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Resist or Serve Full Album Lyrics

Cloven Hoof - Resist or Serve cover art

Resist or Serve

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-21)
1. Call of the Dark Ones (4:12)
Black chapel mystic rite,
secret cove in the dead of night.
Tolling bell is summoning,
accursed brood to the gathering.

Witching hour evil stalks the land,
fog devours the village of the damned. Forbidden union of serpent and man, Beware Cthulhu is now at hand.

Blood red moon,
lacerated skies.
Ancient gods,
from the abyss may rise.

It's the time,
the call of the dark ones.
It's the sign…oh,
the call of the dark ones.

Nameless terror from beneath the sea, in submerged cities waiting to be free. Crawling out from the primordial slime, desecraters from the dawn of time.

Grotesque idol crimson on stone,
cities are rising hidden now shown. That is not dead which eternal lie,
and with strange eons even death may die.

( Bridge and chorus)
...It's the time!

Shambling shapes and alien landscapes,
forces of chaos emerge manifest. Spreading disease and all the madness like dreamscapes,
realisation that the deep ones infest. ...Your mind is broken!

(Bridge and chorus)
2. Hell Diver (4:21)
Beyond the borders of Tartary,
where the black sun
is forever breaking up.
They guard from here to eternity, Knights of chaos
are forever watching over us.

See them feast upon the blood of angels,
God nor Demon death they bring. Unholy order reaps the cursed dark spell,
He ascends now they kill their King.

The time's now at hand.

Come make your stand.

Evil in the land.

The sword of Damocles in your hand.

Mailed berserker sworn to slay,
eyes of fire baleful with burning gaze. Beware the unjust are doomed to pay, chainsaw tyres mad biker will decimate.

Fell into the dark dimensions,
night ranger sworn to just defy.
Steel sentinel hell spawn fury,
earth burial awaits you die!


(Repeat chorus)
3. Deliverance (4:03)
Everybody needs a plastic Jesus, somebody give me cross to hold. Gonna buy me a stairway to heaven, evangelist wants all your gold.

The road to hell is paved with temptation,
righteousness thou shall not kill.
The innocent on the path to salvation, babies die by god's own will.

Deliverance, deliver us!
From holy men and power games. Deliverance, deliver us!
Religion is a sin,
don't die in its name!

Everyone is so scared of dying,
no one can or will come back.
No good in simply relying,
on a God when it's fade to black.

Blind faith is never the answer,
just live now for today.
Forget about the here in after,
it doesn’t matter anyway.


Feel the sun now blinding my eyes,
see me raised on cross held high. Wounds I bear I pray for you,
for they know not what they do!

Holy father my time has come,
holy ghost now receive your son.
Suffer not I pity them,
people of Jerusalem.

You know not what you do! ...Oh!

4. Brimstone and Fire (6:07)
Assassin in a splinter cell,
mind is warped by hate.
Sleeping vipers, at your heart.
You can't negotiate.

Kamikaze waging wars,
attrition from within.
Spreading fear,
divide and conquer.
You will never win.

Want to die a hero?
What god will save you,
with those blood stains
on your hands?

Holy martyr bluff and then strike,
gun now for hire Brimstone and fire! Twisted killer waits spider like,
fanatic and wired.
Brimstone and fire!

Infiltrate and segregate,
hide and terrorize.
Traitors sneer and burn our flag,
aim destabilize.

Women, children innocents,
in cowardly attack.
Are massacred their easy targets,
unable to fight back.

Have no conscience or honour,
Oh you don't care
who your sending to the grave.

Demon preacher servant of hell,
prophet and liar.
Brimstone and fire!

Ruthless teacher,
In madness you dwell
delude and conspire.
Brimstone and fire.
...Brimstone and fire yeah!

(Bridge 1 and chorus1 & 2)

Brimstone and fire,
your gonna burn.
And you'll learn...not fun.
Your gonna burn,
and you'll learn.
Gone out your mind.
Oh your gonna burn...ooh.
Hey! You wanna die a hero?
You got blood on your hands
… oh!

Brimstone and fire!
5. Northwind to Valhalla (5:31)
Viking raiders,
scourge of the seven seas.
Men of iron with blade of steel.
Rape and plunder,
marauding Norse men deal.
Death unto he who does not yield.

Fierce fighting rages,
villages set ablaze,
in a baptism of fire.
honour the dead,
in old accustomed ways.
Light the funeral pyre.

‘Cause only the brave hear the hammers ring,
kill preach the word of Thor.
Only heroes hear the Valkyrie sing, axe in hand slain in war.

Are bourne to the Northwind of Valhalla,

Sail off the edge of the world,
eternal battlefields.
The midnight sun forever rise.
Golden legions,
march with mace and shields.
Across blood stained skies.

See halls of splendour,
stand in the courts of kings.
Claim a warriors reward,
know what glory Lord Odin brings.
To live and die by the sword.

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

Blow wind blow,
now well go,
no more night,
the ends in sight Valhalla!
6. Mutilator (4:31)
You're all gonna Die!

Razor backed,
bringer of pain.
Laser bolts,
lance your brain.
Piling on the agony,
mechanoid brutality.

Tearing limbs,
and gouging eyes.
Sadistic butcher,
cleaves and scythes.
Liquidate humanity yeah,
crime is life let none go free.

Hell is now here,
all will fall.
God will not intervene at all.

Searching! Seeking! Destroying! Mutilator!
Burning! Breaking! Killing!

Waging pure and bloody war, dreadnought settles old scores. Slaying his creator screams, slaughtered as the blood it redeems.

Doomsday reign in death,
separate you from your breath. Genocide across the land,
mass extinction close at hand.

He will spare no one,
steel wheels run.
The body count,
goes on and on.


The Earth is cleansed now,
and he stands alone.
Cathedral built from cartilage, shattered skulls and bone.

Corpses piled high,
up to the sky.
New worlds to rule, ravage,
and brutalize.

Hell is here now,
all will fall.
God will not intervene at all.

(Chorus x 2)
7. Anti Matter Man (5:03)
Out of the sea of radiation
he came,
From origin unknown.
No son of humanity,
a refugee from the twilight zone.

His gamma rays
they scatter the masses,
invincible field of force.
Protected while all is shattered,
Utopian dream takes course.

Inter dimensional fall out,
contaminates across the void.
Due to atomic testing,
worlds within worlds are destroyed
...by you!

No one can save us from the,
Anti Matter Man.
Fuck the hell that gave us this,
Anti matter man!

He plans a chain reaction,
mutation of humanoid life.
Father of his own creation,
cuts through steel like a knife.

Proclaiming with an air
of cold defiance,
an end to the nuclear plan.
You've taken the laws of science,
into barbarian hands.

(Bridge and Chorus)

When his mission is over,
the reign of man will have had it's day.
Oh subhuman submission,
mutants in urban decay…oh!

Don't say this is the future?

(Repeat first verse bridge and chorus)
8. Cycle of Hate (4:58)
With the dawn of the setting sun,
there's a bullet with your name on.
War machines is locked and loaded,
and it kills without hesitation.

Cause on and on the killing wheel turning,
houses, villages and towns are burning. Will the children ever learn to smile again?

Cycle of hate,
conspiracy of lies.
Moderation too late,
hatred inside of you.

Cycle of hate,
megaton surprise.
What is our fate?
Mutual assured destruction
… Mutual assured destruction!

Our defences over run,
in a tide of devastation.
Itchy fingers pull the trigger,
ain't no time for capitulation.

Invading hearts and minds
of every nation,
ignorance an open invitation.
Lust for power,
ever planted in our brains.


Process of elimination,
lethal termination,
mass extermination.
Job well done!

Who cries for the children?
Who cries for anyone at all?

(Repeat bridge and Chorus)
9. Premature Burial (5:48)
Accursed sleep,
with its glimpse of death.
Malignant midnight confined.
Against its grip,
insomnia keeps.
paranoia eroding my mind…Ooo!

All my life is just a mausoleum,
from the cradle to the grave.
Catalepsy, black Museum.
If I awake,
please save me!

Meticulous plans came to nothing,
laid to rest by sabotage.
Coffin walls hemmed in around me, lungs fit to burst enlarge.

Finger nails tearing at the ceiling,
blood pumping loud in my ears.
Fighting back the nausea in me,
choking back the strangled cries
and tears.

Is there anybody out there?
To answer my tortured prayer.
Don't let this be my passing,
free me from this nightmare.

That's your funeral,
premature burial.
That's your funeral,
premature burial.

Left to rot under the soil,
claustrophobia running wild.
One match to light up the darkness, shrouding me reconciled.

Up above something is pounding,
calling louder spade crunching earth. Open up the lid of my salvation,
raised as I clamber to rebirth.

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

Who did this to me?
Infamous profanity.
Bloody vengeance is my right,
someone must pay the ultimate price tonight.

(Repeat bridge and chorus)
10. Austrian Assault (3:49)
Our plane flew into Munich, expectations running high.
We drove through the German borders, Tyrolean valley lies...

Straight ahead on the rise,
Lion heart battle cries.
Screaming demons at night,
feel our megawatt might.

Stand up for Metal,
the time is now at hand.
Get up or get out,
there ain't no second chance.

We're the Kings,
the Kings of the mountain man.
Like a train that cannot halt.
We're the Kings,
the Kings if the mountain man.
On an Austrian Assault

Like a hot mean machine,
we were rolling we were tight. Smashing ear drums making music, and the fans were outta sight.
Me and Bruder were there,
with our fists in the air.
With our brothers of steel,
you don't know how it feels.

(Repeat bridge and chorus)

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