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The Crooked Tree Lyrics

Stone Ship - The Eye

The Eye

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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2. The Crooked Tree (23:43)
The Crooked Tree Lyrics
Above the dimness of woods I wonder
The boundaries of earth and sky
The silence of this ever-burning grave
Gazing the journey of the celestial bodies

And how those distant fires carved their signs
On the surface of the seas
Reflections of the weight of the stars around
Outlined against ambient serenity

Thus rose the windy tree from thin air
The revelation of the nightly shadow
To rise from the rock
To reach out towards the pole star

Hear the chants from behind the waters
When lines thicken drawn by the primeval light
The angles of the transcendent current
Woven by the depths of space

The orbits and chords of stars assemble thousandfold
As leaves around the abysmal stem
The vibrant forms gather as a multidimensonal vision
Ascending like the lily of the waters

Thus rose the windy tree from thin air
The revelation of the nightly shadow
To gather from the rock
Summoned by the eyes of the sky

Like language is the tone of that flowery fir
Its words as if spread by the wind
Dim bewitching tongue from it's branches
The pulse from beyond the stars

Thus introduced the tree itself in the northwind
Reciting it's name: the number of stars
The one who absorbs from the deepest well
From the depths of the unknown

[Solo by V. Viskari]

"Secrets of beingness,
The hope of men
Lies in the abyss
'i' is the way, throughout the eight"

To learn from the branches and leaves
He rose to the tree of shadows
Whose words are pronounced by the wind

Nights in the grasp of branches
Left foot spelling the fullness of space
The sentiments of the hanged
The centrifugal melody

Along the spear's shaft
I saw through the gates of death
On the heart blood-dyed steed
Swaying in the wind

Hanging as a corpse
I listened to the river's bed
Noted the great sea-serpent
From the signs on it's scales
I fathomed it's true length

The fermentation of the serpentine waters I hear
The sights of the branches and leaves
The principles of the phonetic foundation of space
The entity of Being

In the middle of the pitch-black sea
I settled down
Embraced the star abstractions
To coil through the knotholes

Steady, calm & tight
I fall into the night

”On that tree
No man knoweth
The roots beneath its growth”

The Eye
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Stone Ship - The Eye
The Eye - Lyrics
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Stone Ship - The Eye
The Eye - Album Credits
  • J. Kuosmanen : Guitars
  • A. Lehto : Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
  • R. Pesonen : Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Narration
  • M. Heinonen : Vocals
Additional musicians
  • V. Viskari : Lead Guitars
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