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I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra Full Album Lyrics

Abhor - I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra cover art

I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > A > Abhor Lyrics (22) > I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-16)
1. Wizard (5:48)
Governing the nature I live. One thousand astral battles against one thousand enemies. One hundred years ago, but like now. The world belong to me, its energy belong to me, so the light like the obscurity, in a game of equilibrium, in a law, universal.

Status iste procellis subiacet innumeris et finis ad alta levatis est ruere. Heu tremulum magnorum culmen honorum, spesque hominum fallax et inanis gloria fictis ilitia blanditiis! Heu vita incerta labori dedita perpetuo, semperque heu certa nec unquam sat mortis provisa dies! Heu surtis inique natus homo in terris! Moriturus ad astra scandere querit homo.

From the smaller temple to the Great Pantheon, I'll there untill the day of Doom, like man or like spirit, my essence will be mend for to crown by the Old Man. Just prize for my sacrifice, Just merit for the accomplishment of my duty. Otherwise only putrefy ground.
2. Incubus Carnis (1:02)
3. Paranormal Mantric Experience I: Pentaculum (3:13)
4. Spellbound Atmosphere of Fiendish Calm (5:18)
Receive the secrets of the forbidden arts. Entwine among dreadful whispers since the dark will be your guide. Spellbound atmosphere of fiendish calm the hand to me joined already point out the way. Like dust of the earth your breath will wind the bodies and from the black throne your horns they will rise to your enemy. King of Depth , show them your force narrate them the worst of the nightmares. They in the dark will awaken our eyes, gallivanting without stop the run of the thoughts, where the flames unite with the mystery, and the dark doesn' t meet the light ever. Dark your seal, you raise the pentacle among the impassive glaciers you pick the boldness, since great will be your victory. From the tenebrous empire already belches your howl of victory
5. Trees of Stone (6:23)
Elunh, Earth, come to me, come to me!
Amril, Fire, come to me, come to me!
Wuath, Wave, come to me, come to me!
Thlimè, Wind, come to me, come to me!

From the wind, the voices of thousand masters I feel, teachings fixed in megalythics altars, the sky is now designed on the earth and the energy disposed like the cloth of a sage spider, funeral temples like dimensional gates.

Ars moriendi, Tempus fugit!

Much is that the man has lost, moon and stars were his memory, you are there, oh colossus, to the shade of a millennial yew tree and I still don' t understand the mysteries that you conceal. Anything is eternal, but you are deathless, son of the raffishness, are you ready to return?

Oh Spiriti del Nord, delle nevi profonde e delle notti lunghe delle terre settentrionali!
Oh antenati i cui spiriti rifulgono luminosi nei cieli stellati!
Oh creature dell' oscurità vellutata, antichi maestri dell' inverno!
Rendete omaggio a questo nostro rito sacro, come noi rendiamo omaggio a Voi.
Fateci sentire la vostra presenza.

Elunh, Earth, Evil, Evil!
Amril, Fire, Evil, Evil!
Wuath, Wave, Evil, Evil!
Thlimè, Wind, Evil, Evil!

De profundis clamavi…et misericordia nociva est!

Giant of stone that you possess the Knowledge, feel my soul that floats in a limbonic learning
6. Serpens. Misericordia Nociva (2:04)
Qui fert malis auxilium, post tempus dolet. Gelu rigentem quidam colubram sustulit. Sinuque fovit, contra se ipse misericors; Namque ut refecta est, nequit hominem protinus. Hanc alia cum rogaret causam facinoris, respondit: "Ne qis discat prodesse improbis
7. Paranormal Mantric Experience II: Signa Stellarum Nigrarum (2:30)
8. Dark Glory`s Magnificence (5:46)
The fog is loweringwraping up the frozen wood, while the light is chokeing, and the darkness' magnificence rases its dominion. Light, cursed light, here is the shadow' s mantle that awakes my nights, drove from the nearest voice to the brightest black moon, passageing uneraseing border of wisdom. The candles will turns off to the step of our black cloacks, from the darkest soul of cursed look to we concess with the obscure gift. Sofferent corpses wraped like serpents' orgies, the black flame lights up my way, my sword shows its glittering blade greasy of unpower purity and the waters will be turbid, the earth opens its form, the dark skyes by fade air, and the fire will lights up the seal of our proteiform faces with purple lips coloured. Damned will rese the magic emblem, symbol of obscure eternal force, without erasely trace but swindler signs. Here is the icy slyness descends from the blackest abyss between a war of roses and blood, admireing our immortality beside from the black seal. Blowing of death for you poor illuse, frighted souls from your god, the wolf is howling to our victory, howl to you flock of free sheeps, all was wrote, wrote in the stars, and we proceed the way between brumbles and ravens.
9. Endless Cosciential Journey (6:47)
10. Magica Salamandra (1:55)
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