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Human Fortress - Defenders of the Crown cover art

Defenders of the Crown

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresEpic Power Metal
LabelsMassacre Records
Album rating :  82.3 / 100
Votes :  3
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Defenders of the Crown Lyrics

Submitted by level James Joyce (2011-04-25)       Last modified by level James Joyce (2011-04-25)
1. Knights In Shining Armour (3:20)
Knights are the one who own the powers and the skill
To bring us back from those cold nights and winters chill
While riding on the horseback of their mighty stance
We are ready to arise for the battle of the Prance

Our hearts trust in our strengh
In the hour of combat - Firm hearted like a bull
We are there to fight until our kingdom owns all lands
A hundred thousand failed at our sight

Shining through the sky - We''re shining
Shining as the knight in shinning armour
Our stell shines so bright - We''re shining
Shining through the sky - We''re shining

A master guide our hands - We praise our God in bed
And help our heroes while they live and keep them dead
We show the power of the runes to those who hear
We fight to save the world and all that we hold dear

Lords of fear, great of fame - In the hearts of all lands
Casting fear in hearts - We go forth in valour
Return in triumph - The greatest of awe

Lords of fear, great of fame - In the hearts of all lands
Praise not the (just) shining knights - In glory did they fall
But also those who failed - But gave to it their all
Let''s celebrate the fallen ones
2. Defender of the Crown (4:18)
Templars of steel, Knights of the cross
Unite our armies to honour our God
Holy land, we are marching on
Ten thousand men, beneath the ashes of Jerusalem

God sons ask for thyself to honour Jesus majesty
We shall return proud from the sea
Richard the Lionheart, the emperor of that century
Fought fo the cross, for Cristianity

We are there to fight - Defenders of the crown
With the legion of our God - We will conquer Ascalon
Even cities like Acre, Jaffa and Jerusalem
Cannot break us iron men - We''re defenders of the crown

We proudly sail across the seas
Muslim invaders bow down to your kness
With a great king upon our side
The Lionheart - This leadership will tear them all apart

Richard the Lionheart took part in the third great crusade
Fought forces of mighty Saladin
Richard the Lionheart, the emperor of that century
Fought for England - For territory

We are there to fight - Defenders of the crown
With the legion of our God and our military sound
Our forces will unite with our strengh and might

Lionhearts men''s blood paved the legend - Sacral quest Jerusalem

For such a brave and noble men king Richards death come soon
An arrow strike brought forth his doom
Richard the Lionheart, the emperor of that century
Legendary buried in Fontvraud Abbey
3. Collosseum (1:30)
Imperatore et domine
Imperatore et domine
Jusso tuo, Jusso tuo
4. Gladiator (4:41)
Into the arena they were sent to fight
Some used spears, swords or might
While the spectators roared
A combat so fierce, heated blood smelled everywhere
Between men and hungry beast
While the emperor joined this feast

Honor strengthed his soul
An actor who plays his role
Gladiator of Rome
In search for your glory, the arena remained your home

The crowd cheered them on
They were clapping at the kill
All were awed and amazed by the warrior''s skill
Clashing blades swing, bleeding chaos in the sand
Hundred victims were killed by gladiator''s hand

Gladiator of Rome - In search for your home - The arena remained it
Gladiator of Rome - In search for your honour - The arena will praise you
Gladiator of Rome - In search for your soul - The arena has taken her
Gladiator of Rome - In search for your glory - The arena remained your home
5. Holy Grail Mine (4:09)
I''ve watched the waves crush on deck - Lashed to the rigging cold and wet
I''ve travelled through ill winds and fair - The cold, the spindrift in the air
Standing on deck - soothed by the way - Watch the horizon awaiting light of day
The breathless search leaves me in awe

Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my holy soul will bend
Holy grail mine - My strength is never breaking as the strength of ten
Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my soul will bend
Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my soul will bend

Gamblers under deck searching for their holy grail
A table full of dreamers, their hope, the perfect deal

Holy grail, wisdom of my life
Of his secret seek to find
Or is it lost ''till the end of time

Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my holy soul will bend
Holy grail mine - My strength is never breaking as the strength of ten
Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my soul will bend
Holy grail mine - I''ll go overseas to find you in the end
Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my holy soul will bend
Holy grail mine - I will search ''till my soul will bend

Holy grail, wisdom of my life
Of his secret seek to find
Or is it lost ''till the end of time
Centuries my ancients rode
To find this mistery of old
Immortality as the legend told
6. Border Raid In Lions March (5:11)
When the Lion arrived, the war did start - A wicked day, indeed
''Cause sweat and blood abounded - From all men and steed

See the daylight lay in ashes - While the dead are still
Hear the armies roar for freedom - On the blackened border hill

The Lion looks, looks across the plain - And questions battles in avoidable pain
Heaves a wistfull sigh - And wishes the battle, the battle was a lie

Army of some thousand fighting - Men climbed the frowning ridge
With their flaming swords all drawn free - And their pennants at the knee

Their waving of their banners - And the rattle of their spears
Risen to break the dominion - And bring peace for years

Now at least I''ve come to see what my life is - Nothing''s ended, it only begun
And the brave victories that seemed so splendid - They were never, never really won

To border raid, to border raid in Lions march
The battle smoke has fled
Just after a century and a quarter past
We border raid - We border raid in Lions march
The battle smoke has fled
Just after a century and a quarter past
Lord blessed by the dead
7. Siege Tower (5:49)
Stranger has thou seen their lordly castle
The castle that was build so near by the sea
Ancient walls standing tall
Black oil hath come to boil
Archers are ready to bloody the soil

My fighting hands ain''t numb by enemy breath
My vie in today in this distant land
My warfare has to withstand
Steely shines keenly honed
Made ready to slash the opponent''s flesh

There is nothing to fear but fear itself - Why should my attack dust away on a shelf

Siege tower raised high - My castle of greed raised as high as the sky
I attack in the night - When my crossbowmen are out of sight
Siege tower raised high - Offensive archers are prepared now to die
With my arrows stream of fire - Soldiers are killed with desire

Soon death will come upon this castle - In pain will one lord die
The minstrel then will sing death''s song - For him per chance or I
8. Schattentor (5:22)
A road so old, so dark - A trail where the damned walk
I''ve reached the gates of Schattentor
Here under this sycamore - Lies buried my claymore
Through long absence I have not been here

Now armed with dagger, sword and bow - A thief will never let you know
That he is blamed to be the source - The bringer of an evil curse
That he is evil, honourless - Never crave a good fight
Yes I''m a thief, a larcenist - A creature of the night

Torches guide my way to Shattentor - Where wandering souls forlorn
For gold my soul will wander alone
Will wander alone

I''m a thief who never learned to fear - Often quiet when you come near
My life is all I hold dear - I am well paid for the bloodstains long
For robbing the wicked - And sending them where they belong

The guardian knights next to arrive - No, they will leave me alive
I saw their horses, through the tress - Heard their panting through the
Rumble, ruble through the grass - Through villages they pass
And over hills to find the thief - Known far and wide

I''m the tief known fear - The thief known far and wide
Know places I can hide - To elude a guard or enemy very close
For I am swift and clever than the most - The people don''t know what I''m inside
9. Skin & Feather (4:02)
Charms and bags and graveyard stones, witch bottles protects our homes
Minerals of many, many kinds - Things we dig for in our mines
Now the element of fire - From candle glow to wild desire
They walk in it and do not burn - It seals the spell from which they yearn
The tide is rolling on but they will never turn
To burn the orks and skeletons - Is just for what they yearn

From the mountains the wizards come
But no all at once just one by one
With powers in the coats they wear
Skin and feather, fur and hair

Relics of power and filled full of wonder
Those who slithered, pattered, thundered
Stones upon which mysterious symbols show
And lava, fire, spit taken from volcano
Spells to aid them in their quest - Combining them of course is always the best
And when with magic scrolls thay are steady - To fight in battle they''ll be ready

The tide is rolling on - With demon ships across the shore
The wizards fight until the tide should roll no more

Turn around look at the field - Holding nothing but my wand and my shield
Those demons are amazed and leave our land alone
10. Mortal Sinful Wrath (5:31)
Oh, cleansing indignation - Oh, flame of righteous wrath
Give me a soul to fell thee and follow in thy path
Save me from selfish virtue - Arm me for the fearless fight
And give me strength to carry on as a soldier of the right

I was that man who held honour of my lords
In a bloody fight I added to the gore
I was servant to my King - May heaven bless his name
A nobler soul I never knew nor saw a bolder King

I follow in thy golden path - With mortal sinful wrath

The mighty men of ancient days are sleeping in the dust
The kingdoms of the earth are sunk into great abyss
Where worms forsake the carcass when there''s no savior left
Who''s that man that feels ashamed in the hour of last breath?

Justice and chivalry imbred amongst five more
Seven knightly virtues imparted within
Brave hearts far flung beneath the troops of war
Enslaved by slavery armour - Fear of deadly sin that I hold within

A knight''s honour and strength rests upon faith
His God foremost and the passion for his land
I pray for righteousness and that my body last to stand
While fighting along my way - My predestined path
11. Sacral Fire (4:24)
In the night the fire burns unholy bastards
It shines so bright the hellfire on earth
If they refuse they will perish in the flames
Their mouth will scream when their soul enters hell

The filthy folk around the stake cheers each time when the cries fill the air
Nobles dance and celebrate her pain - Time is nonexistent here
Only the expanse of darkness enlighten the torture den

In sacral fire - Burn Lucifer''s breed
Sacral fire - Burns the evil seed
Sacral fire - The serpent shall bleed
As a willing tool of our God we succeed

Black eyes are glowing - Black blood is boiling
Flames are on her back that clean her away from this ground
Her sight and her smell - She''s a mirror of hell
Now Lucifer''s daughters no longer there

Confess your sins - Denounce the God that leads you astray
Drop to your kness before the judge and pray
Burn with burn - Drag her screaming into the light
Expose her for, for what she trully is
12. The Valiant (5:25)
Glorious King - True light and clarity - Almighty God of lord - If it pleases you
Faithful aid to my companion
For I have not seen him since the night came - And soon it will be dawn

Maid listen, his sweat, flesh and blood - Nourish the barren plan
His bones enrich the harvest - And his ashes the desired yield

Oh... The legend spreads far across the land
For he''s the valiant - With praise and fame - Shall men speak''about his name

He never spoke his final wish - No gave he clue his further plan
They buried him knights honours full - Earned by this valiant man
He never spoke his final wish
Nor gave he clue his further plan - Earned this valiant man

The peasant''s life of work and toil - Spent in the workshops and on the soil
Bringing forth the baron''s gain - While for themselves but aches and pain
He spent them strength and swore to fight
He gave his life for the poor men''s right
When their hopes where high and the youthful dream
As warm as the sunlight on yonder stream

The minstrels will voice songs of him - Of chivalry and fame
And praise shall always follow him - When men speak about his name
13. Bloody Masquerade (3:52)
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