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Eternal Lyrics

Carnivora - Eternal cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-01-19)
1. Inseminate (3:57)
Angels dying in the sun
Rotting screaming from inside
I will be the father of the end of us all
I will be reborn

Inseminate the rotting world
It will be brought upon with crushing force
Growing from the inside struggle to survive
The time has come to follow yourself

The seed will be forced upon her
No choice but to give in
Close your eyes and let the pain take over
Until you're near death

Convulsing laying on the table
Spreading as the ribs crack
Blood soaked covered in maggots
The putrid child is born
Angels dying in the sun
Rotting screaming from inside

Demons spawned from the core
Born of the god of castration
I will father the son
Of this hell that breathes today

Father the son of hell
2. Human Decimator (4:04)
Single-handedly one species has devoured itself
Ripping life from mother Earth
Waging war against all others
Destroying itself in the wake

If the world can only know true peace
When the holy wars are won
Then the blood on the path will show us the way
To salvation’s open arms

We feed on the blood of our brothers
As we blaze this trail across the land
We feed on the sorrows of sisters
As they witness the fall of man

We spend what little time we have left
Searching for life in fields of death
Take my hand and you shall discover
This lifeless blood within my veins
We will weather this storm of hopelessness we’ve started
From which none can escape

Human Decimator
3. Eternal (3:47)
Our father’s holy hands have torn
Our hearts beating within his grasp
Falling to our knees
Humanity becomes a blur
We have done this to ourselves
A self inflicted wound
Raping our sisters and killing our brothers
Destroying the hopes of our fathers

Can’t take this pain, we need to die
The end is near, do not fear
Eternal sleep awaits us all
We have reached the end, kiss your soul goodbye

Faith is no longer present
Reality is crashing down
Sin overcomes grace
Love turns to hate
The sky opens up
As god pulls the plug
Evicted from this world
Our shepherd has left us alone
4. Thrash of the Titans (3:37)
The champions of Olympus now regarded by none
Becoming frail and empty shells of gods
Prisoners of old find their cages weak
The titans break free and thrash the land

A mortal chosen by the gods
Befit with a tainted blade
Woven with the souls of the damned
Entrusted with a world to save

Death plague fire and brimstone
Oceans flood the earth
One will fail
The end time has come

Prophecies foretold of destruction
Rogue beings whose powers dwarf the gods’
A champion is sent into battle
But will he prevail against all odds?

Tropics freeze and the tundras burn
We all die in vain
The labors of man shatter and melt
Man is slaughtered by the oldest of beings
Regardless of hand that he’s been dealt
5. Conclusions (4:55)
Like wolves fighting over prey
Tearing each other apart
Who believes will be crowned the truth
Wars waged in the name of god
Committing suicide within our heads
Cut these string of control
Set us free from this religious oppression
Set us free from the cells of the holy

Someone save us
From this savior
A perfect hypocrite
The system set to fail
This is a plea of desperation
Flawed and flawless in combat
This will be our last
Prophets are lost

We love the hated and hate the loved
This is the new way of life
Home has always been hell
The fire we fear is the air we breathe
Suffer or die the choice is yours
Stop the wars of this world
Turn them unto yourself
A one-shot solution for peace
Your last breath will be
As painful as your first

The conclusion of our lives has come and gone
We meet true suffering in the holy kingdom

The end
6. Manipulate (3:46)
Bow now submit to his will
Forced down and brainwashed to violently kill

Twisting and ripping the strings of your mind
The devil’s manipulation of its finest design
Serpent’s sweet seduction will bring you to your knees
This demon of lust on flesh it will feed

Bow now submit to his will
Forced down and brainwashed to violently kill
Grinding your teeth down to nothing
The sound drives you insane

Do we need this holy text to tell us right from wrong
Or is it instilled in us
Crawling and festering deep in your head
Which one of your gods will wind up dead

Light dies quickly
Darkness grows fast
It’s astounding
How long you can last
7. Beyond the North (5:03)
We were summoned to the golden hall
The weight of the orders bestowed
No man could ever bear
We have to choose between death and dishonor
Waiting for the end

We pull our buckles tight
And we kiss our wives goodbye
For this final time
Winds of ice bite our flesh
As we take the first step

Where even the bravest fear to go
Their corpses lie in waiting
Two hundred years of ice and snow
Hasn’t extinguished their burning rage
Guardians of the halls of ice
Protectors of the graves
Beyond the northern skies
Where we fear to make our way

We reach for our sword and our axe
Waiting to attack
We strained our eyes through the storm
Waiting for the end

Grey silhouettes emerge from the fjord
As frost grips upon my axe
Soon it will be drenched in the blood
Of those who resist our attack

Into the night we ride

The charge was fierce and fast my brother’s fought with grace
Our bodies will fall but our souls will rise for the warrior who meets his fate
An honored death is all we ask no matter what pain
Mead and women lie in wait for the warrior who meets his fate

Valhalla take me home
8. Death (0:57)
9. Resurrection (4:01)
The hand of god has graced mine eyes
Pious blood fills my veins and revives
The world was dull and void of light
Glistens with the fire of the sun
Curse of light shines in my eyes
Sun the bane of my renewed life
Men thusly bound will break the chains of hate
And crack the whip of vicious strength about foes

Fate’s forsaken me
Slave to all of men
I’ve become a beast
Man will reach his end

These slugs I validate their lives
Apathy, the muse of their crimes
Ungrateful for our mother earth
They will rot in...

Hell my prison built for them
No one will see pearl gates again
My pain haunts every soul
That calls god their savior

God’s leash hangs rough about my neck
Mother’s noose is ever tight
The threat snap my neck
Like an ungrateful dog

My cold bones grip sword slighted staff
Arcs slice hearts out of minds
Flesh falls fresh off of my face
Hands that keep crypts hold my broken gaze

Leave men to die
10. Into the Cage (4:58)
This is the real thing
There is no backing down
Flesh against flesh being
Put to the test
Shattered bones and bloody moans
Will weed out the weak
An iron box locks them
Into this hellish place
Face to face they’re killing
Themselves in a whirl
This goes down tonight
One hell of a fight

Step into the cage
Where blood and sweat is spilt
Where there is no escape
Adrenaline and rage

Submission is how
Power is gained
This is a masochist game
Where there is no escape

Pain is pleasure
Their fuel to win the fight
When fists are thrown
Your weakness will be shown
This is what happens
When titans collide
Skin shatters like glass
Bodies torn and mangled
For sadistic pleasure
Destroy the cowards
Obsolete the weak
This is how real men play

Into the cage
11. Deteriorate (7:03)
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
These trembling movements they come from the crust
Violent walls of nuclear fires
Come and rob your cities blind
Of faith and fears
Tonight the stars burn red for
The smoldering carcass of humanity
Chemically altered winters await

Cry all you want to the gods inside your head
But it’s no use they are already dead
Come forth and take with blood oath with us
Before your cities turn to dust
Pour your blood out for the whore
Quickly drinking then asking for more
On nights as dark as this you will feel silence kiss

Deteriorate and fade away
Drifting far into the void
Where we are waiting to be destroyed
Forever damned to float in space

Swamps of boiling flesh freeze over
To where ice runs deep
Lands where winds weep tears of remorse and regret
For forgiveness is for the narrow minded and weak
That walk the horizons line
Monotheistic cowards of another worthless god
They all bleed the same

I will die in front of him
Cursing his name as I take my last breath
He was never of worth to me
Just turn around and flee
Faith and fears
Tonight the stars burn red for
The smoldering carcass of humanity
Chemically altered winters await

Every step we take we provoke the demented
Tormented, to them the sun is irrelevant
Tainted crosses hang from broken necks
Beaten down into worthless wrecks
Behold first hand the hate embedded in their eyes
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