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In Lustful Mayhem Full Album Lyrics

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In Lustful Mayhem

GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Infernal Pits Of Hades (Prologue) (1:34)
“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in the face of iniquity choose to remain neutral.”
2. In Lustful Mayhem (3:09)
Fullmoon in the sky
Your scent is carried by the breeze
I yearn for your body
Let us unleash bestiality on this night
My goddess of lust
Bow now to the Goat of Mendes

Voluptuous female I’ll possess you
In lustful mayhem

Joining in blasphemic rites
We dwell on the threshold of Azi’s domain
Your tongue wraps my phallic battering-ram
I desecrate your damp temple cleft

Your silken flesh I crave
Your sinful juices I drink
In lustful mayhem

(Music by JA & VJ – Lyrics by JA, January 1994)
Dedicated to Daniela Portela
Grammatical adviser: Rick Thor
3. Thy Summoning (5:48)
Once again into the night, I walk the heath once more.
Puks and Leprechauns our conciliation is eternal.
Renounced is the false god, almighty he is not.
Through dreams I saw reality, the wisdom thus revealed…

Bathing ourselves in the moonlight.
Witness now my deliverance.
My blood mingles with the ritual water.
Draw the circle with a dove’s bleeding heart.
My teeth on my flesh, to the wind the wound.
Invocations end the summoning…

Oh mighty Dark Angel which convey the fire.
Leader of the demoniac entities now come.
Grant me the keys of thy concealed worlds.
I shall face no death…

Come through the seven circles.
Take the seven bodies, create the forms…

“I am one of you, I belong to thee”…

My blood mingled with the ritual water.
The dove’s heart by the circle.
My wound healing by the whispering wind.
Invocations resound fading from the summoning…
4. Blasphemer (SODOM cover) (2:49)
Black metal is the game I play
'cause no one show me the right way
I am a bloody Antichrist, only believe in bad
Spit at the church, Evil I get

Rites of death, Return to Hell
I am Satan's child, attack you with Spell

I turn the cross upside down
and read Satanic Bible with fucking grown
my life begins at midnight twelve
masturbate to kill myself


I love to drink my own blood
my sin is my life in a war with god
I talk to the demons night tonight
make love and black masses in a dark shadow light

5. Hounds Of Hell (1:30)
6. Witching Hour (VENOM cover) (3:26)
Come hear the moon is calling,
The witching hour draws near,
Come hear the bell is tolling,
Mortals run in fear,
Prepare the altar now and hear the virgin cry,
Hold fast the sacrafice,
For now it's the time to die,
All hell breaks loose,
Hell's breaking loose.

Unveil the pentagram,
And feel the demons lust,
Come watch the holy men,
Who look on in disgust,
Come taste blood,
And feel the heat of satan's breath,
Look in the sky's and see,
The warriors of death,
All hell breaks loose,
Hell's breaking loose,
Witching hour.

Our work is now complete,
The blood runs fast and free,
And satan takes his bride,
And cry's of blasphemy,
All hell rejoices at the child,
That she will bear,
And satans only son,
Shall be the worlds despair,
All hell breaks loose,
Hell's breaking loose,
Witching hour.
7. Infernal Pits Of Hades (Epilogue) (2:16)
8. Introduction (0:50)
9. Moon Of A Wolferian Shadow (3:05)
Witches whispering sorcery. Summoning their Master till dawn. Gathered in a black mass before the altar. Where I kissed the horned Lord… Sacred flames light the sabbat. All united in the nocturnal ceremony. Apprentices vowed for an eternal oath. As the ritual ends in lustful orgies… I look into the eyes of the Baphomet. As darkness embraces the full moon. The frost winds devour me. The forest’s silence… endless night… I entered in the jackal’s soul. Flying aside the Beast. On her wings through the northern sky. To the valley of Jurafas I behold… A force created by unholy vows. I acquired all wisdom in cave Sibyla. And slept with thousand whores. Whores that turned to silver serpents… My winter shadows that glorified me once. With powers and sorcery. Now I only hear howling echoing. A dethroned king awaiting the next millennium.
10. Valley Of Dreams (0:53)
11. Goddess Of The Ancient (1:54)
12. The Seven Seals (6:53)
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