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Gloomlights Full Album Lyrics

Airs - Gloomlights cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Shoegaze
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Submitted by level ― (2013-07-04)
Disc 1  
1. Harvest Moon (9:21)
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. You (4:00)
Stamp your feet, gnash your teeth, I don't give a damn.
You don't deserve a thing you've been given.
And I swear to you right now that as soon as I can, I won't hesitate to hit right back.

Go around and stir up the crowd, whatever you think will do.
Nothing's gonna happen, they all hate you too.

Pitch a fit, cry your tears, just a waste of time.
You won't get a thing you're begging for.
And I swear to you right now that if you ever can, I will make sure you understand that.
3. White Rose (2:32)
I spoke to you the other day on the phone, you didn't seem yourself.
Are you all right? What happened? I'm here if you need me.
That bastard doesn't deserve you. He treats you like shit, I don't see what you see in him.
I can't even stand to be in the same room with him.
He doesn't get you the way I do.

The toy box full of memories, it still sits in my room.
We know eachother like siblings, but it doesn't feel the same.
The toy box full of memories, it still stays in my mind.
I've known you like a sister, but I still don't feel that way.

Do you feel like this or am I losing it?
I won't say anything that would ruin it.
Let's dig out those old toys, just us two, and see what we find.
4. Knee-Deep in the Dead (3:24)
Your icon of sin isn't gonna scare me away, you'll have to do better than fancy decorations.
Your abominations are nothing before the heat of my shotgun, and you're just a brain in the wall.
Now feel the bones in my fist crack against your face, I'm just one man but I'm much too much for you.
Look at your blood on the floor.

You think we're done, but we're not.
We haven't even started.
While I reload, I'll be watching you bleed out.
5. Heart (4:47)
You tore it away.
You tore my life away from me.
I look to you as an example of worthlessness.
You still think we're okay, like none of it happened.
Are you really so selfish?

How are you able to forget this?
I am glad you don't have a beating heart in your chest.
All that wasted time loving you, with oh so little in return.

I felt so helpless.
I knew I loved you, but it wasn't for sure.
I liked to feel worth it.

So I pushed everyone away just like you wanted
6. Hollow (4:15)
Gonna break into pieces on this floor here, just so I can't do it again.
A solitary light catches my eye.
Catches my eye.
Just around the corner is someone moving.
She is lost and looking around.
I feel like I've seen her once, like in a dream.
Like in a dream.

How could all of this happen to her?
Why did all of this happen to her?

A solitary light catches my eye.
Catches my eye and pulls me in.
The cobblestone feels like ice and it hurts.
Is it over?
7. Caves (1:14)
Delving far below the surface, carefully.
Keeping up my strength, don't want to exhaust it all too soon.
Stalking entities, they dwell just out of sight.
Can't make any noise at all, mustn't look away for too long.

I'm going on no more than strength of will, crashing forth, ever in the dark.
Glowing objects catch my eye.
Full pack, I hope I can make it back home in time.
When I turn briskly to leave, a frowning green gaze.
8. Feathers (3:55)
You told me, "I'll really miss you if you leave. You're the only one here who listens to what I say."
I told you, "I'm sorry, I can't stay here. You're such a great girl and I will remember you."

Stop looking so sweet and naive, with your oval-frame glasses and permanent smile.
You just sit there, so quiet and lonely, and I think I should be right there with you.
Stop acting so god damn great, when you're already getting the things you deserve.
He seems really nice and good to you.
Probably better than I could ever be.

I can't compete with that.

Don't make me compete with that.
9. Halfway There (3:39)
Tell me, What do I do to get you out of this?
To get you out of this constant monotony, it's just not good for you.
You know, I really just want all the fun times to come back.
I think it's good you're on your own, but why do we grow apart?

You're turning into someone else, I didn't recognize you at the thing.
It's like the routine's changing you. Are all my memories just that?

Hey, now, you really should go.
Go outside and get some fresh air, before I lose you.
Come on, you really should go.
Come outside I haven't forgotten you yet.
10. Butterfly (5:12)
11. The Watchers (3:39)
Sitting silently, I look across the soaken street.
I see myself just looking back at me as though I were a ghost.
What could this mean? I do not think things like this are real.
I wave my hand and it just frowns and mouths words to me.

Sometimes It feels like life is a memory, an unlit gallery, you see what you want to see.
Everywhere I go I feel it's always there.
It's nothing I can ever bear, I'll just have to think it through.
Disc 2  
1. Scene (3:10)
2. Ghost (3:46)
Tragedy has befallen the once bright home of a family that lived a cursed life.
With shattered minds and broken smiles, they all fell together, into the same pile.
Sometimes these things happen for a reason, but there'll never be a sure explanation.
3. Gloomlights (10:54)
The people in the fog look at me with smiling faces, like I'm one of them, and I've no reason to doubt it.
Empty houses, once full of happy families, are all that remain of their presence.
They're all gone, so it's sad but only to those who live.
The dead have no regrets because regrets are always.
The earth is growing on its own, carrying on as it should and nothing is lost to anyone who would care.
4. Movement (13:20)
Carrying on our backs a burden that others wouldn't expect, a disconcerting decision that many would just shrug off.
How will it work, will we just give it a try and hope for the best, or will we just follow the directions and not risk so much?
Your sinister demeanor is getting the better of me, this will not do.

Breaking through, to the end of the earth, maybe we'll find something there that we can use.
Cracks in the floor just beneath our feet, watch your step or you might plummet downward, to the core.
The core of our knowledge, what's known to a man.

What can change the nature of a man?
A man that knows everything, a man that is unchanged by those around him because he expects it all.

Don't just give me a wave and tell me to go on, this topic is crucial to the discovery of our inner impulsions.
5. Velvet (8:54)
They can break us down
They can destroy us
They can eat us alive
They will follow through
And we'll be forgotten, like so much filth. We can hold them off for so long, before the inevitable.
6. Cascades of Grey (6:27)
Upon the street, fallen and paralyzed.
What happens now is clear.
For anyone to take notice would be a surprise.

Ever since I lost her, there's nothing left.
Nothing left to feel, taste, smell.
It's all pointless without the smell of her sweet skin the warmth of her breath on my cheek.
Nothing I achieved was as strong and vibrant as the light she had glimmering in her eyes for so long.
7. Shift (Repeat) (9:57)
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