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Congratulations Lyrics

Hollywood Vampires - Rise


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock
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16. Congratulations (3:31)
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall fear no evil
It walks near me, it smiles, it shows its teeth
Not from above but from beneath
It laughs in my face but not at my faith
The dark looks for me and can't understand
How I slipped right through its fingers

The cries of the crow becoming clear
Bleeding day into night without fear
Into the temple of sacrifice and doom
I walked alone into the red room
We're way beyond the land without order
Surrounded by faces, drums of death
I cheated time and I know I ain't got much time left
You… you killed it… humanity

Everyday I wake up, it's a fight to survive
The humanoid selfish egomaniacal instant gratification world
Money, greed, ugly need, how much is enough
Fame… being king of the rats…
Time is vicious dummy
Look at me… look at you… we're all the same
Just trying to stay alive

The unknown no one of nowhere…
Knew nothing new, as never before
Lost his life in love with love
Left alone always
Leapt off towards another waste of what would wind up what once was
But wasn't
One tarnished trophy to which has been said goodbye
The only word that was ever needed
Have I lost what was never given me?
I don't buy into the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny nor any of your favorite crutches
Everyday is just another game to play
You lose now… you lose later
Winning is the gift of playing the game
Bite off as much as you can chew and spit out what you don't need
You have to go away to come back
Do not pander, ponder, rise
To return to an orderly decision of being born or not
The sickness parade is here… tick tock tick tock
There ain't nothing that can protect you from the brutality of life's clock
It will sneak up and bite you right on the ass
And after just a few short years in your narcissistic pavilion
You will shrivel and wither like a humiliated grape
Anyone ever tell you you talk too much, probably not
You speak much better when your mouth is full
Your epitaph will be scribbled in crayons
On a scorching sidewalk
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Hollywood Vampires - Rise
Rise - Album Credits
  • Alice Cooper : Vocals, Songwriting
  • Joe Perry : Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting
  • Johnny Depp : Guitars, Keyboards, Songwriting
Additional musicians
  • Tommy Henriksen : Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriting
  • Tommy Denander : Keyboards, Strings, Guitars, Songwriting
  • Jeff Beck : Lead Guitar
  • Chris Wyse : Bass
  • Glen Sobel : Drums
  • Jamie Muhoberac : Keyboards
  • Chris Trujillo : Percussion
  • Jeremy Rubolino : Horns
Other staff
  • Tommy Henriksen : Producer
  • Mike Plotnikoff : Mixing Engineer
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