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The Rise of Resistance | Full Album Lyrics

Circle of Silence - The Rise of Resistance cover art

The Rise of Resistance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
LabelsMassacre Records
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > C > Circle of Silence Lyrics (34) > The Rise of Resistance Lyrics (12)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-03)
1. Blood of Enemies (4:37)
This is a wake-up call
The rise of resistance

Nothing you speak is true
You are a great deceiver
We can't believe anymore

Why have we trusted you
Praised you like a leader
You better prepare for war

We never die
We never bow down

All your truth is made of lies
A seed from nightmare grounds

Far too long we were blind
In shattered frames of mind
This is your final decree
Your downfall will be our pride
We are soaked in the blood of enemies

In the blood of enemies

Too many wasted years
Too long we lived in silence
Under blackened skies

Lay down all your fears
We will not surrender
No more bleeding for these lies

We build memorials for your failures
We're gonna save us from our savior
2. Eyes of Anarchy (4:24)
I let it burn

I am the new messiah
I bring you joy, fun and death
My laughter
Is what you hear last

A tidal wave
Of fear and chaos
Will wash away
All of your beloved control

I wanna see you running scared

There is a trace to find me
Just follow my sign

I am a thorn
I give you scars
Come and hit me
You cannot resist

Put on your mask
Look in the mirror
And tell me what is
The difference between you and me

I wanna see this city burn
Collapsing morality
You think I am just an another freak
Come to me
Take a look
Through the eyes of anarchy

I am the one
The one to hate
You cannot kill me
I am your counterweight

I let it burn
3. Nothing Shall Remain (3:40)
I'm walking through the dust
All I see is just
A crimson throne of devastation

This world is falling
Down below
Are you ready for the show

Born with a broken mind
In a world that makes you blind
Learn your lessons of indifference

What is worth to be preserved
Tomorrow is fragile and easy to loose

Rise up
From the chains
Wake up
Because nothing shall remain
4. One Moment of Hate (4:03)
Your words are cutting knives
Rising anger in my mind
We fight a useless war
We're the leaders of the blind

And the situation escalates
Boiling rage dominates
I see you falling
Down the stairs

I can't believe
What I have done to you
It is far too late to regret

We cause a lifetime
Of pain and misery

In just one moment of hate
We curse our fate

I saw your asking eyes
They could not understand why
Seconds turned to ages
When sanity is passing by

And blood is running from your head
I realize you are dead
This image will haunt me
In shattered dreams

I'm drifting away
All hope is in vain
In a self-constructed
World on pain

In every dream
Within these walls
You die again
When darkness falls
5. An Oncoming Storm (4:20)
Caught in a maze
Mentally torn
But there are signs
Of an oncoming storm
Time is running fast
We can't take it anymore
To anchor on a dead shore

Ready for the end
We don't follow
Their command

Ready for the end

Look at the forming clouds
There's no tomorrow
Without pain
There is no shelter
From the down pouring rain
We will never stop
Until we are free
I feel silence in me

If you want my life
Try to get it now
We have reached the end of decay
The coming storm
Will set us free
We will never ever fade away

We won't fade away
6. Mind Conspiracy (4:30)
There is a ghost of another world
In the shadow of my soul
I struggle for control

Behind a veil of medication
They try to slash my mind
Try to plant a fear inside

Welcome to the asylum
Welcome to despair
It is a long road
To nowhere

They wanna tranquilize me
It is a mind conspiracy
Let me out of this hell

No one can hear you cry
In the empty room
In the basement down below

Another fear that strikes
In strange lunatic dreams
Confusing pictures
In the silence around me

Where all the dead thoughts dwell
Let me out

Let me out
7. In the Absence of Your God (3:18)
No more retribution
For the loss of your reality
Daydreams of vanishing time
On the shores
Of constant agony

No more devastation
You are your biggest enemy
Take all the consequences
For your brutal tyranny

Everyday you seek a way
To kill the devil on your neck
But what you get
Are the nightmares
They always come back

You loose control
In the absence of your god
You are on your knees
In the absence of your god

One drop opens the gate
To the realm of the liquid god
A drowning self-belief
Another night and another shot

A wasted life
Will not come back
A wasted life
Will never come back
8. We Rise (3:29)
Unleash hell
When the worlds are going down
When the dark becomes reality
Stand with dignity

A flood of blood
Comes over us all
The pillars of existence
Are about to fall

We rise
In the wake of decay
This is resistance
Until the end of days

Don't wait for salvation

Death and pain
Look in the eyes of the insane
They've built a warmachine
Something we've never seen

Now it's time to fight

A storm of blood has begun
The good man has come
We will fight till the end
This is the final stand
9. The Final Chapter (3:44)
I have seen so many things
So many wasted lives
And broken dreams

Most of the places
Where I've been
Were ruled by fear
From deep within

I have seen destruction
Polluted words of freedom
And rising corruption

In every world
It is same
Sooner or later
They are going insane

I'm spinning in a wheel of time
Under a burning sun
I can't ignore the sign
The final chapter has begun

I walked the earth
I'm coming home
To a place where I belong
A thousand years are gone
Between the worlds

I walked the earth
I travelled far
Every road another scar
I walked the earth
I'm coming home

I'm coming home
10. Slaves to the Greed Machine (4:46)
Is this really my destiny
To be part of the machine
I got stuck into grey
That fades to black

It's the same old road again
Nothing to remember
A dead end sign is passing by
But I can't change direction

My world around me
Is full of lies
Nothing but illusion
And hypocrisy
So wipe the blindfold from your eyes
And let us break through
Look at me
I've become
A slave to the greed machine

Down to the bottom deep
We go down
Where the sun is dead
I feel like a roaming ghost
In a shadow world

I will break this circle
And I will live again
What is all your money worth
When you're just counting the days

There is something in my blood
I wanna see the sun again

There is something in my blood
I will awake
That drives me on and on

I am climbing up my soul
I will awake
To see the sun again
11. Reborn from Darkness (4:05)
As I opened up my eyes again
Everything was so unreal

Back from the dead

I knew who I am
But I didn't feel alive
Like I was caged within my head

I know your game
Come let me suffer
Inject the pain
And leave me alone again

After everythin you've done to me
I am still unbroken

I have no fear

I watch every step
One day I'm getting out
And start to collect your tears

You may torture my flesh
But you never own my mind
This hate keeps me alive

I am reborn from darkness
But I am not anonymous
No more experimenting
And stop call me Lazarus
12. The Architect of Immortality (5:29)
You are crawling through my veins
Like an addiction
You lead me into temptation

I wanna touch your pretty skin
I have already reserved a place for you

I am the architect of
Come closer
I release you
From pain

Sacrifice your fear
And follow me
Into my lair
I will release you
From despair

Take my hand
Mind your step
There is nothing
You have to fear

Will be perfect now
When we are
Together here

Don't be afraid
Sit down you're my guest
You will be part
Of some impressive art

No one can hear you scream
So please so please
Silence your voice

Just one more cut
And my work will be done
You will be my best collectible
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