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Ø (feat. Kyle Anderson) Lyrics

Divisive - Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas

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3. Ø (feat. Kyle Anderson) (3:04)
False figures that have been elected as our saviours.
A world, a new breed. beyond our imagination.
staring at the sun, we lost the will to see the point.
Preparation for our extinction.
Peace was never an option.
As we sulk in the silence.
Peace was never an option.
The Hand of hatred pulling the innocence from your eyes.
We let this go for far too long.
We let this go for far too long
We won't remain.
Who can we blame?
The nightmares, they offer us tranquility
In exchange for life.
Bear witness to the undying confluence
A symbol of our everlasting pain
Open the gates
What brought the wrath of this accursed entity?
Turn your gaze to mars.
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Divisive - Codex Gigas
Codex Gigas - Lyrics
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Divisive - Codex Gigas
Codex Gigas - Album Credits
  • Nick Cross : Vocals
  • Houston Wilson : Guitars
  • Columbus Conley : Guitars
  • Michael Niemi : Bass
  • Thomas Rodriguez : Drums
Other staff
  • Thomas Rodriguez : Producer
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