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Diabolic - Excisions of Exorcisms cover art

Excisions of Exorcisms

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsDeathgasm Records
Album rating :  -
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Excisions of Exorcisms Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2014-07-02)
1. Excisions of Exorcisms (3:54)
Godless lifeless outcast
Alone in darkness I live
Stripped of all emotion
All I feel is nothingness
To live is a murder of thyself

Do you like to see death
Destroy the dreams of faces
Power of Satan in my hands
I am God I make demands

To die would be a blessing
Second from karma's fate
Outcome is evil hate
To end the lifes of countless

Solo: Jeff

A sorry existence lies ahead
For those who die first
It will cleanse my thirst
Fulfill my need to kill
From a deviant demon
The conquest has been won
The time has come to count the dead
For those who don't belong

Solo: Kell
Solo: Jeff

From all the pain inflicted
Now it's time to die
Never know the reason why
Made their lives a living hell

Solo: Kell

They will never be the same
From my twisted killing game
As I descend deeper
Kill myself to the keeper
2. Hellish World (4:03)
The will to survive is strong
Look inside thy inner self
Integrity that drives persistence
Constant strive dwells inside
Comfort zone, state to be alone
Deep strength unheard of
Harden feelings to be numbed
Emotions gone, hard as stone

To live on the dark side of the law
Lawless is the path of thy self
Flying free with dark wings I soar
The dark lord will conquer all!!

No one knows the hell I live
One day Satan will soon give
All the pleasures of this world
Matter of time, have my rewards
Staying true to the beliefs of
The motivation to stay alive
Death would be solution to some
Desecrate the criminal fools!

To live on the dark side of the law
Lawless is the path of thy self
Flying free with dark wings I soar
The dark lord will conquer all!!

Solo: Kell

Crutch for God need not have
I am God in my broken land
Believe in myself to crush all
Stand as one, I will not befall

Solo: Kell

Sheer fear of unruly law
Respect to the powers of us all
Without force war can rise
Violent streets can kill
Ganglands are taken over
Don't feel pity, out to kill
No remorse for the death
Kill all in the way

Terrorize, intimidate the weak
Uprise will survivors seek
Dark years, the sun is shadowed
Despair, misery of all
Decimate is the calling of sin
Committed to Demonic Evil

Solo: Jeff
3. Venomous Habitations (3:51)
Grinding out evil emotion
Murder is death envisioned in devotion
Criminal mind committed daily
Sentenced to their thoughts deadly
Death is all death can do
Final judgment I'll call through
Evil gives to the demise
The essence of a forgotten soul

The great dying, Loss of God
Dissipate, The evil grows
Through the destroyed world that ends
The efforts of unknowing fools

Bless the wretched herds of christians
With a bath unholy water
Cleanse them all of unholy thoughts
Deprogram everything they're taught

Slave of God, Lost souls
Transform into blasphemy!

Once a begotten son
Only to question faith
Keep the soul forever
Burning down heaven's gates!
4. Evil in Disguise (3:30)

A different breed of animal
Somewhere driven by death
Every breath is dead air
Leaving millions in despair

A gift that no one can believe
Seventy two virgins, their motive to kill
To spend eternity in bliss
All they gave was one last wish

Cunning and deceptive
They had a master plan
Years in the making
To kill as many as they can

Evil in disguise
Evil from the skies
Mission from the master
The end is coming faster

The hate will never stop
For those who avenge us
Mentality of carnage
Offered to their kind

Ancient hatred destroyed
Future hatred deployed
Ancient hatred destroyed
Future hatred deployed
5. Bloodwashed (3:56)
Where is the sacred swine
Whose blood can cleanse my brainwashed mind
Cleansed of all the good
Which plagues the earth with lying words

Let me be bloodwashed clean
Of holy's bright white light sheen

Give me back my natural being
Born of darkness, things unseen
Let me be bloodwashed clean
Of holy's bright white light sheen
Bloodwashed clean!
Of holy's bright white light sheen!

Who with nature is the beast
Who with nature is the feast
I serve Satan, he is truth
Served by Satan's split hoof
Bloodwash is what the world needs
Fuck the goodness
Fuck the peace

Serve the goat, for he is truth
Submit to nature calling you
Don't be ashamed of murderous thoughts
For murder is what we're taught

These righteous fucks who think they're saved
Their souls be doomed to wretched graves
Bloodwashed clean, I am evolved
Nothing else will be allowed
Hear these words of fuckin' mine
Blood of swine!!
6. False Belief (4:49)
Heaven's such a vicious lie
Only Satan's word can I rely
Even when I question fuckin' honor
Turn my back in disgrace

Ask and you shall receive your gift
Devotion to evil must believe this
All the pleasures of this world
Must be hailed from within

Soul is gone for eternal faith
Prayed to God seems such a waste
Rituals have always prevailed
Given lust beyond this world

Sent a demon from his horde
His only aim is just destroy
Everything built that stands
Torn down, all that's left is man

Dedicate the being of forseeing
The future brings death to the deceiving
The unholy truth survives
In the blackened eyes
Weaken to the power, only to die
Offered in the face of God

False belief, false belief
7. Entombed (2:46)
Make your decision to die
No other choice, you soon will lie
Burnt, charred, excruciating pain
Flesh burned to the bone
By the relentless flames
Beyond recognition
Without a name
Is how they find you
If your body remains
Pile of embers could only be
Incinerated to ashes and cremated

Descend into your tomb
Imminent doom
Burnt, mutilated, crushed
Now you are entombed!

Last chance to decide
One way or another you will die
Declined the thought to fry
Now it's time to fly
Twenty seconds to death
You made up your mind
Your life flashes in front of you
Now you know what to do
Splattered on the ground
It makes a horrible sound
End up a lump of meat
Closed casket, no one will see

There's no way out
Trying to escape
Time is running out
Now you meet your fate
8. Fragmented Kreation (5:17)
Evil from an inborn birth
A monster lives inside
An angel on exterior
A demon dwells alive

Subjected to the darkness
Propaganda glorified
Became a part of the dark world
Young at heart, evil then starts!

Behind the darkened eyes
No rhyme or reason
Influenced by religion
A wrath of devastation

Satan gives, Satan takes
To pull in all that he hates
To unleash upon the weak
9. Infernal Darkness (2:50)
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