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World Decay Full Album Lyrics

Construct - World Decay cover art

World Decay

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-07-15)
1. Elysian Fall (3:01)
Restless mind digs it's grave
in decreasing empathy
Riant thoughts evacuate

You preach, i asphyxiate
Always the same
The thrill becomes dull

Forcefed and numb
Salvation, will you ever come?

Pulled down below
the vanishing surface
Enslave us all
Elysian fall

No appreciation
for the human soul
Eternal torment awaits

One day it all will fall apart
The progress we made
fadeing into the unknown
2. Metanoia (3:14)
Sedated, stripped and lost
all self-respect a mere illusion
The deeds you´ve done
brought this to you

Eyes open still no sight
Malicious mind intrusion
Seek true salvation
X marks the spot

Your neck twists towards the cold below
The tools that leads to freedom
lies at your feet

Let the pain of others
rip through bone and flesh
Dig into a black heart
and lay dark soul to rest

In quest for true forgiveness
sacrifice is the solution
A limb or two
for the greater good

A madman´s twisted Dreams
Trade pain for carnal absolution
Leave your past
desolate with your fear
3. Enslaved Within (3:26)
Once again
the frail connections die
Words unsaid echoes in all minds

Significance shines through me
But no one knows
how to read the silence

All hopes are thin
Wall of thoughts growing still
(Unable to speak)
All hopes are thin
Wall of thoughts growing still
Enslaved within

A thought of tomorrow
Will the golden silence breach?
Eradicated will to shine
I am incommunicado

Evoke your lack of empathy
Destroy all that's left inside of me
4. Dead Tomorrow (3:19)
Open the gates to infinity
Incur all new grounds
New levels in space and time
The less i search the more i find

Path of least resistance entangles
Torn by the gauntlet of trust
Walk the isle that brings you treason
Human soul burning into dust

Now I depart
Yesterdays vision of tomorrow
dies within my heart

Face tomorrow in selfsame disgust
Journey is bound to end
Life as we know it repeating itself
Embrace the plagued mind

Every thought and action
drowns in self-infliction
In vain
5. Disinclined (2:55)
As eternity collapses
Neverchanging understuctures
comes to life
Instant aggress on the soul within us

On the verge of insanity
I need the shadows to hide me
My vision of hell
seems ethereal in this destruction

Detach from me
Leave me alone
You still won't stay
The scars remain
Won't escape my apathy
It finds me anyway

Hope dies here
In this instant
Leave me now
Make me distant
6. World Decay (3:30)
Perennial impairment reigns
aching and wounded,
tearing souls into shreds

Empty black eyes gazing at the screen
one's own volition
drowns below in dry tears

Infest, detest, domesticate free will
Subdue the minds resistance to our ascendancy

Swallow the silent terror
Live your senseless lives in gray
Swallow the silent terror
emotions make the world decay

The vast trenches of misfortune
demolished wisdom burns
in the flames of in-tolerance

Oppression it shall fulfill
hide in the shadows or swallow the pill

Dead eyes
7. Eternal Denial (4:19)
The world delivers a new dawn
Nothing but a rerun
Setting the state of mind
to soul regression

Despiteful past haunts today
Makes the mind astray
The damage is already done
Persevere eternal denial

A constant flow of reprisals
fills each new day
Numbing the anguish inside
makes no sense anymore
8. Distorted (3:06)
Last source of self resistance
Last chance to fade away
Without no premonition
all colors become gray

Dig up all that was hidden
All commitments delayed
Anger turns you inside out
All deficiencies displayed

Burning rage makes you whole
while it tears apart your soul
Imaginary road without an end
It comes alive if you pretend

Distorted picture of what´s false
Start to pretend to break the fall
Bipolar dreams of apathy
Calm in false anxiety

The most intriguing question
is not what is right or wrong
As long as nothing changes
you´ll have to play along
9. Lapse (1:47)
10. Rising from the Ashes (4:18)
Deep limbic system fails
All becomes indifferent
Most emotions lost to fate
Nothing feeds my heart to hate

Dark clouds fills the sky
Cold rain rapes old foundations
Never to feel
one with the world again

Don't break this fall
(It's in my mind)
No need for sympathy
(Ready for rebirth)

See me rise
Blindness of yesterday
Fuels the flames
See me rise
The distance inbetween
Makes me feel reborn

Fate lies in unknown hands
The guide of all is lost
I find my instinct through
this chaos
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