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Born from the Darkest Entrails | Full Album Lyrics

Beast Conjurator - Born from the Darkest Entrails cover art

Born from the Darkest Entrails

GenresDeath Metal
LabelsLuna Nueva
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > B > Beast Conjurator Lyrics (6) > Born from the Darkest Entrails Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-03)
1. Torment in Darkness (4:12)
Captured into a dark void
Of Weird mental gloom
Boundaries of nightmare
Sentencing his doom

Worried by morbid thoughts
He decayed into despair
Trapped in this white cell
Schizoid patterns - Will to kill

Nobody trusts in the statements of this sick man
But what no one knows are the sceneries that he saw:

"Strange buildings of anomalous form entangled under three moons
A mist of green, which is all around, transpires malice
A feeling of chasing afflicts my soul and keeps torturing me
Like a thousand eyes that lurk within the shadows..."

Torment in darkness!

"...And I've seen the abominations, staggering through the cliff
Dragging their distorted bodies out of the burrows
Then all the fear, rejection and madness grew into my mind
A horror stronger than any human can support or understand..."

"...And these entities are already here
Whispering me the secrets of their greed
Within my head their voices relief
Feeding the obsession of my dreams"

In this morning I visited his cell, but it was empty
A strong smell of unknown source filled the air
Besides the symbols on the walls, there was his diary
That contains the occult words that he had told

Torment in darkness!
2. Fighting in the Depths of Hades (4:23)
Two coins to the old ferryman
And all the plagues lie in front of me
A whole place of pure sufferance
Under the three-headed guardian's feet

Tartarus, where manifestations of evil come forth
Chthonic caves that hide the shadow-bodies within its darkness

The souls of the dead form legions
And march through the odious shore
Calling me to join their abhorred army
And sail the five ancient rivers to fight

We shall soon conquer the underworld lord's throne
The prophecies of the Nekromantheon shall be done

Eridanos of hate, I smell your nitrous stench
Phlegethon of fire, in your flames I taste disgrace

We're still fighting in depths of Hades!

Styx, where we fell, (putrid) vein of hell
Into your detestation waters, we are dead!

Acheron, where we bathe, (morbid) womb of death
Under your thousand pains, we are dead!
3. Evil Conjurations (2:37)
Full moon light shines bright on this plateau
The time is right; the high priest thrusts the dagger
Virgin's blood runs thick over the dolmen
Drained through the orifices
Bathing the pods - The invocation is near!

Evil conjurations!

The sky turns black as the thunders strike above
Monstrous howls exhaling cruelty from the underground
Unholy chants salute the guests arisen from beyond
Shapeless masses climb the well
Predicting fear - The invocation is complete!

Evil conjurations!
4. Coven of Doom (2:02)
Walking through these shores of misery
Where once we came to do those rites
To copulate with disgusting creatures
Remembrances of those lustful days...

Coven! Coven of doom

These beings must still living in the holes
Crawling among all that feculence
Feeding with muck its awful spawn
Waiting for the time to procreate again

Coven! Coven of doom
5. Ladders to Beyond (0:55)
"At the time it was all horribly real, and nothing can ever efface the memory of those nighted crypts and those half-formed shapes of hell that strode gigantically in silence, holding half-eaten things whose still surviving portions screamed for mercy or laughed with madness. Odours of incense and corruption joined in sickening concert, and the black air was alive with the semi-visible bulk of shapeless elemental things with eyes."
H.P. Lovecraft

And in the midst of this holocaust of horror, a cabalistic formula was chanted:

"Gorgo, Mormo, thousand-faced moon, look favourably on our sacrifices
6. At the Wicked Ceremonial (3:33)
Bluster spells - quite slowly
The echoes of the past fall upon us
Gift that the hybrid-blood race carried within
Unspeakable lore older than human being

Leprous black hands spreading infant blood
Till the candles of flesh, around, start to burn

At the wicked ceremonial

Offering bodies - immolation
To release the third incarnation
Shaitan almighty, soon thou shalt be free
When the peacock god Melek spreads its wings

From far beyond came our heritage
Curse brought by the Yezidi infamous clan

At the wicked ceremonial

Its ominous presence comes forth finally
Sneaking in smoke shapes through this crypt - Melek Tawûsê!
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