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Rebel Souls Full Album Lyrics

Damnation - Rebel Souls cover art

Rebel Souls

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-09-16)
1. Prelude to Rebellion (3:11)
2. Who Your God Is (7:37)
Infernal rain cleanses deceitful visage of our faces
Ravished by fury of insanity we last in the gloom of our souls
Anxiety comes over the hearts of intimidated children of fire
We wait for the spark that fire us with craving for destruction

Who your god is
Ordering you to creep
In front of his symbol
The blind lead the blind

Open your mind, I'll invide inside
And destroy the cult of idolatry
Holy pictures, illusive forms of human perfection hope
Fetishes created by the hand of abortive ascetics of god-cross

lead: BART

The gates of time will open soon,
Seal of the light's sons will crack
Legions of truth will invide into new world
Cults strangled by the cross will arise

Circles of fire will ignite
In the forgotten divine groves
Prepare the world for our coming
Open the blind's eyes
3. Son of Fire (5:36)
I'm fire, darkness disappeared in my eyes
I'm the son of hidden root of life
Sons of the earth, listen to your teachers
Sons of the fire who came from the deepest

Son of fire

I'm their leading spirit and guide
When I begin my deed I'll build all
For effigy of the ancient circles
Of non-passing days

Fiery rotating gale
Will fulfil its mission in rotary move
Like a lightning pierce the fiery clouds
Son of fire

Here's dark space, descendant of the fire of truth
Since now let it be eternal darkness
Only fire, messenger of the ancient fathers last
Only fire...

lead: LES
4. Rebel Souls (7:17)
Fettered with the olden ice
Blown with the gale of oblivion
Masters of duration
We stay in the chaos of calm

Let's soar to the sky in red
Lost land calls us
Let's free our souls
Dip them in the life's infinity
Let's mount winged beasts
Horizon is our goal

Let the whirlwind of death carry our fleet
Blackness of the sky is the shelter of our storm
Our rights paid dearly with our lives ago

Rebel souls
Our names are swords of hatred
Our names have never been spoken by a mortal

lead: LES
lead: BART

Blackness of the sky is the shelter of our storm
Our rights paid dearly with our lives ago

Who's that figure gliding in the sky of death
Dark messenger from the abyssland
5. Azarath (Watching in Darkness) (4:02)
I'm one of them
My mouth have drained the cup of immortality
Cursed is living among fleeting generations
Damned is lasting in the calm of anonymous grave

Formula of immortality placed by my side
Where are the mouths, which will vivify its substance
I'm waiting for the time
When my brothers find me

Bestial wings cut cold air
Courier of darkness flits to set fire
To hearts frozen by time
Extinguished before ages
Time of rebellion is coming
I'll lead my servants
I'll destroy the temples of false mysticism
No one will manage to see the
White hand of death

My name is Azarath
Watching in darkness

lead: LES
lead: BART
6. From the Abyssland (5:39)
I can see the sign
Unseen for the mortals
I can smell the breath
Of forgotten centuries
I can hear some whispers
Penetrating my mind
I can feel bloody claws
Reaching far into my soul

lead: LES

(Demons) I know whom you are
At last you have come
(Demons) Ancient lords of evil
From the abyssland

Immortal warriors of darkness
Set free from anonymous chasm
Ancient legions of death
Will cover the sun and heaven

The opened gates of time
Broken up holy seals
Our time has come
We rise in arms again!

lead: BART

From the abyssland

lead: LES
lead: BART

(Demons) I can feel your evil
Pure, intact for ages
(Demons) I can feel your thoughts
Of blood, hate and vengeance

lead: BART
7. Deliverance (5:39)
Closed before ages on the other side of the defined
Where black planets circulate without a goal
Where the births of creatures lie
Fettered with sorcery they never die

When the stars reach the proper place
In the Cycle of eternity
And the world is prepared for their arrival
They will emerge from the gaping chasm of dark dimension
Forgotten black flames will burn again
The battle hymn echoes in my soul

Free from fetters of the ancient magic
I wander boundless times and spaces
My name is eternal
Spoken turns into...

lead: LES
lead: BART

lead: LES
lead: BART
8. Might Returns (6:04)
Dark edifice shrouded in the thick mist
Walls covered with shadow bathed in the purple of the sun
Master's throne wrapped in the attire of the ancient lords
Might returned to the old bewitched gates

Standing on the hill of truth
I reach out towards the abyss
Wind tousles my body
I feel the ancient power

Wild sea waves strike with crash against the walls
Power of nature unveils its mighty face
Let us be carried away by the force of element
Flesh, blood, lasting and death

Might returns

False symbols burn
Fire whirl devours
What the weak worshipped
In the times of darkness and deceit
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