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Megiddo - The Atavism of Evil cover art

The Atavism of Evil

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsBarbarian Wrath
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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The Atavism of Evil Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-08-09)
1. The Christwhore (4:34)
centuries...i have waited...for this moment in time
now...shall be revealed...the true enigma that is your god

i sodomize your christwhore as a prelude to destruction
degrade your feeble jesus for the cunt that she is
black cum drips from the mouth of your messiah
and poisons the earth to which it spills
watch your feeble god made to cry out in anguish
as the legions of the damned invade every opening they find
this slut of an amoeba that you''ve praised for two millennia
revealed for the twat that she truly is
on bended knees you pray, such a fitting position
it mimics your god as she swallows just to breath
listen to her moans as her ass is penetrated
and the blood poisons the earth to which it spills
the heavens, they are weeping at this misfortune befallen
angels gouge out their own eyes so as to not witness the feast
all the while the cuntchrist becomes more heated every moment
pleasuring the sinners condemned by her own teachings
the lust of your christwhore can not be satiated
the epitome of whoredom which the world has never seen
this god that you have worshipped now reduced to her essence
a filthy fucking whore that masquerades as the pristine
oh what splendid joy to see the heavens crumble around us
undone by the actions of the very one they praise
every drop of semen that this god of theirs devours
(is) another brick that falls from the palace of the meek
the earth it fares no better than the heavens up above it
blood and piss and cum saturate the ground beneath
for this bitch that is the christwhore cares no longer for her offspring
given over fully to the pleasures of the flesh

christ cunt whore

the filthy fucking christwhore of heaven
2. Pentagram (3:18)
walking under light of moon
searching for the final key
open the door to the other side
where darkness will embrace my soul

quest for the infernal grail
chalice of all unlight
horns of the one true god
under five pointed star

bring to pass all that unnamed
bring to life all those unborn
bring to might all those uncrowned
under the pentagram

the pentagram

these are now my final deeds
as i await to be reborn
my soul now one with blackened might
free now of this mortal coil
an endless night i now await
horns of goat worn as crown
under five pointed star
under the pentagram

the pentagram
3. Annihilation Antichrist (5:22)
Praise thee death, the destroyer of light
the annihilation antichrist has come
ancient spectre of all that yet to pass
to summon forth great black waves of death

great black waves of death

all without hope as his vengeance is unleashed
a millennium in waiting for his time
plans of destruction now begin to unfold
his glory shall rain death from the skies

rain death from the skies

cursed is existence as he lays all to waste
his wrath spills all across the land
the pungent stench of death rises from the earth
transmutation, a satanic universe
mountains of corpses, rivers of blood
castles of horn, gates of bone
oceans of excrement, streams of gore
the eternal glory of pain

death comes forth - the great annihilation
the garden of eden perverted to a making of his own
foul is the air that hangs over humanity
the funeral knell for the bastard offspring of god

now shall the meek be slaughtered like cattle
led into the abattoir they''ve always been destined to meet
for the annihilation antichrist has come to claim his dominion
crushing underfoot the feeble offspring of god

i am the great and eternal enslaver
i mock all of this wretched creation
this god you worship is nothing to me but feeble
and its existence is mine to torment as i please...
4. The Final War (3:20)
spawn of the nazarene destroyed
the last breath of god
light blackened one last time
to herald a new dawn of death

blood lines the moon
seven seals lie broken
apocalyptic visions
fate come to pass

these are the final days
these are the final sins
these are the final deaths
the final war on hand...
5. The Summoning (3:51)
the sound of thunder in the distance
an evil more ancient than time
black conspiracies to unleash armageddon
cast humanity into the bowels of hell

the path towards damnation laid out before us
a road paved with the souls of the damned
black rituals to conjure forth annihilation
cast mankind into the fires of hell

summon the cleansing of this world
summon the bearers of unlife
summon the wrath of the deathlord
existence cast in the darkness

these are the last days of this world
as the prophets of hell once foretold
a great and unholy wave of destruction
spelling the third eon of death

summon the cleansing of this world
armageddon unleashed upon earth
summon the bearers of unlife
eternity crushed into dust
summon the wrath of the deathlord
annihilation called forth from the past
existence cast in the darkness
eternity crushed into dust

all that which has been created
will wither under the four suns of hell
enslavement for the children of the nazarene
no flesh shall be spared this wrath
as eternal as the deathlust of satan
as black as the blood in his veins
as unyielding as his grip on mankinds fate
glorious is his hatred for all life
6. A Hymn To The Apocalypse (3:27)
lost in a womb of a fragmented age
essence of life no longer burns inside
neither good nor evil to enslave the will of man
a cold plane of existence where no god may taint any soul

dark light of shadows envelop all around me
a void where birth ceased to exist
the age of man come to a final end
all of creation begins to unfold
all of this now barren world a graveyard
as the seas of darkness crash against the shores of time
the cold grasp of death tightens on the neck of humanity
its corpse left to the mercy of spectral scavengers

no longer is any life sustained
no longer is any god obeyed
one final truth revealed to the now dead
"all that begins must surely also end"
7. The Atavism Of Evil (6:21)
obsequious to the dark
a tyrannical devotion
prophetic in its essence
in the left hand path lies your dominion

two thousand years of subservience
spiritual autism, weakness exalted
maniacal sycophantic rantings
justified by necrophiliac teachings
tomes and torahs, bibles and scriptures
impotent fallacies from an impotent god
the breeding of cattle to be led to the slaughter
an empire of weakness built only to crumble

two thousand years of attrition
where lies of light block out the truth
redemption through self flagellation
justified with an afterlife kingdom

two thousand years of repentance
penitence & contrition, remorse & self loathing
an enslavement of your own making
idiotic devotion to self hatred & abhorrence
you sow the seeds of your own demise
and inseminate them with the blood of your kin
you dig your own grave with misguided allegiance
and you seal your fate with fervent consecration

...but these times are soon to end...

you''re haunted by primordial desires
your true essence can not be kept down
you shall never break free from this cycle
you shall never appease that which cant be consoled
to kill, to betray, to torment, to spoil
to rape, to enslave, to degrade, to defile
to debase, to disparage, to mislead, and to ravish
this is your fate which you can not oppress

...which you can not oppress...
8. Witch Hunt (Onslaught cover) (3:00)
The sound of horses riding by the riders fists raised to the sky
Burning torches the flames of death the suspects being put to the test


In a different time religion''s the same
The witch hunt is on as God''s evil reigns

A pretty maid destined to die Lord''s servants death in disguise
The evil spirit must be cleansed in the name of God they''re claiming revenge

In a different time religion''s the same
The witch hunt is on as God''s evil reigns

The morning skies they turn to night the maiden she''s lost her fight
Chilling screams as she burns alive the christians ride home satisfied

In a different time religion''s the same
The witch hunt is on as God''s evil reigns

Many years have now gone by the slayers, the christian pride
The bible remains to cleanse the land but Satan still has the upper hand
9. Dance Of The Dead (Warfare cover) (3:59)
10. Outro (2:31)
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