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Lost Dreams - Wage of Disgrace cover art

Wage of Disgrace

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsReartone Music
Album rating :  -
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Wage of Disgrace Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-05-30)
1. Fear Me (4:45)
Hear me, fear me, i am death!
I am the death, inside your body
I eat you from inside,
I hear the fear in your voice
I smell the lies dancing on your blackened lungs

I am the death!!! can you hear me?
I am the voice in your head! can you feel me

I am a virus inside you! i am the death!
I cut your throat. i am the death! i eat you alive
Hear me, fear me, i am death!
You cant lose me, i am your shadow
I wait perfect moment to knock you out
I let you bleed,
No one can hear your screams,
No one sees your end,
I let you die from inside
I knock you out, i let you bleed,
I cut your fucking throat!
I let you die from inside because...
I eat you alive, i am inside you,
I wait for the perfect moment to cut your throat
I let you bleed, no one can hear your screams,
No one sees your end,
I cut your fucking throat!
2. Aimless (3:38)
Dressed to kill, like a goddess of desire,
Pitiless flame burning in your chest
Hopeless hunt for the meaning of it all
Prodigal deliver of your heart and soul
Day of birth, first day of start dying
Living for the instant, the only thing you know
Throw away the past, cause there's no future
Give without affection, take without care
Let us eat and drink, cause tomorrow we will die
Waste no thought, no scruple, cause tomorrow we are gone
Superficial conversations, soulless laughter,
Sensless amusement, to fight your mind agony
Pour another glass, to lose yourself,
Swallow another pill, to find yourself
Aimless and lost, roaming on winded roads,
The idols are gone, there's no one to follow
3. Blood Money (4:00)
We live in a world based on wrong principles
Reigned by money, lies and pain
Is this the right way? its your decision
You don't have to live this lie

Blood money!
Blood money!

It's on you to turn this world, don't look away
Time to face the consequences, we can't accept this any longer
Money reigns this world, see the mountains of corpses!
Money reigns this world,
See the rivers full of blood! it's your decision
You don't have to live this lie
I can't look look away
Don't live this lie,
Which destroys our world
Or is it that, what you want?
A world built on wrong values
Is it the right way,
When countless people suffer,
Because of greed?
4. Wage Of Disgrace (3:45)
Take a look into the mirror,
Can you look into this eyes again?
Look into your innermost and
Recognize what you have done
Tell me, why did you destroy all that we had?
How can you bare to look into my eyes,
While telling me this lies
I hope you're satisfied,
You destroyed our life,
With thousand of lies
Take a listen to your soul,
Tell me what you hear
I see countless lies dancing
Around your fuckin' mind,
The things you told me,
Are making me sick
Take these thirty pieces of fulgent
Silver wage of disgrace
From bygone times!
Offering to your god famous creator lord of betrayal,iscariot
Are you to blind to see,
Your live is built on falsehood,
It gets you down,
No one can help you,
You destroyed our life,
With thousand of lies
5. Lies (5:14)
I only trust in my eyes,
I don't believe those fucking lies
Do you believe this shit,
Which is shown on tv?
Look out of your window and see reality
I only trust in my eyes,
I don't believe those fucking lies
Wake up and see the truth,
All the rant is only shit
No grain of verity about the war,
How can you believe this lies?
In fact innocent people
Die by soldiers hand,
Day by day the same again
People in the jaws of the
Screen, rely in what they watch
I only trust in my eyes,
They can't see that much
Turn off your tin god
Look out of your window,
Flash of lightning everywhere,
Here comes the sorrow
Behind horizon the bombs are falling down
Annihilates all live,
Destroys every town
Silent death
6. Silent Death (4:09)
I can't escape my fate,
Can somebody help me? help me,
The coldness comes, silent death is near
This severe cold curdles-curdles my blood
Former felt like thousand needles
Thousand needles i scream as loud as possible,
Silent death is near
No one can hear my screams
So cold, no heart, no sense,
I don't bother dying planet
Fucked up people,i can't feel it
So cold, no help, no hope,
I don't care
This lack of sense, devastates my humanity
Former felt like thousand needles
Doesn't bother me anymore,
Does not feel like thousand needles
So cruel, i lose my life pain
I don't feel you-never felt fear
I don't know you-never known
I can't escape, escape my fate,
Silent death is near.. this coldness pulls me down,
Lacerates my innermost
Teach me how to feel,
Arouse my mind,reanimate my soul
7. Not Immortal (4:19)
Down to the darkest corner of my soul i'm drifting,
Crouched sleepless without hope
You took away my strength,
My protection,i'm not immortal anymore
We battled this world together,
No fear known
Were neither vincible nor breakable at all
Broken fragments what we had,
You got your freedom
I lose mine forever
In a minute, i aged for years
I'm not immortal anymore
There's no light to shine on me
Not immortal anymore,
I'm not immortal crouched to the ground
Sleepless without hope,
Where's this warm obscurity that covers me?
The unloving gloom of the stars blinding me instead,
Wasting away. no salvation
At this time without fear,
Now anxious of everything,
Formerly made for eternity,
Now doomed like anyone
8. Never Ending War (3:21)
Open your eyes!
Open your eyes and face the truth,
You reign this world with iron hand
The sky is turning black,
The true lords of existence
Come to claim their ancient right,
Everything must be destroyed,
Everything has to decay,
Fire and hail compound with gore
Only the strong survives,
We are subjected to this law,
A privilege bought with blood and tears
The gentle nature rules the world
Was never valid a self-constituted god-head
Open your eyes and realize
Time to confess

Never ending war

Open your eyes!
Hell's not a tale,
It's here on earth,
Your own distress
Never ending war
Missiles or stone axes,
Both will take.. some souls
Aeons of years without a change
The seed of darkness rules
Your mind, your original sin
You are a human demon
Open your eyes and realize,
What you have done!
Time to confess,

Never ending war
9. Death Machines (4:17)
They are created in hell to destroy all life
Another day, another bloodbath
The sky stays black, the end is near
Another day, another bloodbath! begins!
Look at the sky, the war begins
Neverending pain, bullets for all
The bloodbath begins, everybody runs for his life
Death rains from the sky
The end of all rains from the sky
No way out, countless explosions shake the ground
No way out, dead bodies lie on the ground
Our life is over, it's the end
We will be killed, by death machines!
Our time is over, we cant turn back time
Death rains from the sky
Death machine from hell!
10. No Demmand For Honesty (5:10)
You're telling the truth, never play with feelings
You're honest to me, always make plain dealings
Some writing in my hand,
An affirmative, deep, warm voice in my ear
This confidence got lend,
Will never be disappointed,
No need to fear
The dearest only one,
From the first thought,to the last
To trust and rely on,
Lonely moments can never pass to fast
Our union is the proof, no need to be godlike
Don't tell me the truth only stay with me
There's no demand for honesty,
Cause honesty is mankinds greatest lie
Some kind of treason purpose or not,
Untruth and deceive, imperfection is the reason,
Mankinds behavior our largest grief
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