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Out on the Street Lyrics

Asiana - Out on the Street cover art

Out on the Street

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  88.5 / 100
Votes :  25
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-03-03)
1. Breaking Out (4:30)
Really don't know which
way to go Don't know what to do Whatever the decision It's up to you Yeah~

Standing here wet in the rain. Only feeling pain All these years I Worked so hard now wasted in vain here must be
a better life. Place or better way for me The future's so dark I can't see Can you lead the way through

Breaking Out Breaking Free Stuck in the rat race Break
out a this place

I said I don't know where to turn My mind turning at high speed So many things rushing through my head My thoughts they must be freed

Down the hi-way I drive so
fast Not the first and not the last I love this road It's
winding turns Speed limit now is sixty- five Past me hundred feel so alive Cop on my tail The chase is on Got a turbo and a blower like a flash I'm gone

Breaking Out Breaking Free Stuck in the rat race Breaking out a this road

Now I know the way to go
You must go fast
You can't go slow The road is straight It's the last mile
I Broke Out Can you see my smile
2. Struggle (4:30)
Been strugging now since
I was two This struggle now
is nothing new Yeah ~ Yeah

Now I got a gibson with
a strat Nothing now can hold me back We needed cash so we dig a gig It wasn't small And it was not so big

like a lonely star Nwo I'm shining bright There's no more struggle we won the fight

Now we're at the top there's no more fight Headlinung gigs and jamming everynight whisky wine and woman all the time first we drink and smoke and then we slide

We play now all over the
world checking out the countries sampling all their girls if yous you're young and struggling take it easy don't
go fast The road is long and hard But your chance will come at last

Like a lonely star Now I'm shining bright There's no more struggle We won the fight Like a lonely star Now I'm shining bright There's no more
struggle We won the fight
3. Tom Kat (5:19)
Watch the way he moves,
he's a real Tom Kat See his slanky strut, Wanting Action Checking out the felines only wanting satisfaction very some one new and some one tight

When other cat's see him,
they alwys stand aside He's on the move now, Need a kitty to ride Get a mean reputation
in this Jungle he is king Knowing all the time can get almost anything That he wants

He's a real Tom Kat Now on the move He's gone Hunting
for some pussy meeds a little bit a pop

Moving out quick now
Faster down the street He's got the knack and got know How Fast with words and on his feet Does his best
between the sheets All the felines think He's so very sweet
4. Paradom (5:39)
Try to run Try to hide If they catch you Your in for a ride
To the place You must call home I know you've heard
of the paradom

They ride iron horses for
the attack Once you're there
You can't come back
When you arrive at the gate There isn't time to hesitate
It's so dark There is no sound Beacause it's so deep underground

Paradom Paradom
Paradom Paradom

If by chance you get caught In the outer boundries of the lot They'll tie you up and beat you down Then they'll take you underground
5. Out on the Street (4:15)
Out on street There's no
place to go People all around me No one I want to know

Hookers on the corner
Cops in their cruisers Riding down the strips Keep on eye on the ladies Doing the bump and grind If you don't watch them They'll rip you off blind
It happens all the time

Out on the street No place to go Not a penney To my name Feeling down and sleazy

Wino's in the alley a dealer in his van His partner on the corner watching for the man

He's been burnt before can't stand it no more This times the last twelve gauge blast Dealer and his partner dealt their last draw The money was quick and sweet now their dead on the street

Out on the street No place to go Not a penney To my name Feeling mean and sleazy

Every where you look
They're begging for some change junkies need their fix Just to get some kicks
That's the way it is Out on
the streets Got a get out of these streers Get the hell out of this place
6. Missing You (4:40)
언젠가 난 그대 떠나가던
그날 이슬비로 나의맘을
적시우고 돌아섰네 서로를
느끼면서 하지만

난 바라보네 그대와 바랜
추억속을 난 영원히 그대가
나의 연인이라고 난 지금도
그대가 나의 꿈일거라고

홀로선 난 이제 그대 향한
아픔 시간속에 묻어둔 그날
이후 환상속을 헤매었지만
그건 나의 꿈이어도
그 환상속에 머물고 싶어
난 영원히 그대가 나의

난 지금도 그대가 나의
꿈일거라고 난 영원히
그렇게 간직하지만
난 지금도 그렇게
7. Asiana (5:53)
Into the night I'm on a trip
To the centre of my soul
Cry for love Shout for freedom
I can get what I want

Somebody said your living too fast I said I'll take care of myself Walk this road through the storm till the end of the time

Where is the Eden of East Everybody try in to seek In the gears of turning time It's just from your dreams from inner desire ASIANA ASIANA


I'm the one You are my match Gonna slip inside to you girl Rock the night Roll you over You shouldn't turn me on tonight

My blood is running so fast
I wanna make it last Nothing's gonna stop me burning Over and over Burning and turning
8. Dancing All Alone (4:34)
We grew up together in
a small seaside town Holding Hands on the beach looking
for shells on the ground Never gathering much only our love We found so strong was our love by rings thap we were bound

Then I stayed by the sea
close to my home The feeling so right You felt hungry for fame You wanted the city
could feel those bright lights Dancing all alone As the time passed by

Dancing all alone I often wonders why Dancing all alone No one could have known Dancing all alone Dancing all alone

We made a promise to write everyday You letters stoped
I wrote any ways During
each time for hours I wrote Enjoying the big time
You couldn't drop a note

Always thinking about my love Never left my mind You had new friends and new lovers
In your new life You couldn't fine the time

It hurts so much I have to scream At the top of my lungs The pain so sharp I have
Loud like bells that have rung
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