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The Last Crystal Bearer Lyrics

Twilight Force - At the Heart of Wintervale

At the Heart of Wintervale

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Symphonic Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Ranked#15 for 2023 , #1,491 all-time
Album rating :  85.4 / 100
Votes :  31
8. The Last Crystal Bearer (10:20)
Track rating :  84.4 / 100       Votes :  9       [ ]
"I have spent all these years
Learning the simplest spells
But is there something more
Something beyond death?

There in the dark vaults
He found a magic tome
A book so long forgotten
A secret from the dark

"What is this?
Magic from the netherworld?"

Spells of the night resurrecting the dead
Deep in the halls where his path has led
Dark magic curses surging through his veins
But the power was too strong to contain

[Wizard apprentice:]
"What is the meaning of this?!
I could see a light!
What are you doing here? In these dark vaults?
These are forbidden spells you fool!"

"What have I done?
I let curiosity get the best of me
But the arcane forces were too strong
Too enticing
You do not know the powers of the dark!"

So he was brought before the guild -
The Arcane Tribunal

[The Arcane Tribunal:]
"You have failed us!
You have betrayed us all"

So his time at Winterreach
Came to an end without warning
So he paid the price of meddling with necromancy
Condemnation he could not foresee

[The Arcane Tribunal:]
"Gather your belongings now and leave this place behind
May you find your path again."

Broken and angered
He knew in his heart
He was destined for greater things to come
The Arcane Tribunal
Banished him for good
But time had come to heed the call

[The Arcane Tribunal:]
"Warlock, you stand here before us, for committing the unspeakable act of performing necromancy."
"We put our faith in you and your magic proficiency. We saw so much potential."
"This is a betrayal of cosmic proportions. Such treachery does not go unpunished."

"Your cowardice is pitiful!
You do not know the arcane powers of the dark realms!
I have beheld them!

[The Arcane Tribunal:]
"Silence! We have heard it all before!
You are hereby excommunicated from the Arcane University
Whatever wretched path you have chosen, may it not corrupt you further. Begone!"

"Curse you! I shall avenge this injustice and become more powerful than you could ever imagine!
All shall tremble before me!"

Time went passing by
As he travelled far across the lands
Until the day
When he found the prophecy
There was a way
For the kingdoms to be saved
Five heroes to be found
The Twilight Force

"He found them at last"
"They are gathered now"

Lynd, the bearer of the crystal of fate
"Death comes to us all. Sometimes when least expected."
Crystal of life in the hands of Born
"Every living thing has a voice. Just listen."
Allyon, with the Crystal of Kings
"The fate of the world, imbued in us all."
Crystal of Elements for Aerendir
"The wind and the sea. The whispers of truth."
De'Azsh possessing the Crystal of Souls
"That which has no will, has no power."

"They were the five heroes -
And together with me, wielding the Crystal of Time
Became the Twilight Force."

"Nothing is eternal, not even death
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Twilight Force - At the Heart of Wintervale
At the Heart of Wintervale - Album Credits
  • Allyon (Alessandro Conti) : Vocals
  • Lynd (Philip Lindh) : Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lute
  • Aerendir : Rhythm Guitar
  • Blackwald (Eldhrimnir) : Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Cembalo
  • Born (Borne) : Bass
  • De'Azsh (Isak Olsson) : Drums
Additional musicians
  • Kristin Starkey : Vocals (track 8), Choirs
Other staff
  • Lynd (Philip Lindh) : Producer, Engineer, Art Direction
  • Blackwald (Eldhrimnir) : Producer, Engineer, Art Direction
  • Simone Mularoni : Mastering Engineer
  • Kerem Beyit : Cover Artwork
  • Allyon (Alessandro Conti) : Art Direction, Design
  • Tullius Heuer : Sleeve Design
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