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In Shadows, They Lurk Lyrics

Arachnoia - Tracheuheral Lair

Tracheuheral Lair

GenresBrutal Death Metal, Deathcore
LabelsFuck Flesh Productions
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1. In Shadows, They Lurk (5:00)
Monolithic bodies,
This is my calling.
My fangs crave blood,
You will never see the light of day.
I'll use your buildings to breed more spiderlings,
We have been..
Neglected for far too long,
We crawl out from our burrows.

We shall emerge from,
the darkest shadows.
our horde is too large.
To be, stopped.
I've already infested
Your beds and other tiny places.
Feel my children crawl in your ears.
The paralysing serum entering your blood stream allowing,
thousands of my spiders to make you fucking faceless.
I control the masses and they blindly follow me and soon,
they yeild commencing bastardry.
You must watch when I fuck up your family,
I'm so excited, which eye will I gouge?

Don't scream,
No one can hear you.
Try, run -
through my lair of death.
You will,
understand pain.
Please scream,
No one can hear you.
Try, run -
through my lair of death.
you will,
Rot and boil everyday.

I, Will, Have
My way with you
Can, We Fuck, Humans?
We will see.

I have destroyed,
Everything you love.
Everything you once,
knew is now gone.
You must obey me infinitely.
You will help construct my city in
my perfect image.
This is how it'll be,
You have no choice.
You humans are slaves.
It is time to breed,
inseminate your skin.
Grovel in fear, feel my wrath.

Sharpening telegraph poles,
Now sit on this god damn pike.

We will watch as you slide,
tearing and gaping from pure exhaustion.
You are weak!
Death suits you.
Feel your own crucifixion.
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Arachnoia - Tracheuheral Lair
Tracheuheral Lair - Lyrics
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Arachnoia - Tracheuheral Lair
Tracheuheral Lair - Album Credits
  • Ezekiel "Slashmouth" Miller : All Instruments
Additional musicians
  • Daniel Macdonald : Vocals (track 4)
  • Ty "deadx" Stewart : Vocals (tracks 1-3)
Other staff
  • Ezekiel "Slashmouth" Miller : Artwork, Mixing, & Mastering
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