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TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Avatar Lyrics

Submitted by level Sun Falcon (2012-09-26)
1. Queen of Blades (4:28)
2. The Great Pretender (4:03)
Time to thrill, there's time to kill
'Til your mom's gone away
She don't want us to play

Get your cuffs, we'll be cops
I'll be good, you have been bad
You're the best that I've had

Naughty girls and naughty boys
Made the best of noise
They are best as toys

They enjoy, and they destroy
Everything they cross and they are coming for us

Let them come
Oh let them take us down, so I can be someone
You will remember

Let them come, oh let them take us down
So I can be someone
The Great Pretender

The nights are, the days are black
But we are not alone, we are a part of the show
They like to watch, they like to touch

Tickle private parts, they are my work of art
Always broke, and in debt
Never miss anything I can steal

Wet and soaked, a living dead
Scratch a wound that I don't want to heal
3. Shattered Wings (3:35)
There's something in your eyes
I saw it grow, you walked away
Someone's gonna pay...
Don't care if people die
You wouldn't stop to save a life
Let them die away
They die away

You're frozen
Parted in two
Please don't let go

Save me catch me please
Shattered wings will let you down
Someone's calling can't you hear?
Something's burning when you're near

"Oh could it be?" you ask
Could you have been somebody else?
Who were you meant to be?
They shaped you, now they're scared
The pain is back where it belongs
Scars won't go away
Won't go away

You're frozen
Parted in two
Please don't let go

Save me catch me please
Shattered wings will let you down
Someone's calling can't you hear?
Something's burning when you're near
4. Reload (4:13)
Look at how they've used you
Well they could only push you so far
Their words are drilling through you
But you're seeing light through the scars

Girl you'll go far

Engines on
We're heading out of here
Hell's lost son
Will take you in his care

Don't close your eyes
We'll shoot our way out

Don't close your eyes
Go dynamite

The cops are looking for you
And they will come for me too, don't hide
I need you now, so stay cool

We have to go, we'll break through, we ride
5. Out of Our Minds (4:29)
Is there anyway we could go faster
I have to get away, have to claim my chasm

All gone
We took a road heading for the dark now
All gone
And this road brought us all apart

We drive... Turn right
Out of our minds
We're out of our minds

No time... Shout out
Out of our minds
We're out of our minds

It was the game we played
The game became our virtue
We wanted to escape
We never meant to hurt you
6. Deeper Down (3:46)
Throw up
I need my medicine, God
Where have I been

The doorbell
I can tell
That sound from miles away

She calls me
Reminding me
It's time to shine

I'm deeper down
Deeper down the scar
I'm closer now
Closer to the stars

The night is gone, the day has come
No more rats, they've fled the sun
Rest your breath, reload your gun
Tonight we'll go again
Dawn has reached the battefield
The war is lost lay down your shield
Rest your breath and fill your glas
Tonight we'll go again

Get up
We'll rule the mountaintops, Suck
Too late to stop
No memory of yesterday
Prepare the night's return
I'm here for you
We'll get you
I'll make you burn
7. Revolution of Two (5:08)
Look at you (you, you)
Is it true
Are you here on your own (on your own, on your own)

I've waited (and waited, and waited, and waited)
It's true - Down with the king
Fight, come and claim your throne, be the star of the show

Their envy can't hurt us
We're fast and they're dead
They're stuck marching
The march of the dead will go on

Oh remember me
Remember me
Remember me, yeah!
They'll die
Die by hands of heroes
We'll live a revolution of two

Look at me (me, me)
So obscene
I was once like you
I was scared just like you

They caught me, they tried to obtaim me - They failed
Now I'm running - Running straight in to their core
Let's declare war them war - Give them something to live for

On land and on water we'll win in the air
We're outnumbered
But we've got the bombs
We won't hide
Try... You can try

Bring it on
Never in their hands
Never by their laws
We're taking back control

Come on
Never in their hands
Never in their laws
We're taking back control

Just like snow (snow, snow )
Melts away and fades in our heat
They will fall by our feet

They'll beg us for mercy but mercy won't show
They will perish
We punish where punishments due

And by the next day you'll hear them walk away
We beat them but we could not save them
They're lost

They're still marching
The march of the dead will go on
8. Roadkill (3:28)
We're heading for failure
We're all gonna die
It's the code of the roadkill

It's the call of the night
Our force is stronger than ever
And the flames grow higher now

And there's no way to make us stop, NO!
We're going down

Crawl through Gehenna
It is crossing our path
Some will be crushed and some will still stand

Whatever the cost we'll deliver
And we'll all be remembered forever

Raise your glass for all the roadkills on the side of the road
Our brothers who died by death 'n' roll
In the end we all will be roadkills out in the cold
Sister, you wen and sold your soul

May God show mercy on your soul

We're in for the pleasure
We're in for the ride
It's the way of the living

It's the way we will die
Our anger is stronger than ever
And our bounds are tighter now

And there's no time to get away, NO!
We'll take this town
9. Pigfucker (2:08)
10. Lullaby (Death All Over) (7:46)
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