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Gutsnagged Lyrics

Gutsnagged - Gutsnagged


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19. Gutsnagged (3:08)
Hunters and explorers
Never return
From the acres
In which I lurk
Crocodiles swim
Birds fly away
This swamp was dead
When I was born that day

If you know what's good
You'll stay away
From this swamp
By the close of day
Enter at night
And you might view
Human pieces
Scattered through the Bayou

Best of luck
But you won't survive
Victor Crowley's
Coming for your life
You can run
But he'll find you
Chop you to bits
And rip you in two

Cries for dad bellowing
Through the putrid swamp
Past mutilated bodies
This deformed being stomps
Hatchet in his hand
Tight white-knuckled grip
Your insides and your limbs
From your body he rips

Skin stretched and snapped
tendons ripped away
Limps scattered far and wide
Those who venture here all die
Snags your guts between his fingers
Smell of rotting flesh still lingers
Cadavers littering the marsh
Died so violently and harsh
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Gutsnagged - Gutsnagged
Gutsnagged - Album Credits
  • Tyler Johnson : Everything
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