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Celestial Bloodshed - Ω cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsDebemur Morti Productions
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-12)
1. The Aorta Of My Thoughts (5:58)
I gazed into the Abyss an the Abyss gazed back becoming the aorta of my thoughts:
Obsessed by its Darkness, Madness beholds everything.
A thirst that can't be stilled with water; No books, no words will ever answer my questions;
Paininfested Dreams... (Paininfested Screams...)

My thoughts became the fuel the flame of Kaos burning within me; What will you do when a razor blade becomes your only Salvation?
Can you see the burnmarks on my Skin?! They don't burn at all compared to the fire that rages within;

The curse becomes a blessing and these scars speak not of weakminded depression, but of great Devotion; This time, I'll throw myself unto the Abyss, for my path is clear... to Darkness - I swear !!!
2. Begone, Chains Of Life! (5:04)
Strong are these Chains which binds me to Earthly Existence, but they rust in the Dark Moist Cellar of Life an i feel them giving in... slowly... As I sink deeper into the Void of Myself.

Deeper... darker... and so I drag these rusty chains. Across these burning fields of Nothingness. Struggle through the swamps of mental darkness I seek and I wait... Wait for the day to come.
The day when these chains no longer pierces my flesh and limit my soul.

For only then will I rest. Not in peace but in Victory - in the deep Black Shadows of Hell, by the flaming Fire of Him - Lucifer Illuminatio Mea!
3. Deathsquad Alliance (2:48)
What a glorious vision is it to see their feeble minds: With wide open gunshot wounds like no other kinds; What a massive blasphemic rejoice it is to smell their fear; As they tremble in their last staggering steps when Death is near.

What a fullfillment of dreams it is to hear their gasping attempts to scream; When they think rope thightens hard to hang them in the afternoon sunbeam; What a extravagant feeling of satisfaction it is to taste the blood of their skin:
As it pours out from 666 stabwounds given to them for not committing any sin.

We are the Deathsquad Alliance
An army united against Christ
We march under the banner of Black
And Hail SATAN as we gather for attack

We are in all corners of the world; No path unwalked; No stone untouched; We search mercilessly for fullfillment of one goal in our head
Jehova wanted DEAD.

What a brilliant feeling of warmth is in our hearts; When the holy city of Jerusalem goes up in flames lit by children of our part; What a marvellous feeling of refreshing moisty air it is that comes with the sea:
When giant shock-waves flud and devastate the land of nazarene to a total degree. What an unprecedented sight for kings it, we witness on day seven: When the pearly gates crumble under a massive blizzard upon heaven.
4. Spiraculum Mortis (6:14)
(or ritually self-mutilating oneself to Death in order to, through the energies of ones decomposing corpse, transform into a higher spiritual being - lyrics by HBM)

Upon this night of absolute lucidity, I sink into my candle's glare and disrobe this cursed costume of flesh splling fluids in cadence over the seal of transcension to clear the path of ruin and decay and for them to throne this corpus in triumph - for I shall house nothing but Death...

sic transit
Opus Dei
sic surgit
Inferorum Regnum
5. Manifested Darkness, Bloodred Sunrise (10:00)
The smell of Death and blood lies thick in the air
Demon of old smiles and passes by... Truth revealed, a wish is granted and the angel of Decay spreads His wings.

Manifested Darkness, blooded sunrise
The gates are open!!!

Rise now!!! Rise from your black coffin
Open your eyes and behold a newfound Darkness/Light , beyond the realm of man. And within the fruits of knowledge, ride the serpent beyond the borders of mind and madness

Drink! Drink deep from the chalice of Lucifer as we've done many times before
And enter the womb of Lilith.

And shine... May you shine like a thousand suns and burn the eyes of the lambs and the non-believers!

To the Death and through...... ...
6. Trosbekjennelse (4:08)
Jeg Fornekter gud Fader, Jødens Konge og Den Svake sjels Frelser.

Jeg Fornekter jesus krist, guds enbårne Sønn, vår Herre,
som ble unnfanget ved Den Hellige Ånd,
fød av skjogen maria,
pint under Pontius Pilatus.

Korsfestet, død og begravet,
før ned til Dødsriket.
Stod opp Fra de døde tredje dag,
fór opp til himmelen.

Sitter ved guds, den evig Faders høyre hånd,
skal derfra komme igjen for å Pines en Siste Gang.

Jeg fornekter den hellige end,
en hellig, allmen kirke,
de Svakes Samfunn,
syndenes forlatelse,
legemets oppstandelse,
og det evige Liv.

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