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Throne of Demonic Proselytism Full Album Lyrics

Demonomancy - Throne of Demonic Proselytism cover art

Throne of Demonic Proselytism

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  92.5 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > D > Demonomancy Lyrics (14) > Throne of Demonic Proselytism Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-19)
1. Heptagram Prayer - Consecrated in Darkness (6:12)
Seventh is the coronation
seven are the caustics
seven are the visions
seventh is the sacrifice
seven are the portals
seven are the spirits
seventh is the final celebration.

From the vaults of existence he comes,
invicible Master
Through the oceans of death throes
he is the essence of victory

Consecrated in Darkness
Demons are congregated in prayer

The grand abomination echoes
of his unheard imprecations
he crosses anxious dimensions
he is the unreal titan

Consecrated in Darkness
The empire of wisdom has fallen

The thorns of whispers resound
spearing the walls of silence below

He is evoked in torbid waters
He is the Innate and Eternal Supremacy
In darkness his sons have crowned him
In Darkness he is proclaimed Tyrant
At His command the sun is eclipsed
At His command the heavens surrender
2. Baptism of Serpents Conceived in Martyrdom (4:49)
Stains of womb remains in the ritual cradle
Intercourse of eclipses generated from megaliths
Born under Earth's axis, into primordial floods
conceived in martyrdom and bonded to disgrace

Crucify the weak host of Light
Eternal Servants of Serpents our Lords
Baptize the astral elected Filth
Blazing Pyre of mortal decay

Procession of black prophets pretenders to the throne,
onward to the beast's lair, praying for their last rites.
Squamose mordant snakes, ancestors of all the downpours,
Conceived in Martyrdom
and worshipped in thunderous dusks
3. Impious Revelation (Bestiality Prevails) (4:28)
Incubus - vision of the irrational death.
Slumber torn by engulfing wrath

Chaos prevails on infertile words
The Tenebrous One crushes the storms of all skies

Impious psalms of old cults
Altar of venereal guilts
Insects eat pregnant reality
Blood on the hands of the tainted

Wicked entities lie,
Hallucination - unspeakable shapes
Revelation in the eye that sees horror
Apparitions manifested into sins

Embalmed subconscious - nightmare of impending doom
Apparent sacrilege - seed of the awakened gloom
4. Throne of Demonic Proselytism (6:06)
Demons are evoked
The Sun is obscured
The candles of black doom
still shine on the
Throne of Demonic

Hidden into obscurity,
sceptered in imprecation and blood
King of the spiritual regions,
evoked in unholy libation
Voracious god of a thousand names,
I breath the deep fire born of you
Damned is the swallowed,
devoured in infinite hunger

Throne of

Dawn of demons...
Black shiny candle sucks white light,
relentless fury of heretic fire

I invoke your throne in the abyss,
you who clench the Earth's roots,
I invoke you, the firstborn,
You who carried mortals off of Hades
5. At the Great Gates to Black Doom (4:50)
Here...the gates to sacred perception are open
Demon, mighty Spirit - I evoke you, hear my chants

Ode to darkness and to the greatest of kings
His ancient orations are anthems of impurity

In the darkest depths of void all light dies
Exhaled my last breath - the portal hides envenomed worlds

A Christ made of skin - desecrated in his essence of holiness
A beast covered in crusts - embodied in slime and organs
Both reborn in wax - released from immortal soils
But the man seems the beast - and the beast...seems me

Theoreme of flesh destroys creation
Mystic consciousness as dormant vision of truth
6. Demonomantic Spiritual Dimension (5:46)
Prophet of revelation, protector of secret knowledge
deeper than the abyss - guardian of divination
Goddess, dies and reborns, feast of the ancients - Unknown rivers, shadows of death - Oracle of weird and sin

Symbologic ancient cult - tradition, grief and lust
perdition, sidereal light - religion , adoration
Solstice of all winters - majesty dethroned
Weak soul's uncreation - spiritual...dimension

Demonomantic prayer in chaos
Fecondation - breath of wounds
Night's invocators of darkness,
worshippers of the astral sign

Into the temple of doom is gathered the final convocation
The mystery is revealed, they burn the incense of abdication
7. Feast of Blood - the Obscurity Mass (6:20)
Chalices of souls - eyes of horror
Fertiles palpitations of mystic sludge
Erode the hymen of creation

Spellbound in the feast of blood,
the ritual is unsacred

Hierarch of sacrifices
is coming to his dethronation

...Servants of frustration and excruciation...

The seventh cycle is over, monarchs chant litanies
carved in alchemical stone, Vitriol burns the crown.

Witchcraft in the obscurity mass,
black sickening luminescence

...The dying god becomes a deteriorating disease...
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