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Paramnesia Full Album Lyrics

Altars - Paramnesia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-29)
1. Mare (5:43)
Pregnant with filth
Exit the womb
Of sperm and ovum
Incubated waste stirs
Torn from this solar tomb
Unbirthed disgrace
Release anmiotic vomit
Inhale atmospheric breath
Entangled in the umbilical noose
The abortion frees
Submerge in this sea of light
And bloom like algae
2. Terse (1:26)
How quickly it becomes
A revenant once born
Insolent, Impudent
Foul mutated sperm
Devolved into this beast
Horrendus form
Blind with ignorance
Turn loose upon this world
3. Khaz'neh (7:49)
Crushing under immense regret
The weight of loyalty
Trapping, soul raped before you rise
Devotion leaves you old
Crawl... drag stone to build your shrine
Embrace the flesh, bow
Fall... as landscapes grasp for air, breathe in
Absorb god, swallow all
Awaking to futures
Rituals erase the past
Fleeting, ancient pathways crumble
It swarms out from the gate
No ground on which to pray
Falling upward to the light
Suffocate - Inhale souls
Spores of flesh
Asphyxiate Crawl... drag flesh to create man
Consume the stone, fall
Burn... a rotting carcass sleeps
Unbirth its throne, writhe
Wake... bury god in the ground
Lurking, a dormant corpse lies
4. Solar Barge (8:07)
Begin the migration, unfeeling death
Upon unsacred earth
Uncoiling, underground, a steaming mess
Go forth through the dark
Onward the procession march
Vacate this barren husk
Consulting unholy tablets
Heavenly bodies lure the mass
Fibrous sinew becomes weak
The vessel is its tomb
A receptacle of desperation
To renezvous with oblivion
Into that which begat endless chaos
MONOLITH clothed with woven skin
MEGALITH vast unpure
Death, feast to digest
Excrete anew
5. Husk (3:43)
Castrated, prostrate in prayer
Address THE VOID, helpless
Advancing forward, upon the horde
THE MONOLITH tires, erect with force
Cumulus obscures
heavenly light
Nebulous invasive filth
Degraded, agape and raw
Messiah, his divine will
Perverted, emaculated whore
Obscure the Sun
Chain the god
Expose the maw
Hearald the return
6. Paramnesia I: Descent (4:32)
Noctilucent, eclipsed by the Sun
Desparation, encroaching Solar tomb
Flagellation, scarred by your descent to the ocean
Solaris, ungodly sea, churns with consternation
Turbulence rips at the flesh to mould the structure
Sacred ritual usurps corporeal vessel
Messianic, twelve tones your guide
Transcendence, the Zone lies unspoiled
Approach THE CHASM
Entwined with vestigial forms
Our anitpodean bretheren
Of unwanted foreign particles
Shed this godless passion
Unwelcome petulant hope
Lay bare on the ashes
Exhaled as smoke
Unable to repent
Dissolve into dust
Invoke a cosmic deity
To ignite the husk
Helpless thirst for light
Shackles brace all time
Clouded thoughts diffused
Elements torn in spite
Altered state obscures
Vacuum screams death hymns
Unfolding barren wasteland
Suspended eternal void
7. Paramnesia II: Gibbous (1:13)
8. Paramnesia III: Ouroboros (10:05)
Putrid, dilated cervix rejects
Bloated sack of foetid pulp
Defecated once again
Spawned anew to decompose
Remove the foreskin shroud
Cosmic Mohel tears the dermis
Reborn into ritualistic being
Incomplete mind and phallus
Sentient lurking afterbirth
Unraped virgin dimensions
Screaming columns show the path
Towering mass of living meat
Unhuman lamps with weeping scars
Bow down in deference
Baptised in Khaz'neh's bowel
Anointed with menstrual blood
Bathed in the creator's seed
Unloved by his congregants
Defiled by this sacred lust
Devotion is renounced
Seek out unholy matriarch
Retreat into the solar womb
Stitch shut gateway of light
Stillborn zygote, aborted life
Self devouring virus
Self righteous sycophant
Self destructing automaton
Ad infinitum
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