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Life's A Bitch Lyrics

Motörhead - Inferno


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  100 / 100
Votes :  2
5. Life's A Bitch (4:15)
I don't know who you are,
I don't know your name,
But if you want to live,
You better learn the game,
Don't know why you're here,
Ain't seen your face so far,
If you don't want to fail,
You better hide your scars,

Make a poor man cry,
The way you run your life,
Make a poor man laugh,
The way you run your life,

Time you hit the road,
Better be on your way,
Don't scream,
Don't shout,
Three strikes and you be out,
It's a shame I know,
No chance to see the show,
Fear the man, kill the snitch,
Just remember Life's a Bitch,

I don't know what you've got,
I don't know your mom,
But if you don't like your life,
Then don't act dumb,
I don't know where you go,
And I sure don't care,
If you don't want to starve,
You better get your share,

Make a grown man sick,
The way you run your mouth,
Make a grown man shake,
The way you're running out,

Time to hit the skids,
Better be on your way,
Don't shout,
Don't scream,
Three strikes and they be mean,
A shame you're right,
No chance to see the fight,
Be a man, fix the glitch,
Just remember LIfe's a Bitch,

I don't know what you see,
I don't know the score,
But if you don't like blood,
You better close the door,
I don't know how you think,
Don't want to hear your tale,
And if you talk too much,
You're going to land in jail,

Make a tall man short,
To see you act this way,
Make a short man puke,
The way you waste the day,

Time to go to hell,
Better be on your way,
Don't moan,
Don't pout,
Three strikes takes your ass out,
Oh no, bad news,
No chance to shine your shoes,
Fear the sky, eat the rich,
Just remember Life's a Bitch
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Motörhead - Inferno
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