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The Butcher Of Haddonfield Lyrics

Gutsnagged - Gutsnagged


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17. The Butcher Of Haddonfield (6:50)
Young Michael Myers butchers his sister
Spends 15 years
Locked in Smith's Grove
Muttering not even a whisper

Dr. Loomis knows his evil

Dark and late
It's Halloween and the town's at peace
But the patients are loose
All over Smith's Grove
And Michael steels a car and then flees

Killed a man
For his clothes
Robbed a store
For a mask and tools
Visits school grounds
To stalk Laurie Strode
And watches her
After she goes home

Late that night
In her own home
Michael slits open
Annie's throat
The total slut
Laurie's close friend
Has met a dark
And gruesome end

Lynda and Bob
Stop by later
And fuck in the bed
Annie's not there
Bob is impaled
While fetching booze
Michael uses the phone chord
On Lynda like a noose

Loomis gets suspicious as Laurie goes to see
Lynda, Bob, and Annie, she hasn't heard from all three
Finding all their bodies she is stricken with terror
Laurie runs back to her house fleeing her attacker
The kids run out as Laurie struggles to fight Michael
Loomis climbs the stairs and bullets loudly echo
Six shots through the body and straight through the heart
Tumbling from the second story and into the yard

Blood is in the yard
But Michael isn't there
Reports of homicides
Leave the whole town scared
Stealing a kitchen knife
He butchers another girl
Ben Tramer killed by car
As chaos unfurls

Michael finds the hospital where Laurie's asleep
Hammer-kills a guard before he could even scream
Michael boils a nurse to death after killing her lover
Syringes a couple people and then scalpals another
On the night of Samhain he chases Laurie away
With a little help Loomis comes to save the day
Loomis is wounded and Laurie shoots Michael blind
Canisters of flammable gas could save Laurie's life

A room engulfed in flames as Laurie narrowly escapes
Michael and Loomis still inside
As the flames swirl and blaze in the burning halls
It seems that Michael finally died
Marching from the blaze a burning Michael walks forth
Something evil forces him to march on
In a glowing blaze he falls straight to the floor
Perhaps now Michael's finally gone
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Gutsnagged - Gutsnagged
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