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Fell Willow - Elsewhere cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresFolk Metal, Black Metal
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Elsewhere Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-05-13)
1. Sapling (1:23)
2. The Ravensroad (4:07)
Where do I go? Lost in life
How can I see? Blinding light
Into the snow, cloaked in white
Into the wild, finding might

(You'll surely meet thine end)

Beyond these walls awaits a quest
After the fall, never rest
When rose the sun toward the West?
Up falls the snow: final test

Leaving my home, all I did know is left behind
Deep in my bones the wilderness calls and I...

Count every step I do take
A journey within I will make
Ford every deep haunted lake
In time I the Raven shall wake

(I shall the Raven wake)

Day pass and night pass in visions of grey
Wandering, Time out of mind in dismay
Creature, the stalker of night I will slay
Conquer the wild, I shall sing forth my lay!


(Fly high in the sky, I will ride toward the Eyrie
Breathe, feeling the wind blow my wings
Beyond the Window of Time)

3. Coldhands (2:50)
Solstice bring the day!

Stars fall from the sky
behold the night

Far-seeking the Crow
Buried in snow

Solstice bring the day
Coldhands guide my way

Rise, hasten the mount
Leagues beyond count

Eyes weep in the Fall
Hear Winter call

Solstice bring the day
Coldhands guide my way
4. Elsewhere (4:26)
Holy fool, pray for thee
Winter, cruel, stay with me
Grant my wish, dark as Night
Broken Wings, taking flight

Over the Mountain
Deep in the Ocean
Hidden in Canyon
Under the Swamp
Raven wings, call forth a storm of ebony
(the end of me)

Broken Throne, Citadel
Bleaching bone, within there dwells
Raven black, spreads his wings
Piercing soul, King of Kings

[chorus x2]

Over the Mountain!
Deep in the Ocean!
Hidden beneath the Swamp!
5. Winter's Eye (3:57)
Home in the shroud of the Drapery Boughs
Where I walk in Dreams
Cathedral of Leaves, take me

(I'm sailing a swollen sea of molten Time)

(Time) gild the crystal leaves, tumbling down black mountainside
Will thee wait for me, dressed in thine fair Winter's white?

Paths overgrown where we Kings walk alone,
Kings of the star-fallen sky
Peering through Winter's Eye

(They're sailing through æons of fine silver ice)

Time gild the crystal leaves, tumbling down black mountainside
Will thee wait for me, dressed in thine fair Winter's white?
6. Frost Fangs (4:52)
Racing time against the clock
Broken bough and savage screams
Chasing prey, nowhere to hide
-White King!-
In between the roots and rocks
Through the flow of savage streams
Haunted woods are mine tonight
-I, King!-

Frost fangs aglow and a coat of snow,
Eyes gleam red in the night
First Blood in this skin, a rite to christen
red wine on my White

Frost Fangs!

Follow me into the woods
Follow me into the night
Follow me into the wild
-White Wolf!-
Follow me into my lair
Follow me into my snare
Crushing bones between my fangs
-I, Wolf!-


Frost Fangs!
7. The Elk and the Elm (3:38)
In dawn's early light two gilded Antlers shine-
A fatal fight of courage and might
A joust of Kings in the Woodland ring,
The proving ground of skin-changing wights

The Prince of the Ancient Horns
Torn from the Throne of Thorns
Offers up his throat, his flesh,
And all his bones

(Hark the Dreadhorn call, like leaves the Antlers fall)

Protector of the Realm!
-Magister of Ash and Elm!-
I summon you to battle!
-To crush and claim your olden helm!-
Flash of silver, blackened blade
Careening through the moonlit glade
-Kneel in defeat!-

The Prince of the Ancient Horns
Torn from the Throne of Thorns
Offers up his throat, his flesh,
And all his bones
8. Meltwater (2:16)
9. The Larkspur Crown (8:04)
Part I: The Hollow

-Firelight, by the edge of the wood tonight
Who dares trespass this hallowed land?
I permit no respite-

Forbidden ground
sacred summit, oh Larkspur Crown
At the horn of all the world
I claim you for my own

-Ancient wonder, timeless land of all souls long passed
Archaic thunder cracks the air at the Mount of Wrath-

Fell voices, borne by fell winds
They call, they plead for a glimmer of hope
They are dead, all gone, gone from our world


-So long have I stood in the North, at the end of light
Bent by Time in the sacred Wood in the Kingdom of White: In the Afterlife-

Part II: The Ascent

I have journeyed here, ascending stones mighty beasts know to fear
Yet I dare to defy my Fate…for I am the chosen Greenseer

Awakened after centuries of unbroken Sleep
Within me grows a foul Hunger
Forsaken were the lands of undying Summer sweet
I am the Wolf of myth...
I am the Wolf of myth!

Part III: The Summit

My heart, with fierce power aglow!
…Is swallowed by snow…

…My heart, with fierce power aglow…
Is swallowed by snow!

10. Reflection Beneath the Elder Canopy (3:09)
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