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Crossworld Full Album Lyrics

Auberon - Crossworld cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-06-18)
1. Intro (2:08)
2. Vanities Fall (3:02)
They're silent, the whisperings of the dawn
It's soft, a melody calmly sung
When nothing is, all can be; the feeling grows
A crescendo of beauty and evil
Vanity-frustrations lock

A presence-always there
Face smashed into concrete walls
Vanity denied-your entrance
But it has begun!

Is it good,? is it bad,?, is it anything at all?
Explanation unjustified;
See a whole world cherish-the fall of vanity!

Love: a mating process. purpose: survival of our race
Pride: a hollow word used as an excuse
Vanity: depraved our actions. a parasite draining our earth
Vanity: the true face of evil
3. The Beast Within (3:47)
When scavenger feasts on the corpse of mankind
The illusion unveils a mask of fear
Depression a mass-psychoses
Hailed as the truth

Exploit the unnatural
Enlighten the ignorant
Specious word, eyes obscured
Can you see the beast within?

Time is the answer-pay beg buy; as you crawl
Oppress the thought, deaf to what is
Pretentious words, used to describe
Hypocritical lies, thy charm is cast!

Numb we fall
Empty phrases explain
Exploit the unnatural
Enlighten the ignorant
Specious words, eyes obscured
There is no fucking beast within
4. Hellborn (3:21)
Perfect nothing, another lie
Swallow what they feed you with
The question asked seems justified
Reality or dream
Watch and analyse-see it fall
The random pattern-is disolved

Hellborn-we must be...

Tears mould my eyes
Like thorns ever soaring
A religious contradiction i don't care to explain
The hellborn race has got a human face

The answer is obvious, yet still ignored
Children, mass-produced
Genes fixed to fit the manual
Nothing is left unkontrolled
Beautiful evil-glorified
Feasting on the corpse of our history lost
5. Ex Oblivione (3:09)
Escape the ensnaring bounds;
The ugly trifles of our existence
Clawing the dream
To be freed from the greyness of day...

I yearn for splendour-
For scented gardens and the beauty of what is denied to me
Opiate dreams takes me there, to my irradiate refuge

Shut out reality-
Close out this world which kills me with its colourless face
Artefacts of paradise they glare, and scorn me as i long

Vainly striving to get by the gate in my dream-
The key lies in the nectar of strange flower

I cut the bounds-as sleep enchains me
The gate is open-the way lies clear
6. Gaia (5:10)
As i rise to see above
As i rise to widen my reach
The morning sun, greats the day
For every tear has got a history to reveal
From the cradle to the grave
From the beginning to the end
The day will fade to night
For every laughter can tell you a tale

On wings of fire, she flies so high
To a song sung by the stars
She's on a journey,onwards through eternity
Like an eagle in the sky

A union of chaos divine
Her wings are decaying
Gaia my friend
You are dying fast
7. I See Her (3:55)
See what's before you, a relic of the purest hate
Of evil beyond all sense. do you see the living thing...
Which feeds upon your fear
It all burns within
The only way is dark, for the is darkness in us all

Hell is only a word-reality is worse
Hell... only a word-reality... is worse

I see her, the queen of satanic pleasures
The treshold to another world of chaos, of malice...
Embodied evil, sucking your emotions to torture you dead
Hell is brought upon us
For there is darkness in us all

She has been beyond the stars, where fire lurks
She has seen the wicked way, the wicked way is she!
Abominate, it kills, for it is the only way it knows
For there is evil,
8. A Bleeding Work of Art (3:14)
Place the first cut-precision indeed;
Skin from skin-flesh from flesh
The line is followed to its end
Treat the wound with acid-to explore the unknown
Hands digging deeper-tearing out intestines

Ripping-tearing-slash the limbs of the fragile sculpture
Pleasure-from pain-as i become a bleeding work of art

Bones are mangled beyond recognition
Raping the essence of the human soul
Creating a masterpiece of macabre beauty
Study the reaction-embrace the pain
Cutting, hacking, stabbing, pounding, digging deeper

Liquid coagulate,
Unbearable stench
From beauty to art;
A bleeding, dying, work of art

Bones are mangled-precision indeed
Raping the essence-flesh from flesh
The line is followed, a masterpiece of the twisted
Treat the wound with acid-embrace the pain!
9. Forbidden (3:51)
Screaming as the glass penetrates the skin
Quo status lost, pressed to a limit, forced to act
The razorblade turns red as it cuts through your wrist
See them-stripped of all their dignity

Hear the voices from the masses
"we are the ones-a forbidden race"
Fear the revolution
Comfort is always given to late

Pushing forward, no time left no rest
Faster and faster; the rhythm of the world we live
Muscles tensed'n sweat is poring as you pull the trigger
See them-stripped of all humility

Echoes of a fragile thought
A masquerade of faces
Strangers we are a
So see me...
Rejected logic
Obtained by force
A final hit
And then i fall-as you see me...

Take the bullet in your head
Swallow the poison-the taste is sweet
Why pretend to like it, when you can love it?
Cheer the sound of a broken neck
Forbidden evil-twisted into forms-

Generations created by commercial fashions
Fascistic ideas-now accepted
Monumental stupidity; a complex of terror
See me-still i scream
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