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Cryostorm - Version cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-04)
1. Cryostorm (4:05)
All alone I face a storm so cold
Defeatist of my mind
I fight this battle in my world
I dream that I'm alive

So fuck you, another night I fall asleep
So fuck you, you don't deserve to be

Snap my Ribcage open, I'll bathe in my insides, you're so divine
Breathing aside, the Human Mind is my disease

All alone I remain solo
God of the world inside
Divide the fiction from the fear
Get out before you die
2. Vitality (2:52)
Tear down generic structure
Free yourself from humanity
There couldn't be a world less perfect
Foolish hearts begin to seize


Is there life inside?
Mankind's turn to die

Stamp out human oppression
Your life is yours alone
Reverse this evolution
Be your own god, take control
3. Solacing (3:29)
Finality to freedom's theft
Now i regain my old face
I am the voice, forged from the next
The world inside design

To reminisce of humanistic traits devoid of love
Find me intact, though I insist Im scattered all over this earth

Can I forgive? I beg for solace. Condemn myself for breathing
Can I forgive? I beg for solace. Ashamed of being human born.

Another day on man's green earth, we regress
Another day on man's green earth; bastard child of our sins
4. I Am Anomaly (2:52)
Another error in the circuitry of life
Force fed repression of expression
To deny yourself; yourself is sickness
Don't be afraid, accept your fate

Individuality is an illness like belief
Would you betray yourself to be accepted as somebody else?
I wear my heart on my sleeve, It is only yourself you deceive
Do you even care to be unique? A faceless clone is all I see.

I am anomaly

Another error in the circuitry of life
Quantum mechanic ignorance
The self expression of this day and age is delayed
driven away and left to fade.

Even the brightest star knows envy
No matter who you are, accept your fate
5. Vivify (2:44)
6. This Vivid Night (3:19)
Fluctuating real time.
Am i desynchronized or did i simply fail to notice?
Fold the fabric of the screen, slow motion on fast forward it seems
I'm annotating as i play the scene

Through perpetual starshine
This vivid night
I'll keep the story alive
Until the end of your life

Catastrophic Mockery of life, we waste away
Shameless and forlorn, anxious and afraid
Interstellar heresy defines us all today
There is everything wrong with this soulless fucking place
7. Septentrion (4:06)
Trapped in this shade of grey,
this hollow land means nothing to me,
all basic instincts scream for exodus.
To see Aurora's Skies, I'll lay my sword for the last time, I'm dreaming of the frozen north

To see Aurora's Skies, i would give my life

Hear this extinct word: Septentrion

A clouded head refined
This world is mine and it's fate I've assigned
The restlessness declined, i close my eyes.
I'll see you glow one day
i feel your desire anyway
we'll light the lights and burn our darkness away
8. Fate & Evolution (3:35)
Bow down, light up your life
Zone out, spectate my demise
Begin to fathom infinity

Release restriction of your skin
Transcend above atrocity
Retrace what has been and gone

It is freezing
Stale air of your stupidity
Begins to sever severity

Since the dawn of time, we have destroyed things just fine
Since the dawn of time, we have fucked things up all right

9. Taciturn (3:29)
Within this sanctuary i hide,
away from thorns and broken pride,
the safety of a life once lost has been so very hard to find.

So close your eyes and feel yourself return,
Open your mind and feel the image

Burning through your mind like the first time i
set fire to this heart and watched it ignite.
Recurring dream, return to me.

With baited breath and shifting eyes,
remaining passive all the time,
don't be afraid, you cannot slip, metal is rusting in your mind.

Strengthen your spine and feel yourself return,
Open your mind and float above your throne.

In this chaos, thought i found an answer. Nothing matters.
Endless cycle, easily beguiled. NO! Set your heart on fire.
10. Vorticity Spiral (3:32)
The lights go out and I swim in a poisoned mind tonight
Fear of of myself begins to fade and I rejoin humanity

Giveth good will to others

They move beneath the lights
And they are soulless
They dull the last limits of mind
Swimming in sin tonight
And I am soulless
I am the life beneath the lights

My world it spirals down, a maelstrom of poison now
Conveyor belts of children; puppets on the strings of fashion
11. Apocrypha (6:26)
So long, my old friend, a twist of fate.
Remove my Armour, expose my ribs, understand what's left...

Behind this smile is burning hatred,
A place so forlorn and Ancient.

If knowledge is the key to order,
I know what has become of this place.

With burning eyes, an aching heart, a mind destroyed and torn apart.
I found no answers in this sadness just an edge from which to fall.
And i know that you are (i am) gone, i'll light a fire for someone.

Betrayed, catatonic, my heart feels sick. Torn apart, fraught with guilt. Ashamed because i like the pain.

Delivered oh so softly, Twist these words and make them haunt me.
Wallow in the sick that feeds you, Frozen for the ones that need you now.

Lost, she was out of control. Devoured by a wolf.
A man designed to self destruct, betrayed, severely bruised.

Rediscover the fire inside that separates us from the dead
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