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At War Full Album Lyrics

Brutal Cross - At War cover art

At War

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-02)
1. Intro (1:28)
2. Dark Horizon (3:32)
Dark horizon see no light
Forsaken truth my sinful path
Journey through the mist
Expelled from the land of living
Betraying the source of life
Death is my reward
He died so I shall die
He died so I shall die
Dark horizon see no hope
In my hand I hold the rope
There is no escape
3. Our Cause (2:58)
Forces of darkness will not prevail
We are fighting in His name

David killed Goliath
A boy killed a warrior
Not by flesh and blood
But by spirit of our Lord

We are the salt of the earth
He is the light in the darkness
The message of the cross is deadly
Forces of darkness will not prevail

The Cross is our salvation
The Cross is our hope
We are saved by His blood
This is our cause
4. Blinded By Atheism (3:50)
From the beginning of your days
You learn untold truths
Only the material world exists
Supernatural is myth

Creation is an accident
Scientifically proved
Religion and God is myth
For those who cant face the truth

Seed of unbelief
Growing in your heart
It will live in you
Till the end of your days

Blinded by atheism
Cant think outside the box
Blinded by atheism

How can something be created from nothing?
What's the purpose of this life?
Fear of death
What if there is another life?

Blind faith might be not enough
To face reality of a future end
Atheism kills – Religion of death
Atheism is Religion of death

Blinded by atheism
Can't think outside the box
Blinded by atheism

This madness will not last forever
The day of judgement is at the door
Demonic teaching from the great deceiver
Father of lies, slayer of souls

His time is coming and he will pay
But woe to those who follow his ways
Atheism wasn't made by humans
Thats his creation
Religion of death

Atheism religion of death
5. Lament (5:38)
How deserted is the city
Once so full of people
The roads to Zion mourn
All the splendor has departed

Jerusalem has sinned greatly
Has become unclean

Arise cry out in the night
Lift your hands to Him
Its time to admit
Thats your end

O Jerusalem!!!

Let your tears flow like river
Day and night
Give yourself no relief
Your eyes no rest
Thats our sorrow
Our Grief
Young and old lie together in the dust of the streets

Our sorrow
6. Driven By Hate (2:31)
covered by darkness
you do your “thing”
spreading your message
your unbelief

intoxicated mind
and heart full of hate
try to use falls wisdom
to kill their faith

obsessed by hate for those
who believe in “His” words
insulting their belief
you are so tolerant

calling yourself a wise man
a light in the dark
denying fact of sin
and existence of God

tell us o wise man
how should we live
your new religion
called atheism

Hitler and Stalin
you know those names?
they believed like you
what will you say?
world without God
hell on the earth
7. Cult (3:48)
Temples made from steel and concrete
Reaching to the sky
Followers of the god mammon
Omnipresent Cult

Greed controls the heart
Lust of money
Meaning of life
Have more than enough

Cult of mammon
Omnipresent cult
Cult of mammon

We will follow
Omnipresent cult
We will follow

System created to enslave
To take their time
Turning their attention
From real purpose of life

Creating empty desires
For another toy
And you will follow obedient
To your real god

Cult of mammon
Omnipresent cult
Cult of mammon

We will follow
Omnipresent cult
We will follow

Cult of mammon
Omnipresent cult
Cult of mammon

Golden calf
History Repeated
Our cult
Our end
8. Occult (4:45)
Enchantment spells
Hidden world and fascination

Innocent game
Turned into anguish
You thought you could
Control them

Friendly spirits?
Or maybe demons?
You ask yourself
Who stands behind this

Left hand path
There is no reward
Origin of lies
The great deceiver

Hidden path
The price is too high
There is no peace
Between them and human kind

Do you really think
They are your friends?
Spirits of the hidden world

Ancient rituals
That's the way
To make you a slave of Hell

Price is too high
There is no reward
Left hand path

Deceived by the prince of darkness
Prince of this world
There is no reward

Follow this way
You have been warned
There are consequences

You started this journey
But at the end
You will lose this game
9. Born Again (4:48)
New beginning
All is new
Full of joy
I feel your love in me

Whats happened to me
Even light is brighter
I feel so strange, but i don't care
I know i am yours forever

Born again i understand it all
New creation i understand your word
Like a child
New creation

I was lost, now i'm found
Taken out of darkness
His light is brighter than sun
New creation, new life

Born again it's the only way
Born again, filled with your spirit
No other way, i left it all behind
Born again, i am alive!!!
10. War Cry (4:07)
The enemy army has risen
Against our land
Plundering our villages and cities
Destroying all that belongs to us

The king called the gathering
Our army is ready to fight
Men are standing, awaiting kings orders
Today they will lay down their lives

The King raised his sword
He raised his sword and cried
“Fight for our kingdom
Our King, our Lord, our God!”

They came here to destroy our country
They brought their pagan gods
Today the birds of the sky will be feasting
Bodies will cover the ground

Pagan gods won't deliver them from our hands
The Almighty is on our side
Pride will turn to shame
Instead of laughing there will be crying

The King raised his sword
He raised his sword and cried
“Fight for our kingdom
Our King, our Lord, our God!”

Fight for our King!
Fight for our God!
11. Silence On The Cross (3:25)
silence on the cross
His body is torn apart
do you understand the meaning
his finial sacrifice

silence on the cross
you will not hear his voice
tortured and murder
crushed for my sin
his perfect sacrifice

who was that man
what he has done
to deserve such a death

what was his crime
why so much hate
his body torn apart

the elders said
he was insane
but how did he heal all the sick?

The blind can see
the lame can walk
surely God was with him

dead silence
all eyes looking at the cross

dead silence
you wont hear his voice

hear the silence...
12. At War (5:22)
Once again sadness has embraced my soul
Once again darkness has enslaved my heart
How many times will i pay the price for who i am?
Futile toil
Misery and pain

Another wrong turn – do you know what i mean?
Do you feel it sometimes?
Do you see what i see?

Today's battle begun - when i opened my eyes
Another day at war – i have to survive
The enemy is using his weapon – small innocent thoughts
Accusing me, and making me feel failure in the front of God and others

Will i survive?
Will i fight?

Dark abyss wants your soul
But that's not place where you belong
Will you fight for your life?

Bound by depression and misery
Your darkest thoughts become real.
Will you fight for your life?

Have i really forgotten who is on my side?
Victim of my sin
Almighty One
He who denied himself
God became a man
For me
For my misery

All my anxieties
My fears
This whole misery
Means nothing here
He is greater than fear

You're not defined by what you can and what you cant do
You're not defined by what you have and what you don't
You're not defined by who you know and who knows you
The only condition is cross

It's war
Your mind
Your heart
your soul
It's war!
13. Sea Of Despair (5:54)
14. Outro (1:12)
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