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Rehoboam Lyrics

Cerebral Noize - Process


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
LabelsMental Music
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12. Rehoboam (4:56)
Rehoboam was the king of Judah (And what a king he was)
The son of Solomon (Like father like son)
Having all the lovers that he did (All of us lovers)
Life must have been rough (But then again he likes it rough)
Rehoboam had eighteen wives (Eighteen wives)
And sixty concubines (And sixty concubines)
I wonder how he found the time (He's a busy, busy boy)
To keep them all satisfied (Keeping us satisfied)
Sixty mistresses?
Man, how'd you keep them all straight Rey?
Must've have a great pick up line
Yeah, that's my buddy Rey
Come here big boy
By the time all his mating (With all of us playmates)
And baby making was done (Man, that man could procreate)
He fathered sixty daughters (There were women everywhere)
And twenty-eight sons (And some males here and there)
Rey married one of his cousins (Ooh la lah)
But Maacah was his favorite wife (He really loved Maacah)
She bore his favorite son Abijah (Like father, like son)
Who gained the throne when Rehoboam died (When Rey died, we cried)
Your cousin, huh?
Hmmm, I don't know Rey
King Rehoboam
Rehoboam, King Rehoboam
King Rehoboam
The playboy king
Rey, Rey, he's our man
He gives love like no one can
Rey, Rey, he rules the land
All us women in the palm of his hand
Rey, Rey, he's our king
We love it when he does his thing
Seventy-eight women, eighty-eight kids
If he's not a man then no one is
Rey, you're looking tired, man
Been getting enough sleep lately?
Playboy King Rehoboam
Playboy King
Playboy King Rehoboam
Playboy, playboy
The playboy king
Oh Rey, stop it
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Cerebral Noize - Process
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Cerebral Noize - Process
Process - Album Credits
  • Cale Burr : Lyrics, Songwriting, Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards
  • Steve Egan : Tretless Bass, Additional Vocals (tracks 9, 11), Clarinet (track 9), Kazoo (track 12)
Additional musicians
  • James Allin : Additional Vocals (tracks 1, 9)
  • Rosheen Bishop : Female Vocals (tracks 3, 7, 12)
  • Grey Proctor : Lead Vocals (tracks 6, 7)
  • Dr. Ric Walston : Sampled Vocals (track 10)
  • Dave Priban : Lead Guitars (track 11)
  • Anne Mathews : Chant Vocals (track 11), Female Vocals (track 12)
  • Tim Cathersal : Chant Vocals (track 11)
  • Micah Burr : Lyrics (track 13), Additional Vocals (track 13)
Other staff
  • Cale Burr : Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Artwork, Design
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