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Resurrectiónem Mortuórum Full Album Lyrics

Decayed - Resurrectiónem Mortuórum cover art

Resurrectiónem Mortuórum

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level ― (2013-03-30)
1. Into Depths (2:21)
2. Darkness Falls (3:05)
Darkness Falls

The Hellfire burns stronger tonight. Eternal hate feeds the infernal flames. Demons prepare for battle. Craved is the blood of the angels. Satan patiently awaits on his throne. The banisher’s fate is sealed. Time has come for our gathering. In Harmaguedon united under His sign… Darkness shall fall in heaven… Summon all dark forces of Hades. The fall of Tetragrammaton is sure. Raise the cross of death once more. To Golgatha the bastard one recrucified. No resurrection on the third. His soul forever cast in the abyss. Time has come for our feast. The vaulters will turn him to pieces… Darkness is falling in heaven… “In principio erat verbum, et deus erat verbum”, No more! “Agnus dei, qui tolis peccata mundi”, Now die!!!... Unholy hordes march through the gates. Deafening sounds of hoofs and wings. The golden kingdom stricken by onslaught. Purest blood by steel and jaws is shed. Damnation for all right hand path. Last congregation in this land of lies. Time has come for our millennium. Followers of the horned one… Darkness has fallen in heaven!

(Female vocals by Ana Pereira)
3. A Realm Beyond (4:14)
A Realm Beyond

Through mountains where the frost is everlasting. Across forests of darkness which is perpetual. Riding through paths that led to nothingness. Relentlessly searching for the unseen land. Into the ancient cairn in the time between time. To my ancestors I shall be joined… (On the other side)… Endlessly dwelling alone for the ancient portal. Following signs and rhymes of long forgotten tales. In the mystical kingdom forever my existence is… Now my quest has come to an end. For the guardian of the passage I’ll walk. Into the darkness without fear. The time to prove my worth is now… The toll of time no longer burdens me. The arms of Eternity embrace me forevermore. Stranded in a realm beyond I am at least myself. Inferior world of weak mortals slowly fades away…
4. Thy Summoning (6:41)
Thy Summoning

Once again into the night, I walk the heath once more.
Puks and Leprechauns our conciliation is eternal.
Renounced is the false god, almighty he is not.
Through dreams I saw reality, the wisdom thus revealed…

Bathing ourselves in the moonlight.
Witness now my deliverance.
My blood mingles with the ritual water.
Draw the circle with a dove’s bleeding heart.
My teeth on my flesh, to the wind the wound.
Invocations end the summoning…

Oh mighty Dark Angel which convey the fire.
Leader of the demoniac entities come!
Grant me the keys of thy concealed worlds.
I shall face no death…

Come through the seven circles.
Take the seven bodies, create the forms…

“I am one of you, I belong to thee”…

My blood mingled with the ritual water.
The dove’s heart by the circle.
My wound healing by the whispering wind.
Invocations resound fading. From thy summoning…

(Music by JA & VJ – Lyrics by JA, October 1994, Second vocals by JA)
5. Archdemon (4:05)

I am an angel of pure darkness. I am the sword that brings you death. I am your grave in which you decay. From dust you’ve come to dust you’ll go… Face my wrath, face your demise… I am the bargee of the river Styx. I am halls of endless torment. I am the scorner of your holiness. From dust it came to dust will go… To me nothing is sacred (Archdemon). In blasphemy I rejoice (Sacrilegious). Contemning your weakness (Desecrator). My hate is my strength (Undying)… I am an immortal everlasting haunting you. I am the fire that tortures your soul. I am the pain which never ends. Ignoring your pleas I laugh at your misery… Face my wrath, face your demise… To me nothing is sacred (Archdemon). In blasphemy I rejoice (Sacrilegious). Contemning your weakness (Desecrator). My hate is my strength (Undying).

(Desecrating scream by Jorge “Divino”, second vocals by JA)
6. By The Candlelight (3:27)
By The Candlelight

Rise and come to me. A succubus will take your place. Stir the cauldron my child. Read the words of spell… Fly through the night (my realm)… Open your mind to infinite knowledge. Open your eyes to beauty forbidden. Open your senses to sinful pleasures… Come through the night (our realm)… Inhale the nocturnal breeze. Caress is what is untouched. By the candlelight. For now we are but one.
7. City Of The Horned One (5:25)
City Of The Horned One

In a time that was and shall never be again. In a land still immaculated from Christianity. The sons of Lug arrange the symbols. Celebrate a sabbat in the castle by the abyss. High Priestess Ahés recites the words…. By the Huelgoat in the Kastel Ar Gibel. Within splendorous halls, among sacred wealths. On this night one more will be drained of blood. To the depths his corpse delivered. Summon the Dark Knight and let us depart…
Children of the fire who dwell in darkness. In the city of the horned one, our father. We shall meet again for eternity. In the city of the horned one, our master…
Children of the night proudly united. In the city of the horned one, Lucifer. We shall rule once again. In the city of the horned one, unboundaried…
And now gather the sect for one last time. His city shall be preserved through destruction. The last mass attended by the Dark Prince. In union with the High Priestess in final rites. The secrets of Is engulfed by Ulmo’s realm. Until the time when the bells toll once more… Once more... Once more…
8. Fuck Your God! (2:57)
Fuck Your God!

We drink the blood of Jesus Christ. And spit forth his sanctified flesh. We masturbate in the face of Mary. The immaculate virgin birth… Spoil your churches of all holy shit. Heretically celebrate on hallowed ground. The carnal religion crushes all commandments. “Do as thy will”… Fuck your god! Fuck your god! Fuck your god!... Dechristianize for eternity… A religion that condemns greed and death. And yet for wealths thou has killed. Massacres in the name of Jehova. Your god of life is a god of death… And our time shall come… Fuck your god!... Forcing your myths of unquestionable truth. A veracity above all others. Your god of light, the true and only. Has cast this world into darkness… Fuck your god! Fuck your god! Fuck your god!... Dechristianize for eternity.

(Intro by the whores of Jehova. Second vocals by JA)
9. Countess Bathory (VENOM cover) (4:26)
Countess Bathory

Welcoming the virgins fair, to live a noble life
In the castle known to all - the Count's internal wife
She invites the peasants with endless lavish foods
But, when evening spreads it wings, she rapes them of their blood
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

All day long the virgins sit and feast on endless meals
The Countless laughs and sips her wine - her skin doth crack and peel
But when nighttime fills the air one must pay the price
The Countess takes her midnight bath with blood that once gave life
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory

Living in her self styled Hell, the Countess dressed in black
Life's so distant - death's so near - no blood to fury time back
The castle walls are closing in, she's crippled now with age
Welcomes death with open arms - the reaper turns the page
Countess Bathory
Countess Bathory
10. Abyssic Winds (8:24)
Abyssic Winds

Invoking the lords of storms from below. I stretch my arms to welcome the winds. Feeling their warmth wrapping my body. The wings of the storm darken the sky… Once more they are free… The elements emerge from the ground. Rising all around I feel their might. Howling and whispering. Phantasmic fangs and claws mesmerize me… And now sensuous forms surround me. Lifting me, I feel their touch… Throughout the night in pleasure dwelling. At the twilight they leave me once more. Waiting the return of abyssic winds… The Return…
11. (Silence) (1:00)
12. From Blues To Black (3:52)
13. One With The Gods (Rites Of Tenenit) (3:26)
14. (Silence) (0:34)
15. (breaking glass and screams) (0:32)
16. (laser fire and a scream) (0:42)
17. (Silence) (1:15)
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