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A Parade of States Full Album Lyrics

Devlsy - A Parade of States cover art

A Parade of States

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-04)
1. Phases (6:29)
The angle of the daylight was a sign
The wrong fold of the curtain gave me the clue
Ain‘t going to complain or whine
Was it me or was it (this time) you
Who planted in my soil this idea malign

And so this goes like the slime through the drain –
wake up, get up, stay there, stand up, shut up and just keep going

Now go on, move on, keep it up, reach out for the door
Don‘t stop, don‘t fall

And try to keep your eyes open wide for there are still
miles of stairs running to the bottom of this spire

Here I come, here I go
Greeting the new day - that starts already worn away
Here I come, here I go!
2. By Design (5:45)
So frail, yet never ending. The dream. Of early, uneasy morning hours. Or so it seems
Glass walls surrounding me – I‘m locked from inside, madly looking for a place to hide

I‘m running out of air, I‘m suffocating
And every single sense in an alarming tension
screams to me:
You’re on the island, there’s a shore.

Wading the night, only saved by the dawn and the morning
Steep is the climb, even steeper the ridge I’ll be falling from
Reckless is my flight as I am driven forward in panic
By coincidence or by design I feel I’m being chased, gasping

I’m ankle-deep in the sea of broken shards and hopes
And as I’m wading onwards I feel my head explode

By coincidence or by design
The flesh is being torn-off my spine
3. You Again (4:45)
Here you come, in a ritual gown; descending the marble steps by the throne
Your taste is somewhat bitter and sour, you look like a fat worm on a flower

Where you go, you leave footprints on the snow
And springs come from underneath your feet;
I’d like to dissolve in the flow,
Yet something repels me
What that is I don’t know…

Where you go, I follow and sow the questions –
Is this the something we were looking for?
Or is it something that we left behind?
This is the form, in which I submerge myself,
And you keep telling me I’m doing fine
The perfect tactics to confine
4. I Am No More (5:33)
The lights are out sky’s getting bright,
The sleepy dusk fills up the place
Towards the eastward stripe of chrome
Through empty streets I’m going home

I… I am no more
By dawn I am no longer here; I’m gone
When the fighting’s done and the uproar’s down,
When my mind is sober and my head is light,
I am striding idly the sleeping town
With every step the feeling’s stronger –
my rout correct, decision right

I am no more
When there’s nothing left to do, when the games are over
Like the crowds that disappeared as the night got older
And like the wine that has been drunk
the time has passed, the hours have shrunk

In the light air only two of us now roam –
just me and the emptiness; she escorts me as I’m going
5. (Cold Glow of) Her Domain (5:58)
As the forest of the street lamps gets dense
I‘m being dragged towards the hub of pipes and wires
Dim light is the only guide and I
give in to the might of the lazy delight

Mute watchers in disguise
My quiet shepherds they do hide
behind the corners, out of sight
They keep me in here and by their right –

I blindly stumble in the murky gloom
descending helplessly with blissful smile
I know exactly in which room she looms
and almost smell all her intentions vile

You! Have dragged me down here in soft caress
Oh moon – forsaken beacon high above the jagged silhouettes
To this tune I succumb, for I cannot fight it any less
My tomb is ready in the concrete trench and dirge is in the air

A pair of hungry eyes come closer
steadily in growing uproar
Her sticky fingers around my neck –
Is it my destiny you've brought me here for?
6. Surge(ry) (6:46)
Set the stage and bring the living forth!
Light! Action! Thus the rite begins
I see the crowds have gathered, the masses cheering,
Some are buying pleasures, some selling sins
And now as all are ready, come bring the tables,
Check the neural shunts and plug the cables

This is what you asked for –
New hopes, new homes and an escape from
The casual and other forms of inflammation
Billions of tiny souls waiting for
Recognitions and confirmations
Thriving on unfathomable surge of
All-encompassing information

The final wish is granted; no obstacles to integrate
Oneself into the manifold,
A perfect substitute for the realm of delight, hence no need to fight
A perfect bargain and relatively stable, so
We’ll just check the neural shunts. And plug the cables

The ever-growing flow –
Don’t let it leave you wonder
For it is nothing else but a purest reflection
Of irresistible will to establish the connections
And to take part in the most massive of the volunteered
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