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Scatter the Flowers on Her Mutilated Torso / A Tribute to the Lives I've Taken

LabelsLofty Storm Records
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Scatter the Flowers on Her Mutilated Torso / A Tribute to the Lives I've Taken Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Decomposing Serenity - Tuck the Bodies in Before You Sleep0:36-0
2.Decomposing Serenity - Women's Severed Feet0:58-0
3.Decomposing Serenity - Mangled Creatures of Mine in Red1:08-0
4.Decomposing Serenity - Display of Noses in My Coffin0:50-0
5.Decomposing Serenity - Scatter the Flowers on Her Mutilated Torso1:11-0
6.Decomposing Serenity - Horror Tunes and Dying Children1:02-0
7.Decomposing Serenity - Loving Her Neck Stump0:41-0
8.Decomposing Serenity - Dissected Necks Around My Bed0:43-0
9.Decomposing Serenity - Bodies Dissected over Supper0:37-0
10.Decomposing Serenity - Voices in My Head, Organs in My Mouth0:37-0
11.Decomposing Serenity - Rejoice as I Gouge My Eyeballs0:57-0
12.Decomposing Serenity - Candles for Little Girls Who Like Corpses0:49-0
13.Decomposing Serenity - Today We'll Paint with Emily's Blood0:35-0
14.Decomposing Serenity - This Band-Aid Is Too Small for My Cut0:54-0
15.Decomposing Serenity - I Love Consuming the Body While the Ghost Haunts Me0:48-0
16.Decomposing Serenity - Turn Her Head Around and Chew Her Lips Off0:53-0
17.Decomposing Serenity - Pose the Deceased for His Family0:52-0
18.Decomposing Serenity - I Perform for the Decayed0:21-0
19.Microphallus - Stabbing My Way to Ecstasy0:30-0
20.Microphallus - Snuff High0:43-0
21.Microphallus - Dark Stains of a Sociopathic Rage0:50-0
22.Microphallus - Stimulating Scents of a Week Old Victim0:17-0
23.Microphallus - Ng0:51-0
24.Microphallus - Sado-Masterpiece1:01-0
25.Microphallus - Making My Living Through Mass Carnage0:52-0
26.Microphallus - Lives End, Corpses Are Kept1:23-0
27.Microphallus - Beauty Enhanced by Necrosis1:20-0
28.Microphallus - Basic Torture Procedure (Regurgitate cover)0:54-0
29.Microphallus - Foul Feculent Floorboard Cadavers1:00-0
30.Microphallus - Murder Without Motive1:12-0
31.Microphallus - Flayed Faces0:45-0
32.Microphallus - 1932-20010:59-0
33.Microphallus - Arousing Epileptic Froth1:07-0
34.Microphallus - Acidic Secretions0:56-0
35.Microphallus - Trophies from the Womb0:52-0
36.Microphallus - Chase Had Great Taste1:35-0
37.Microphallus - The Eroticism of Her Wounds0:45-0
38.Microphallus - Far Beyond the Flesh0:54-0
39.Microphallus - A Tribute to the Lives I've Taken1:20-0

Line-up (members)

  • Decomposing Serenity
  • Witter Cheng : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Recorded in the summer of 2001.
Mixed and mastered at The House That Gacy Built.

Identifiers :
Barcode: 7899004729948

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