name of his dreams being called out, with a voice so utterly familiar"]

A pale sun rises
the crowds are gathered
now red streams flow through the streets

Upon the pyre
Enchanted beauty
her eyes upon me

"Witch! Wraith!
Light up the fire
And feed her to the flames
Let nothing remain"

Now as I see her
standing before me
A stranger I know
Where have I heard that voice before?

I'm stirred to silence
'neath brazen towers
Doubt fills my heart with fear

See clouds are massing
on the horizon
Her end is soon here

I should turn away
and leave her to her fate
but something draws me to the flames

"Stop! Halt!
Who is this man
that walks unharmed by fire
That crosses the pyre?"

Now as I see her
standing before me
A stranger I know
Where have I seen her face before?

[Solo: Lindskog]

[Solo: Holmlid]

[Solo: Mörck]

Now as I freed her
they all stand before me

Stop! Halt!
Don't let them pass
They must not get away
Guards! Stop them I say

Now as I see her
carried before me
I finally know
where I have heard that voice before!
So far beyond the shore
6. The Black Mare (6:13)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["After spending a night among cheerful song and many a laughter at the Inn of Eamon Bayle, the Islander and the Elf woman, whose destinies were now closely entwined, set out to the east away from pursuing men and towards the glades of her people. Like a horse that great elven kings would mount before men had not yet named a chieftain, the black mare now carried them in restless flight across the Southland Dales"]

Crack of thunder, sound of rain across the endless fields
as we speed towards the night upon a steed that never yields
Black as the night, swift as the wind and eyes of emerald green
In restless flight our journey takes us further east

The seventh day we reach the west trail
through the Nethermoor
guides us through the mist
Across the river past the grey stones of
Ne'anthor, stars shine our way

Journey into far away
and to forgotten lands
and here by my side
she will ride there with me
To the home of her kind

I see creatures from old stories I thought make believe
Crawling in the shades with thousand eyes they gaze upon me
She lifts her head up like she senses unseen enemies
In the black of night a shadow watches over me

On the second moon we set out east for Val'inthor
Where her kindred dwell
We pass the mighty ruined citadels of ancient lore
The moon lights our way

Journey into far away
and to forgotten lands
and here by my side
she will ride there with me
To the home of her kind

[Solo: Mörck]

[Solo: Holmlid]

Ghostly specters, faded wanderers that gone before
reveals the passage through the river to the northern shore
Something dwells within the dark I sense we're not alone
though I know it cannot pass beyond the warding stones

before the break of fall we stand before the sacred realm
where her kindred dwell
we make camp in crumbling temples by the raging ford
light shine our way

Journey into far away
and to forgotten lands
and here by my side
she will ride there with me
She's the queen of her kind
7. Lady Of Goldenwood (4:16)
[Music: Mörck, Holmlid; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The eldest sages of our kin say that the seeds of Val'inthor were stars that came to fall even before the birth of the sun. For one who has gazed upon the majesty of the Elder Tree, who have heard the playful laughter of our kin sounding through the open sylvan glades or seen the ivory robes that my daughter bears within these lands, such myth may readily seem as truth. For although Duviel, my beloved daughter joyfully wore the studded leather garments of elven scouts she was the queen of our kind"]

Midwood in autumn moon
Dawning upon silver dew
shimmering like fireflies
and golden leaves from up high
striding up to me

The lady of goldenwood
in shrouds of pearls and palest white
though she bears the mark of the wilds
She is the queen of her kind

["Among the highest branches, above the temple alcoves my youngest daughter, the elven princess Sariel, often sat and sang hymns and ballads of olden lore and was little concerned with the heavy burden bestowed upon her family. Her favourite song was that of the magical ivory flutes of Niaranden, the Naiden children - the elfkind"]

Sung by flutes of ivory
notes soar round the elder tree
stairs ascending to far up high
where golden leaves kiss the sky

The lady of goldenwood
in shrouds of pearls and palest white
though she bears the mark of the wilds
She is the queen of her kind
8. Dûrnir's Forge (4:58)
[Music: Mörck, Holmlid; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The Dwarves of Dûrnir's Forge was once a primitive people, carving out a meager existence among the natural caves of the Mithril Mountains. The hero-king Dûrnir challenged the very Gods by stealing the secret of fire from their greedy clutches. Such was the fury of the Gods that the Dwarves dared not venture out from their caves and tunnels for a thousand years, and fueled by the might of fire, they dug ever deeper, into the very roots of the earth. Even though Dwarves can now be found across the realms, they very rarely interfere with the dealings of men and elves. And in the vaults of Dûrnir's forge, no elven song, nor human speech is ever heard - until now"]

A quest subterrene
I pass through the unseen
Deep where the rivers fall
Where mountain dwellers lure

Further I crawl
To find the dwergar halls
doubts in these vaults forlorn
Can I be Dragonborn?

I was saved from water, I walked through the flames
Just to be delivered to fate's dark embrace

Onwards and down I go and into deepest gorge
A fragile hope I will find down at Dûrnirs Forge

When wholly astray
A dwarfling on my way
Waylaid by netherkind
In battle a friend I find

Onwards and down I go and into deepest gorge
A fragile hope I will find down at Dûrnirs Forge

[Solo: Holmlid]

[Solo: Mörck]

Onwards again we go, this time not on my own
Indifference and scorn for man we found at Dûrnir's Throne
And so highland bound, to seek the Century Horn
A fragile hope now will rest upon the mountain lords
9. The Trials Of Mount Farnor (5:26)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The men of Brisingard rarely display a single sign of their noble ancestry; their village was once the mighty capital of men, before the first orc raids began. With the east growing increasingly perilous, the most wealthy and privileged sought a new home among the elven ruins of the west, and the poor were left behind to face the creatures of the northern Darklands with whatever means they could.
Their king, now no more than a chieftain, still proudly sits upon the golden throne in full imperial regalia, ruling no more than a few hundred and seems more jester than King. Only one important task was left to his line by Ethil I, first king of Westmar; to safeguard the Century Horn of Mount Farnor, built in ancient times to gather all peoples of Dragonland once blewn into. And such is the only hope of the Islander and his dwarven companion, but the vain King of the East is no longer the horn's sole guardian - a foul beast, unseen by any man now lurks on the mountain top, according to local lore; a fabled savage Frost Giant"]

Deepest into the east
Where vast ridges meet the Ivory shores
Winds of the Zephyr chill the blood in frostbitten hearts

Treacherous! Furious!
Surely the mountain will bring us to fall

Lord of the winds
Let our passage be swift
Ruler of mist in this age-old ruin
King of the East
Let the trials begin
Grant me the secret for I seek the Century
Horn of Mount Farnor

As a blizzard draws near
upon the highest mountain we stand
thundering footsteps strike a fear into our hearts

Vicious thrall!
Answer our call!
Hear us, come forth and unveil who you are!

Lord of the storm
To this quest I am sworn
Ruler of mist on this age-old mountain
King of your kin
Let your trials begin!
Speak me your riddles for I seek the Century
Horn of Mount Farnor

First; the answer is clear
But dawn breaks before the second word's voiced
One final riddle strikes despair into our hearts

Queen of leaves!
Returned to me!
Surely, your words bring the giant to fall!

Lord of the bones
So assured of your throne
Ruler of men among thousand towers
King of your kin
Now your war will begin!
Thousands are gathering as I sound the
Century Horn of Mount Farnor

Brother, I will find you wherever you are!
10. Throne Of Bones (1:47)
[Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["The momentous call of the Century Horn touched upon every ear of all men and beast of the Realms. Even into the Royal Hall of the Great Tower of Westmar its sound pierced, forming a poignant counterpoint to the King's already troubled thoughts"]

Last night I dreamt in a fever
My deeds formed a prison of stone
And to me now this golden throne
seems made of bone

I gazed upon armies in silver
Clashing with beasts from the sky
And I wept with a sigh
- yet I know
The dragon's son must die

Sshe'll return to me
That I know, I've seen her in my dreams
The old gods, they spoke to me;
"Slay them all, and we shall set her free!"
To light up my life, and keep me from harm
11. Under The Grey Banner (8:04)
would face man, and with the vast armies of the mad King, the dwarves and elves faced certain destruction. Even though weighed down by the tremendous task at hand, the leaders of the free peoples inspired hope and courage among their ranks. Ilmarion spoke proudly of honour and sacrifice to mounted knights, Duviel the Elven Queen gathered the elven archers to her in great lines and Grimmdane Skullcleaver, the foremost warrior and general of the dwarven race commanded more than twenty perfectly squared cohorts of armoured dwarves. Their banners waved proudly in the air, though the Islander could easily count five times that number in grey banners. And so this day their doom would come."]

Facing the northwinds
On high ground we stand
In the air a thousand banners
Flying the honour
Of peoples joined in bitter strife

Darkened green for the wood-elves
Crimson red for dwarven lords
Deep azure blue for men with the hearts to defy

Brass horns are sounding
we drink our last ale
filled with cold determination
praising the ancients
as dark lines spill out on the plains

See the view stretched before me
It's familiar somehow
Why am I here?
Why was I sent to this trial?

["The mounted knights of free men long fought on the flanks of the King's army, greatly decimating the dark one's numbers. The dwarven bersekers charged towards the forest of grey banners, as they had once stormed the orcish hordes, while covered by millions of elven arrows. After one full day of battle, both armies were brought down to a quarter of their initial strength, and as the army of twisted men were nearly routed came the final and ultimate sign of the King's treachery. On the horizon there was now a sight not seen by men for a hundred years; a great dark and twisted army of orcs, goblins and netherkind, brought there by an unholy covenant with he who was once their destroyer. Led by the terrible warsong of Gargoth the Orcish Lord, the black lines engulfed both armies with intent of utter annihilation."

"Fueled by cries and scent of slaughter, fall before the orcish march! Now our armies will rend flesh from bone.
Throne of bones, its lord has spoken, foul beasts take all that remain.
Now my children we shall drink their blood!"

"With all hope nearly gone and facing complete destruction, the Islander were forced to seek out and challenge his brother, the fallen King of the West and menace of Westmar. into single combat"]

You think you can stand before me? You are mistaken!
No! I'm filled with the wrath of a god,
ignited by a righteous flame!

See how you're burning with zeal, and yet so unknowing!
Die! I make you pay for your crimes, red, the grey banner dyed!

With steel I will redeem
For I know what I've seen in my dreams
One brother has to find his demise

Fool! Can't you see
that you were sent to perish before me?

See the blackness for my eyes
How can this be,
Were the scriptures all lies?
Oh bewildered horizon...

What? What is this? Who is this girl, who dares to strike me?
Take my life for another's
Now fall! As he has recovered...

So we are free
Wake from a dream
Glorious deed
But she's lost unto me
See, all will rise
From lands to the sea
But forever she'll live on in my memory
12. Ivory Shores (3:18)
Music: Holmlid, Mörck; Lyrics: Mörck]

["After a moonlit night three small elven ships were drifting into the nameless sea beyond the eastern shores, over and into molten silver touched by the crimson of a bloodsoaked sunset. They carried a fallen Elf-Queen, one young dwarf but also the brother of the Islander, cleansed and redeemed in the very last moments before his death. People all across the Realms rose from tyranny with merry laughter, the fauns of the Northern Woods once more played their piping flutes, the highland folk dared once more travel with wooden carts to trade with their kinsmen of the west - but while most had lost something and gained so very much, the Islander now had lost everything. And so he came to wander. He wandered for weeks. He wandered for years, always to the south.
Ever to the south..."

Excerpts from "The Islander, First Book" by Elsydeon Le'erevan ANNO CIXLII A.W.F II]

Someday you'll see
Forever I'm yours
Once more we'll be
On the Ivory Shores
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