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"If music be the food of love, play on"

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Artist name Genres Country Albums Votes Date
preview Genocide Generator Grindcore, Brutal Death Metal, Industrial Metal Germany 2 2 2017-09-18
preview Tyakrah Atmospheric Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal Germany 1 1 2017-09-15
preview Brünndl Pagan Black Metal Italy 2 2 2017-09-14
preview Fellwarden Atmospheric Black Metal, Blackgaze, Post-Rock United Kingdom 1 1 2017-09-07
preview Mediis Tenebris Depressive Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal France 1 1 2017-09-01
preview Codeia Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Post-Rock Germany 1 1 2017-08-31
preview SaaR Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Post-Rock France 1 1 2017-08-31
preview Wampyrinacht Black Metal Greece 1 1 2017-06-01
preview Gentaro Satomura Neoclassical Metal, Shred Japan 2 1 2017-03-26
preview Pure Wrath Atmospheric Black Metal Indonesia 1 2 2017-02-26
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cover art Artist name Album title Release date Rating Votes Date
2 X Again preview Michael Angelo Batio preview 2 X Again  [Compilation] 2007-11-05 80 1 2017-09-25
Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ preview Dragon Guardian preview Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~  [EP] 2016-01-13 80 1 2017-09-23
忠臣蔵鬼倒伝 preview Dragon Guardian preview 忠臣蔵鬼倒伝 2014-01-15 65 1 2017-09-22
Eternal Sword preview Dragon Guardian preview Eternal Sword  [Single] 2014 65 1 2017-09-22
Swordmaster from the Eternal Sky preview Dragon Guardian preview Swordmaster from the Eternal Sky  [EP] 2013-08-21 75 1 2017-09-22
新選組魔戦記 preview Dragon Guardian preview 新選組魔戦記 2011-05-11 65 1 2017-09-21
新選組悲恋歌 preview Dragon Guardian preview 新選組悲恋歌  [EP] 2010-12-31 55 1 2017-09-21
新選組散華録 preview Dragon Guardian preview 新選組散華録  [EP] 2010-10-31 55 1 2017-09-21
Velga preview Dragon Guardian preview Velga  [EP] 2010-05-15 75 1 2017-09-21
III preview Genocide Generator preview III 2017-03-10 90 1 2017-09-18
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preview  Jupiter  -  preview  Tears of the Sun (2017)  [EP] (85/100)    2017-05-26
Tears of the Sun After the departure of bassist Masashi and drummer Yuki, Jupiter released the single "The Spirit Within Me", which featured Rucy and Daisuke playing bass and drums, respectively, as guest musicians. However, it wasn't long before they joined Jupiter as band members. A few months later, the new line-up released their latest work: "Tears of the Sun".

There are several things that quite surprised me whilst listening to this EP. First of all, their sound is progressively becoming darker. Unlike many bands who soften throughout the years, Jupiter seem to have much interest in adding death metal traits -we could already see this in previous songs such as "Allegory Cave" or "Darkness"- and atmospheric elements into their musical pieces -just listen to the track "The Crucifixion"-. It is precisely in this song where Zin delivers an impressive performance by blending his tenor voice with death metal growls. Nevertheless, Jupiter's unique sound is still very recognizable, and a great example of it is the title track, in which the initial chorus followed by a blast of symphonic metal and the melodic, neoclassical and highly proficient guitar solos by Hizaki and Teru are the band’s trademark.

Secondly, the production –both mixing and mastering- is simply flawless. It is so polished that it reminded me of albums like “Into the Legend” by Rhapsody of Fire, where it is a noticeable feature. Moreover, the lyrics fit in extremely well with the aforementioned dark sound. Although I don’t understand Japanese, the English verses depict feelings of struggle in our current society, going against the established order and so forth: “Live the pain and keep the struggle alive” or "I don't know why I was given breath, yet I still must go find the answer, no matter what". Finally, the musicianship is undeniable. Regarding the new members, their contribution is significant and they have their moments –for instance, the bass in “We Against” and in “Guilty as Sin” or the drumming in the third track-, but the symphonic elements and the guitars are the evident focus, and they take the stage.

Overall, Tears of the Sun is a really good release which represents the new phase Jupiter is entering. Not only have they maintained their characteristic sound, but they are also taking a new direction into heavier territories, in my opinion. Highly recommended for symphonic/power metal fans.

Originally written for: http://www.metalmusicarchives.com/
preview  Eximperitus  -  preview  Prajecyrujučy sinhuliarnaje wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha j Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła skroź šaścihrannuju pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība na hipierpawierchni (2016) (70/100)    2016-06-15
Prajecyrujučy sinhuliarnaje wypramieńwańnie Daktryny Absaliutnaha j Usiopahłynaĺnaha Zła skroź šaścihrannuju pryzmu Sîn-Ahhī-Erība na hipierpawierchni I am not a big fan of brutal death metal, but this album's unusual title and its dark and eerie cover art definitely caught my attention.

Regarding the music, I believe that the vocal work is quite average. In fact, the singing sounds similar to other innumerable bands, and the mediocre production of the album does not help to solve it. Nevertheless, the instrumental work is fairly good and creates an obscure atmosphere throughout the record. Those ephemeral and sinister Middle Eastern melodies are the best part of it.

In relation to the rest of "Prajecyrujučy sinhuliarnaje...", there are many different elements present in the cover art and within the enigmatic lyrics, which must contain hidden meanings and deep symbolism. However, the whole thing seems very complicated, and I do not have the time nor the will to decipher it.

Finally, I would recommend listening to this album only because of its occultism and strange attractiveness. Perhaps, I will listen to it again someday.

An interesting analysis of the title and cover art can be found here: http://canthisevenbecalledmusic.com/explaining-eximperitus
preview  Symfonia  -  preview  In Paradisum (2011) (70/100)    2016-04-25
In Paradisum This album has been strongly criticised by a huge part of the metal community. It is true that with this experienced and masterful line-up anyone would expect a memorable album. Of course, this is not the case. In Paradisum lacks originality and creativity, its production and covert art are mediocre, the composition is very generic, the vocals are weak in several songs and many lyrics are cheesy and boring. So what? This does not mean that it is a bad album. In fact, it is quite solid for a power metal album. We could highlight the following elements, which make In Paradisum a plain, yes, but enjoyable album nonetheless: catchy and powerful choruses, very well executed guitar and keyboard solos, well-placed interludes, nice melodies overall and some meaningful lyrics.

What we have before us is a power metal album in every sense of the word. This will not be an album to be remembered, a masterpiece or a classic. In Paradisum is just another good power metal album, generic and extremely influenced by other great power metal bands, but entertaining and convincing enough if you listen through it.
2 X Again preview  Michael Angelo Batio  -  preview  2 X Again (2007)  [Compilation] (80/100)    2017-09-25
Very nice compilation album.
Boundless preview  Pomegranate Tiger  -  preview  Boundless (2015) (85/100)    2017-09-25
Excellent instrumental progressive metal album.
Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  Ragnarok ~神々の黄昏~ (2016)  [EP] (80/100)    2017-09-24
Excellent melodic and technical work.
少年騎士と3人の少女の英雄詩 preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  少年騎士と3人の少女の英雄詩 (2015) (75/100)    2017-09-24
Another good symphonic power metal album by this band.
輪廻のウロボロス preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  輪廻のウロボロス (2015) (70/100)    2017-09-24
It's interesting to listen to a Dragon Guardian's album with some trance metal and melodic death metal vocals on it.
忠臣蔵鬼倒伝 preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  忠臣蔵鬼倒伝 (2014) (65/100)    2017-09-23
Enjoyable symphonic power metal album with folk metal influences.
Eternal Sword preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  Eternal Sword (2014)  [Single] (65/100)    2017-09-22
I preferred the use of chiptune in their EP "Fairytale".
Swordmaster from the Eternal Sky preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  Swordmaster from the Eternal Sky (2013)  [EP] (75/100)    2017-09-22
Another good symphonic power metal album by Dragon Guardian.
The Best of Dragon Guardian Saga preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  The Best of Dragon Guardian Saga (2012)  [Compilation] (90/100)    2017-09-22
This is indeed the best of Dragon Guardian. A delight to the ear.
Polyphony preview  Dragon Guardian  -  preview  Polyphony (2012) (75/100)    2017-09-22
Quite good symphonic power metal album with neoclassical influences.
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Life Life (100/100)    2017-08-31
preview  Adagio  -  preview  Life (2017)
Led Zeppelin IV Stairway to Heaven (100/100)    2017-07-20
preview  Led Zeppelin  -  preview  Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Led Zeppelin IV Rock and Roll (100/100)    2017-07-20
preview  Led Zeppelin  -  preview  Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Led Zeppelin IV Black Dog (100/100)    2017-07-20
preview  Led Zeppelin  -  preview  Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Led Zeppelin III Since I've Been Loving You (100/100)    2017-07-18
preview  Led Zeppelin  -  preview  Led Zeppelin III (1970)
Over Wide Spaces Wings' Motion (90/100)    2017-06-08
preview  Concordea  -  preview  Over Wide Spaces (2017)
Over Wide Spaces Breathe New Life (90/100)    2017-06-08
preview  Concordea  -  preview  Over Wide Spaces (2017)
oltreLuna [.subLuce.] (90/100)    2017-06-03
preview  Progenie Terrestre Pura  -  preview  oltreLuna (2017)
oltreLuna [.Pianeta.Zero.] (90/100)    2017-06-03
preview  Progenie Terrestre Pura  -  preview  oltreLuna (2017)
An Extraconscious Lucidity Pyre of Ascendance (90/100)    2017-05-25
preview  Mare Cognitum  -  preview  An Extraconscious Lucidity (2012)
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